Autism And Diet

Research on the effects of certain foods, specifically junk foods, and the autistic child suggest that some behavioral issues can be curved or avoided when a healthy diet is substituted. Several studies over the last five years involved hundreds of children with autism and specific types of diets. Since actresses and their children with autism swear by the… Continue reading Autism And Diet

Autism And Depression In Teenagers

Teenagers suffer from depression more often than any number of adults who live their entire lives with it. Parents are generally dismissive of their teens’ low moods because they think the teens are just “moody”, “hormonal”, or “tired and cranky”. This dismissive attitude generally results in teens being even more depressed because they think their… Continue reading Autism And Depression In Teenagers

Autism Vs. Developmental Delay

Really there isn’t a “vs.” here. Autism IS a developmental delay, of sorts. Developmental delays separate from autism itself are only notable if they delay a child’s development by more than six months. Because children grow and develop at their own pace, milestones for development are more of a guideline than an expectation. For example,… Continue reading Autism Vs. Developmental Delay

Autism and Bad Behavior

Bad or unacceptable behavior can be quite a problem when you are dealing with a child with autism. Those that don’t speak need constant physical cues to stop what they are doing and need constant positive reinforcement for behavior that is socially acceptable. These children cannot take their cues from others because they are unable… Continue reading Autism and Bad Behavior

Autism and Depression

Depression can occur in just about anyone. Because depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that does not allow for a natural balance between the “happy” and “sad” biochemicals, anyone can find themselves at odds with depression at any juncture in their lives. Typically, depression hits those who have had a traumatic experience in… Continue reading Autism and Depression