EMDR and Craniosacral Myofascial Release therapy for autism

A good parent will try almost anything to help their child. When a child is diagnosed with autism they will seek out any quack or charlatan who practices the most ridiculous “therapy” also. It is callous of people who have no other credential than that they are licensed by some non-scientific holistic “college” to try and relieve the suffering of parents, but these people are out there. These therapies will not cure autism in any way, but it may reduce some pain, for a short period of time. Parents need to realize what is good therapy and what is not. This is not.

Does television cause autism


  1. Who are you? Who is administrating this website? Who is authoring these snippets and pseudo articles? What are your credentials? Where are your research and source citations? Where is the contact link to pose inquiries? I am not here presently arguing that these therapies above mentioned are specifically helpful to neurodivergent individuals, any discussion on what they can be helpful to ease or cure is for another time and place. What I want to know is this: what grounds do you have for making the assertions you have up there? I just found this website and saw two pages and so far, I’m utterly appalled. And I am diagnosed neurodivergent. I have other health issues yet was fortunate to work hard and gain an outstanding education before my health collapsed from a combination of factors and what is sometimes referred to by some in the community as auti-burnout. Please email me, whomever you are that is creating and running this website.

    1. I am a mom with two autistic kids aged 13 and 16. This blog is my observation and my opinion only. I didn’t get a chance to update it lately. And I am sure you know as well, How Autism and related topics keep updating. So yes, you may not find the most updated information and but it’s not a lie either. Hope you give me more suggestions about this blog.
      Thank you

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