The Autism Oath

I have a child with autism. As a parent with child(ren) on the austism spectrum, I do sincerely swear to be an advocate for my child(ren) and children on the spectrum everywhere.

I promise to never compromise my child’s safety because I think they can handle the situation, nor will I expect less of them than an average child because of their different abilities.

I will help fund organizations, when I am able, that promote research and treatments for these childhood conditions.

I will become a part of the campaigns that promote awareness of autism disorders, so that when people worry about what a child with autism can and cannot do, I can give them the right information.

I will encourage others to learn more about the strangeness of this disorder and promote investigation such that others will not be uncomfortable or afraid around a child with autism.

I will help my child(ren) with autism grow, learn, and adapt in every way I can, and I will use every resource possible to make a difference in their lives.

Above all else, I will love my child(ren) unconditionally, even if my child(ren) never learn to speak and never let me hold them or show them affection, because they are my children first, and the autism doesn’t define them; it only explains them.

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  1. “I, Nick Limbachia, solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and advocate Autism everyday of my life.

  2. I am autistic.

    Of autistics I expect a huge difference from other persons.

    I will help fund organizations and research that promote accept of autistics, not turning them into a brick in the free market.

    I will become a part of campaigns that promote the accept of autistics, so that I can give my perspective on the condition when people worry about a child with autism. I can not give any right information, only a perspective.

    I will encourage others to learn to think for themself, to study the ideas behind science and its deviances, and to discuss the possibilities of mind defining our culture.

    I will share with the culture that life is about so much more than growing, learning and adapting, and that well; all this educational stuff are just some ideas after all which only mean something in relation to culture, not nature. I will further work against any trials on making a difference in my life I have not agreed to.

    All this do I base on an unconditional love for experience; untouched by expected abilities like speaking, toilet training, striving to be a political being and other ideas in the school of culture. This I do because that the autism define me; it is my experience and it cannot be explained only lived.

  3. Spare a thought for the people around Auts who have no direct connection with the affected but still have to suffer all the noise, meltdowns, antisocial behavior etc.
    I am sorry that life has dealt you a tough hand but that doesn’t mean everyone should share your misery.
    Add these to your *Oath*
    How about “I swear to try and keep them quiet” or “I will not let them run riot”

    1. Your an idiot if you have such an issue with the autistic population then maybe you should stay of autism sites…people with autism are here to stay get over it😝!!!!

    2. i am autistic and am completely offended people with autism join these sites to feel good and safe all you want to do is insult them “mr fed up with the mess” your the one who causes all the mess so there you go.

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