Is Zack Greinke autistic?

Does Zack Greinke have autism

American baseball player Zack Greinke is an enigma wrapped around a riddle. He began his major league baseball career with the Kansas City Royals and asked to leave the team for an indeterminate amount of time at one point. It was discovered that he had social anxiety disorder and that he was not able to handle the pressures of the big leagues. He came back though and won the Cy Young award, as the American League’s best pitcher in 2009. He has since played for the Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers. He does not have autism.

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  1. Yeah to me it just sounds like he has social anxiety as I too have social anxiety and am uncomfortable around people. He may have seen a therapist to address his anxieties and that’s why he left the sport for that time. He could be autistic and still suffer from social anxiety, but to me it just sounds like he has only social anxiety.

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