Is Tim Burton autistic?

Does Tim Burton have autism

Some people are just eccentric. Take the old lady, Miss Havisham, in Dickens’ novel “Great Expectations”. She waited in the same wedding dress, letting the cake get old and moldy for her untrue groom until the tattered remain of the dress one day caught fire and took her with it. Tim Burton seems to be the same type. He has made some very interesting movies in the past (not the least of which is “Nightmare Before Christmas”) and he does appear to be an off kilter genius. But, there has been no speculation that he is autistic. Some people are just weird.

Is Tim Minchin autistic?

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  1. He’s got his own unique style that he’s comfortable with. I can see him being autistic in some way, but from what I’ve seen, he’s kind of far from it. He’s the type of person who has created his own vision for movies.

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