Is Tim Tebow autistic?

Tim Tebow is one of the greatest college athletes ever to play football. His coach made a system within which his talents shined and he was the beneficiary of two national titles and a Heisman Trophy. Unfortunately that has not translated to a pro career (although he is still trying to land a pro job). It is interesting that Tebow might be considered autistic since he seems to have none of the symptoms that are most often associated with autism. But, people will always wonder about these things. In Tebow’s case, it does not seem that he is in any way autistic nor does he have Asperger’s.

Is Tim Burton autistic?

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  1. I don’t see him being autistic. Maybe it’s his lisp when he talks, because it’s clear he has one and he has a hard time pronouncing some letters it seems, but that doesn’t make him autistic. I don’t see it personally.

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