Autism And Aerobic Exercise

The effects of autism on your child

Autism is a widely varying disorder that affects nearly one in every 166 people. It is absolutely phenomenal how many levels and variances there are between each autistic child, however one thing remains constant; Autism always affects the child’s ability to function and behave in social and changing environments. Another consistent factor of autism is Vestibular System Dysfunction. This dysfunction inhibits the child’s ability to maintain proper and effective movement and coordination.

A healthy and natural treatment for autism

Because of the varying levels, symptoms, and effects of autism, medications can become a difficult thing to prescribe. Studies show that the most commonly advised treatment is vigorous physical activity. Specialists recommend this treatment because of its consistent effectiveness on all variances of autism.

The varying benefits of exercise for your autistic child

Continuous exercise gives the child an outlet for their energy and aggression, decreasing the hyperactive and self- destructive behaviors they generally use to stimulate themselves. Autistic children have constantly wandering minds and fidgeting behaviors, with little ability to effectively communicate their thoughts and needs. This can cause great anxiety and stress for both the child and the parents. In addition to the physical advantages, exercise has been shown to alleviate these mental and emotional issues by improving sleep, attention span, reaction time, and by calming and focusing the child’s mind.

Dedication to ensuring activity in your child’s life

Adding physical activity to your child’s daily life will have many beneficial results other than the release of energy and frustrations; including but not limited to better sleep patterns and a decrease in depression or other emotional disorders. Also, autistic children tend to put on excess weight very easily, which could only add to their social disadvantages. With the incorporation of regular exercise, you are ensuring that your child receives the activity needed to maintain a stable weight and healthy lifestyle.

To gain adequate results, your child needs only 20 minutes of aerobics or other strenuous activity 3 days a week. Autistic children thrive with consistency, and actually fall apart in the midst of change; therefore habits are easily maintained in the lives of the autistic. Make sure your child latches onto healthy habits by incorporating fun and energetic activities into your daily routine.

Another great way to guarantee your child receives the exercise they need is to discuss with their teacher the possibility of including a physical regimen into their Individualized Education Program. The best way to establish normalcy for the autistic child is to add these activities in a way that includes the other children in their class. This will enable the child to embrace a non-vocal play and socialization with their peers.

Medications and other treatments can be monotonous. They can easily end up being very expensive and rather ineffective; not to mention the possible dangerous side effects of various drugs. It only makes sense to test the more natural, safe, and inexpensive measures, such as exercise, before introducing anything else into your child’s mind and body. In the end you have nothing to lose, other than your child’s pent up stress; rather you have everything to gain.

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