Can I get SSI for my autistic child

Resources for the care of your autistic child

If you are the parent of an autistic child, the everyday expenses can quickly pile up. When it gets financially difficult to maintain the needs of your autistic child, you may be forced to turn to financial aid. Assistance may seem frustratingly difficult to obtain, but with some patience and determination, you can receive the help needed to raise your happy healthy child.

One of the most common autism resources is SSI. Currently every state considers autism a legitimate basis for SSI. This is because autism affects the individual’s ability to function in social or changing situations like school or work. Caring for an autistic child may require therapists, doctors, in home aid, specific products, and special schooling. The whole of an autistic child’s physical, emotional, and mental needs far exceeds those of other children, and our government recognizes the overwhelming need for assistance.

SSI is determined by both your income and the severity of your child’s autism. Your state agency will have a specific allotted income, in which your entire household will have to fall. Therefore if you work, your spouse works, and you have a working roommate, then the total combined income would have to be below the state requirement. After income requirements come the actual affects autism has on your child’s life. For instance, if your child has a high functioning level of autism and requires very little special care, then your family may not qualify for assistance. If you do actually qualify, the average monthly amount is $640.

All you can do is visit your local assistance agency, find out what information you need, and apply. It may be a hassle of a process, but once you get all the documents needed and get your foot in the door, it will all be well worth it.

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