Autism and Cell Phones

Autism rates are continuing to climb and many people attribute this to a connection between autism and cell phones. While others scoff at this notion, it is a connection that needs to be explored more fully to really understand if it is a credible idea or whether it is just a coincidence that autism seems to be have risen with the advent of cell phones and increased cellphone usage.

Do cell phones cause autism? There is no real way to know for sure, but many studies are being done and have been done trying to answer that very question. Detractors say that the cell phone autism link is foolish and contribute the rise in autism diagnoses to earlier intervention and a greater knowledge about the symptoms, which means that it is diagnosed earlier and more frequently.  Whatever the true cause, it is important to consider the link between increased cell phone usage and the increased number of children diagnosed with autism.

cell phone radiation facts Autism

The studies that support a cell phone autism link attribute it to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is found with cell phone usage and other electronic device usage. This radiation is said to cause changes in the cell membranes, which allows heavy metal toxins, which have long been associated with autism, to build up in the body. This is a pretty accepted idea that heavy metal toxins have some link with autism, so if EMR is causing changes in the cell membranes that keep the body from removing the toxins naturally, it is essential that it be further explored.

In normal cells, the body will remove most of the toxins, but if cell damage occurs, these toxins can build up in the body causing all sorts of different illnesses and conditions, including autism. This is why researchers are trying to solidify this connection between autism and cell phones to encourage changes in the way cell phones are made and used.

Autism and cell phone towers, as well as phones and other wireless devices, are continuing to increase in usage. Children younger and younger are getting their own devices and using their parent and caregiver’s devices. This means that they are being exposed to EMR younger and younger, which could account for the rise in autism.

Babies and young children are most susceptible to EMR, say some researchers, simply because their skull is not fully formed and as dense as an adult skull is. This makes their brain more susceptible to the EMR and to the changes that occur in cells. For this reason, it is essential to keep babies away from wireless devices as much as possible just to be on the safe side.

Experts recommend that you decrease your usage of wireless devices like phones, tablets, etc. to help reduce the exposure to the radiation that the information carrying waves naturally has. This is probably not realistic to most people, however, as their dependence upon their devices is quite significant and the link is not accepted as fact in most circles.

Radio waves and autism have a very strong connection, but it is one that has not been fully proven to be credible. That is why you want to be sure that you take the information and use it wisely. Whether there is truly a link between autism and cell phones, it is certain that the radiation that we are exposed to each and every day from wireless device usage is sure to have some effect upon our bodies. The key is to be wise about usage and to be wise about exposing our children to the devices and EMR as well.

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