Is Vincent D’onofrio autistic?

Through the years an actor or actress may play characters that people think have some of the symptoms of autism. Vincent D’onofrio has played a wide array of characters in his career, some of which may lead people to believe he plays the brilliant, shy obsessed character a little too well. Unfortunately, for all of the speculators out there, he has said publicly that he does not suffer from autism. He is not on the scale and he is surprised when people suggest that he is. Oh well, that is a rumor for you. Better to look up the facts than believe what the common notion is.

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  1. I’ve actually always thought Vincent D’onofrio was autistic in some way, but after seeing how he is in real life, it’s clear as day that he isn’t autistic. He may play the role similar to autistic, but his real like personality just doesn’t seem to show any signs.

  2. There is a youtube video in which he discusses this issue at length, including his and his wife’s support of an autism school. He states that he is dyslexic, and would have been called autistic if people had been trained to see it back when he was in school.

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