Autism and Circumcision

There is a possible link between autism and circumcision. Autism is a disorder that affects the brain and manifests itself at an early age. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the penis of a newborn male. This is one of the most bizarre connections to autism made, and many do not take the theory seriously. There is some evidence that there may be truth to this theory. The thought process goes by population, and the percentage of that population that is circumcised. The most obvious reason for this thought process is the fact that there is more autism in nations where circumcision is more commonplace. For instance, the United States.

One theory is that the trauma of a circumcision is to blame. The argument states that the trauma from the surgical procedure with no anaesthetic puts the young mind in a state of shock. The young mind, being so underdeveloped, stays in a state of shock to a certain extent. This is the supposed reason the person turns out to be a person with autism. The mind is trying to keep itself in a state of good health, but it is difficult to do this when such trauma is experienced when the brain is forming its first memories and cognitive developmental abilities.

Another theory is that if an anesthetic is used during circumcision, it can take a toll on the brain. Remember, at this point the brain is very susceptible to anything. It is still developing and can be swayed in any direction. Anesthetic may have a negative effect on the brain of a young child.

It seems like a “no win” situation for this case. Without anesthetic you risk trauma, and with it you risk brain damage. Either way, the brain is affected. Whether or not it is affected in a way that promotes autism is still unknown. Also, this is generalized only amongst the male population, since females are not circumcised. Furthermore, there are uncircumcised males who have autism. In the end, it may not be the only cause, but may very well contribute to autism. The extra care for a penis with foreskin left intact is also harder for the autistic child to take care of and clean properly. This presents yet another problem for the autistic child and the autistic child’s caretaker and/or parents. Whether or not there is a link between circumcision and autism is still unclear, but the evidence shows that it may. However, a circumcised penis is probably more manageable for an autistic child. Again, this is a no win situation.

If female circumcision is performed, the female newborn is much more likely to become traumatized by the incident. In female circumcision, which is relatively uncommon, the clitoris is most often removed. This is much more likely to end in neuron damage and a state of shock that permanently damages the brain to cause symptoms of autism. While, again, this seems to only affect the genital area, it does have an affect on the brain as the nerves are connected to the central nervous system.

In conclusion, while it would seem that the majority of children with autism are circumcised, there seems to be little evidence to prove that the the circumcision is to blame. However, while female circumcision is uncommon, it would seem that this is more likely to cause brain damage than male circumcision (although both are traumatic). The general verdict is that there is no connection between circumcision and autism. However, circumcision may be the better choice for a male with autism in terms of care and cleaning.

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  1. It is accepted that circumcision alters the brain. Circumcision proponents never cite that evidence because it does not help their agenda.

    It would be extraordinarily simple to have a large scale retrospective study on circumcision and autism, but such a study would never get funding nor would it, even if completed, get media attention in the United States.

    There have been enough studies on this, one concluding that “…circumcision has an influence of unknown duration on the behavior and psychophysiology of male infants and we suggest that so-called neonatal “gender” differences may instead be circumcision differences.” In this study intact [not circumcised] babies did NOT show early behaviors different from female infants while circumcised infants DID.

    WHY RISK any ‘adverse effect’ at all?

    As for ease of cleaning with circumcision… NO. First of all, urine is STERILE [except in the presence of a UTI (which are almost always connected with some congenital abnormality, rarely occur with proper intact care, and are treatable with antibiotics in any case]. The foreskin is self-cleaning, especially in childhood. Even at older ages the foreskin protects the glans (does an autistic child need extraneous genital stimulation?) and urine flushes out smegma. A few seconds to rinse under the foreskin is all that is required in adulthood, and even then it isn’t particularly necessary.

    You have to ask yourself a simple question: Would I even consider cutting the genitals of a special needs child if it were a GIRL? Surely female hygiene is more difficult… but somehow we make false distinctions and consider options for boys which we would never consider for girls. It is plainly an insidious sexism at work which tells us boys cannot wash themselves or be trusted with their own complete genitals.

