Dietary Interventions And Autism

Children and adults with autism can get just as sick from poor diets and nutrition as anyone else can.  When weight becomes an issue or health risks are apparent and need to be avoided, dietary interventions are the only things that work.   They are absolutely necessary when children and adults, with or without autism, develop… Continue reading Dietary Interventions And Autism

Autism, Epilepsy and Seizures

What is epilepsy? Epilepsy is a combination of diverse chronic neurological disorders, which is usually characterized by unpredictable and unprovoked recurrent seizures.  The disease is caused by eternal alteration in brain tissue, which results in over impulsive brain. The overexcited brain thus conveys abnormal signals, which in turn causes repeated and unpredictable seizures. However, a… Continue reading Autism, Epilepsy and Seizures

The connections between Autism and TV

The connections between Autism and TV Does Television trigger childhood autism? Autism is a social and psychological disorder that currently affects 1 in every 300 children. Currently there is no proof of one specific cause of autism. Studies show that autism manifests through a mutated gene called MET; however doctors firmly believe there are environmental… Continue reading The connections between Autism and TV

Autism And Aerobic Exercise

The effects of autism on your child Autism is a widely varying disorder that affects nearly one in every 166 people. It is absolutely phenomenal how many levels and variances there are between each autistic child, however one thing remains constant; Autism always affects the child’s ability to function and behave in social and changing… Continue reading Autism And Aerobic Exercise

Autism and Dyspraxia

Autism and Dyspraxia: A Common Pair Developmental Dyspraxia is a disorder that is often present in those with autism. It is also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder or Motor Learning Disability. It is seen in children with autism from a very early age as fine motor skills and gross motor skills fail to develop. While… Continue reading Autism and Dyspraxia

Autism and Circumcision

There is a possible link between autism and circumcision. Autism is a disorder that affects the brain and manifests itself at an early age. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the penis of a newborn male. This is one of the most bizarre connections to autism made, and many do not take the… Continue reading Autism and Circumcision

Autism and Dyslexia

Many people wonder about the co-morbidity between autism and dyslexia.  Autism is an illness that causes social interaction issues and communication problems in the sufferers, while dyslexia causes children to have difficulty learning to read and write.  However, it seems these two afflictions have much in common and can potentially occur together. Both autism and… Continue reading Autism and Dyslexia

Autism and Cell Phones

Autism rates are continuing to climb and many people attribute this to a connection between autism and cell phones. While others scoff at this notion, it is a connection that needs to be explored more fully to really understand if it is a credible idea or whether it is just a coincidence that autism seems… Continue reading Autism and Cell Phones

Autism and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer and Autism: A tale of shifting hypothesis The Alzheimer disease is rewarded as one of the most prevalent neurodegenerative disease in the world.  It is characterized in medical literature as a progressive form of dementia, typically known as loss of brain function. The disease is immedicable and begins with slight and poorly recognized loss… Continue reading Autism and Alzheimer’s