My husband is undiagnosed but I think he is autistic

“My husband is undiagnosed but I think he is autistic”, Rebecca Asked.

Sometimes people will go undiagnosed, even if they have had autistic symptoms their entire lives. The reason for this is that autism is a syndrome on a continuum. Unlike the common cold (which you either have or you don’t) autism exists in many forms. If someone has a successful life and is somewhere on the autism scale, they likely have a mild form such as Asperger’s Syndrome. A test can be taken on line or your doctor can set you up with a consult. If you suspect this, talk to your spouse and see if they would be willing to determine the facts.

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Is Terry Porter autistic?

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  1. The thing about this is that it’s hard to just put the idea out there. If I were to say to my wife “I think you have autism” she may get offended or something along those lines. You kind of have to just bring it up in a respectful manner and just express your feelings. Her husband I’m sure will understand if she’s honest and forthcoming about it. That’s how I see it really.

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