  2. As the previous comment noted, cleaning is a non-issue. “Clean what is seen,” “Like a finger,” seem to be instructions even the younger child would understand. Studies must also indicate what percentage of Autistic children are male or female.
    With current studies linking circumcision to PTSD, problems with nursing and bonding, and lasting difficulties in dealing with stress, why would any sane person subject a newborn boy to the pain and trauma of circumcision? The current prevalence of erectile dysfunction, need for viagra or testosterone, drying and keratinization of the glans, and lubricants needed by many tells the perceptive that circumcision causes MANY long-term negative effects.
    As you mention, the infant brain is severely and irreparably harmed by this cruel initiation into Western life, and Autism IS a likely outcome. Why risk it for a procedure only maintained for medical profit?

  3. “The general verdict is that there is no connection between circumcision and autism.”

    There is a high correlation between routine infant circumcision and the development of autism. The data are real. Only stupid people would ignore them.

  4. “… circumcision may be the better choice for a male with autism in terms of care and cleaning.”

    Utter nonsense! The inner layer of the foreskin and the glans are self-cleaning. It is the washing with soapy water that causes problems by removing the normal flora in that area. LEAVE THE BOYS GENITALS ALONE is the best advice. Why would anyone want to hurt a young baby?!

  5. I am from South Africa and circumcision being a cause for Autism has been known for years. Why else do boys not girls in American account for 90-95% of all autism victims? Children are born with a clean slate why would Americans decide it’s the best time to cut their infant son’s genitals is over my head.

  6. You know – I don’t usually say stuff like this – but what an absolute load of SHIT! You people are barking mad! I have TWO sons – one circumcised and one not – BOTH score two points apart on the RDOS and I, as a female have not been and hubby has been and he scores lower than them. You people have to stop wasting time and realise this is a diversity that is natural. You do realise you’ll need to dig Tesla up to check your findings? He was Aspergers! Quite obvious from reading Margaret Cheney’s biography on him. Getting rid of a neurodiversity is no different than Hitler. You should be ashamed for being so downright stupid. It’s hereditary and life is only harder because the world was created for NT brains. That means the world is retarded – not us. I am floored at your stupidity. But then, I’m autistic – and we tend to be more intelligent on the whole. My neuroscientist sister in law (who is autistic) and searching for a cure for Huntington’s Disease (which is ACTUALLY a disease where brain cells and connections DIE) would agree. Funny how she, as an autistic is doing something useful for the world. Especially compared to this rot and rubbish. The famous author in our family wasn’t circumcised either – she wouldn’t have liked that. Though they almost lobotomised her. And your listening to stupid people who have simply not worked out that we females are under diagnosed – how limited can you be in your thinking? Look around at the new findings! I thank God I am Aspie – because otherwise I might be as blindly arrogant and stupid as you lot.

  7. Oh no! I was diagnosed by Tony Attwood, but he must have made a terrible mistake. He forgot to ask if I had been circumsized. I have not, so perhaps I am not autistic after all. None of his books mention this link. I really think you ought to tell him that without this vital aspect of diagnosis, he is causing untold harm. Actually, the financial cost of autism might be savagely cut if all diagnositicians checked inside pants before dx. A fantastic and quick screening tool.

  8. Circumcision has been occurring for centuries before the autism epidemic. Circumcision itself is not likely a cause, but the 5-7 doses of ACETAMINOPHEN given with the procedure may be related. Research supporting the association between autism and acetaminophen:

  9. Well yes circumcision has been around for a very long time… But so has Autism. But instead of being called autism it was called possession, or simply mental retardation and then they were locked away in mental hospitals to be, “cured” and/or left to die. Not saying that it isn’t tylenol, just saying you cant really use that as a reason why it’s not likely a reason for autism.

