Is Zac Efron autistic?

Does Zac Efron have autism

Some people just come into the limelight when they are young. Think of Shirley Temple as an example. She was a great little actress, at the tender age of three. She grew up on stage. The same can be said of Zac Efron to an extent. He first appeared in “High School Musical” and his career has been a whirlwind from there. It is curious that people would wonder if this young man is somewhere on the autism scale, but people do about any actor. He is talented, outgoing and not a bit shy from all appearances. So, no autism.

Is Zach Galifianakis autistic?


  1. Yeah I never pictured he would be autistic in every way. Do people actual go around speculating if he is or isn’t? Seems weird to wonder about that sort of thing to be honest.

  2. he was in a movie where he portrayed an autistic boy, so maybe people didn’t know about his other movies and thought he was an autistic actor? I know when I first saw the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape movie I had never seen Leonardo Dicaprio before. In Gilbert Grape he did such an amazing job, I really thought he was a “mentally challenged” actor.

  3. I thought he was because of the movie Miracle Run. The way he acted out the character made me actually think he was autistic. H e did an amazing job on this movie.

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