Do immunizations cause autism?

Can vaccines cause autism

Immunizations, necessary for young children to avoid potential life threatening diseases later on in life, have been linked to all manner of issues. Kids have been deafened, blinded and some believe that autism is a cause. Though there are some direct links between blindness and deafness in some children due to immunizations, there is no link between these and autism. Autism is more likely a disease that is caused at an earlier time during the fetal growth process and is not directly affected by outside during birth or after. The health of the mother and what she does may have an effect though.

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  1. The statement above has no basis in fact. There is no proof that vaccination does not cause autism syndrome and many other problems. There is generation after generation with vaccine damage. Look at the autism syndrome symptoms seen in children and animals. One major commonality is they all were vaccinated. There is no autism in the un-vaccinated Amish population. That’s definitely not a coincidence. Personally, I’d rather risk my family member getting the measles than having their entire life, health and mental capabilities ruined. The evidence is far too overwhelming to be denied any longer. It’s happening in animals as well and it didn’t exist prior to vaccines.

    1. I totally agree with everything you said. The CDC scientist working on the MMR vaccine, dr Thompson, came out and said that it causes autism in black babies at much higher rate than other babies. There are numerous former pharma reps that have come foreword to tell how the vaccines are not safe. There is a vaccine courts that has paid out 3 billion in autistic cases caused by vaccines. So who ever wrote the paragraph has no idea about what they are saying. Getting the illness naturally provides life long immunity and the illness is less virulent then when you get from getting the vaccine. Getting the vaccine provides NO life long immunity and must have repeated boosters which also provide no immunity.

  2. Doctors such as Dr.Virginia Wong spread false information about vaccines not causing autism, because either they are afraid to speak against the wealthy big pharmas or their autism research is being funded by the pharmaceutical companies. and are keeping the truth a secret inorder to deceive the public especially the parents of vaccine injured kids. please do not let money get in the way of the fate of millions of babies.
    The cdc is deceiving the public but the insiders are exposing the truth.

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