    Also this author says that circ. could be one of multiple factors that influence autism not the only factor. It is very likely that there are many factors that actually lead to a child having autism and that any combination of x factors could be what causes it in any given gender. And seeing as Autism is a spectrum disorder, the more advanced cases of autism are more prevalent in boys, So the REAL test would be to find out how many intact males get extreme autism versus circed. And then look at all of the other underlying circumstances such as, Anesthetics or no, was the child premature, low birth weight or were they macrosomal in size at birth, did the parents over use tylenol for every little fever or before every vaccine, and even, what location did they live in? for example were they around a dense area of pollution? or did they live in a cleaner neighborhood away from highways and/or factories. How was their nutrition? Did they eat a lot of good nutrients or empty foods.

    The point I am trying to make, is that this article and others like it are good food for thought, because the only way to cure or prevent something is to understand its causes.I have mental illness issues as well that have never been able to be properly diagnosed, but even I wont shut down any theory just because I or my family dont fit into said theory, because every human is different, what may have caused autism in one person or any mental illness for that matter, may NOT be the reason for someone else, and we as people need to remember this so that we can hopefully some day put an end to the “average human = all humans” mentality.

  10. The idea that a small boy’s circumcised penis is easier to care for is blatant commercial hype from US medicine. No one on Earth believes that other than hardened US proponents of boy circumcision; they are either US physicians or those who drank the Kool Aid from those physicians. US medicine even has a device calculated to prove them right with parents who do not circumcise; it’s called PFFR (Premature Forced Foreskin Retraction). PFFR causes blood shedding tears in the tissue; some heal as adhesions; some get infected; all cause medical conditions that doctors can use as excuses for post-natal circumcision. The rest of the world knows to leave alone what is an internal organ until nature’s course of development causes it to separate in due course (anywhere from age 10 to age 19). It can be hurried along with gentle procedures for those who wish to start those after age 12 or 13. For the mother here with commode mouth, please note that your anecdotal experience is proof of nothing, evidence of little. Every boy is a unique human, with different reactions to life experiences; circumcision is but one of many life events that can be one of the layers of things that cause childhood disorders. Maybe it didn’t have any effect on your circumcised son; that does not mean it never does on any boy. Why risk any negative life event for any boy who may be fragile at some stages of life?

  11. Simply put, circumcision is a middle Eastern perversion and sadly has affected the U.S. It is torture, mutilation and rape of a male baby. I have fought this mental sickness for decades. Yes, it is a contributing factor for autism, ADHD and now we know from South African studies that those that are circumcises are spreading HIV, significantly higher than normal men. Circumcision came from Pharaonic Egypt and the Pharaohs and the priestly class were circumcised, so they could be identified as separate from the common class. Eighty-six percent of the world’s men are normal (intact penis) and fourteen percent are abnormal (circumcised). I am normal, and I know exactly what I’m talking about. If you care and love your male baby, you will not have him mutilated, his penis belongs to him and not you. In the U.S. you pay a doctor to mutilate the penis of your male baby, then the hospital sells the foreskin to companies mostly in the cosmetic industry for around $6,000.00—we have a sick medical industry!

  12. I was 26 years old when I was pressured into having a circumcision
    while I was in the hospital for a hernia operation. I can tell you first hand that the head of my glands has never been the same. Males are born with foreskin for a reason. The foreskin keeps the head of the penis moist and sensitive. It was more pleasurable during intercourse before I lost my foreskin. The head of my penis has lost much feeling and sensation since the procedure. As far as cleaning goes it was very easy to care for an uncircumcised penis. I am told that most young women dont like the looks of a uncut penis. I never
    had any problems in the bedroom being uncut. I never had a problem getting a partner to give me oral. I am only giving you my
    first hand opinion of my case.

  13. I think many religious communities have the right idea of circumcising later on in life. Had it done personally when I was 10 a few boys on the spectrum I care for had it done. Saved a lot of hassle and doctors visits honestly.

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