Best Software Programs, IPad Apps For Children With Autism

Some of the best options for high-technology software and hardware for children with autism:

Communication Aids

  • Boardmaker – This is a software program that communicates commonly used words through symbols are universally understood.  You can also add text to any of the pictures.  This can help teachers and students communicate.  This falls into the category of Visual Representation Systems.
  • Picture This – This is another Visual Representation System software that uses photographs to clearly illustrate different words.  Both student and teacher to communicate can utilize this.
  • MyVoice – This is a communication aid that helps non-verbal or low-verbal children express what they need or want.  It works on an iPhone or Android phone.
  • Grace App – this is an iPad app that allows children with autism to communicate by choosing from a picture vocabulary and stringing those pictures together to make sentences.
  • iConverse – Also designed to allow for communication, this app is for children with autism or other developmental disabilities who can’t yet converse freely.  More basic than other conversational software, this app represents six basic needs along with audible and visual cues that non-communicative children can use to express basic needs.
  • Proloquo2go – this is an iPad or iPhone app that allows children and adults to communicate using symbols.
  • Dragon Dictate – This software by Dragon is a Voice Recognition System that can take dictation and make it simple for children with autism to use an iPad or Computer.
  • Speak it! – If a child has trouble reading text on a screen, Speak It! (an iPad app) can read the text for him or her aloud.
  • iComm – Parents and children can upload pictures and record voice-memos that go with them.
  • MyTalk – Another iPad app, this also allows for effective communication by letting people with autism choose symbols or recorded words that express their desired message.
  • Look2Learn – This is an app that combines photos with audible descriptions.  Autistic users can pick photos that communicate what they want to say.  They also can upload their own photos and record verbal descriptions.

Emotional Awareness and Expression

  • Autism Xpress – This is a free iPad app that allows an autistic child express their feelings by choosing one of the 12 “face-expressions” on the screen that show a different emotion.  It also helps teach children with autism to recognize facial expressions and emotions, something that is often difficult for them.

Educational Support Software

  • Alphasmart – This is a keyboard that will allow students with autism to practice typing skills and keep up in classes that require writing.  Over time, typing will allow students to write faster, neater, and with fewer errors
  • Story Builder – For more advanced students, this app guides children and allows them to write their own stories by asking important narrative questions and providing fifty pre-made storylines for children to choose from.
  • Living Safely – This iPad app is designed to teach basic safety lessons to children with autism, from stranger danger, to proper sun-safety.
  • iCommunicate – Create flashcards, schedules, and any other important information for children with autism in this iPad app.  It also allows students and teachers to create storyboards and communicate through symbols and pictures.

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