What Research is Being Done on Asperger’s Syndrome

A few studies of notoriety worth checking out right now are being conducted by a couple of groups. One group is testing the hypothesis that, like autism, Asperger’s exhibits neurological differences in brain composition, both chemically and physically. They are applying functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology to scan for any differences from the average human brain. It’s already been proven that children with autism have altered brains and brain functions but now they are attempting to see if Asperger’s, which falls on the autism spectrum, shows the same on an FMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging) too.

Other research by another scientific group is looking at the use of an antidepressant for treatment of the OCD qualities of Asperger’s. It is thought that if the drug proves effective, it would provide both the Asperger’s children as well as their parents with some relief from these extreme compulsive behaviors.

Yet another research group is looking at the genetic material of many volunteers with Asperger’s to see if it is in fact, inherited. If it can be determined that Asperger’s is inherited, that would unlock part of the autism puzzle and scientists could start looking for the genes that cause it. It is assumed that, if it is indeed genetic, it’s a recessive gene that requires two carriers to produce a child with Asperger’s.

About a half dozen major institutions in the country are conducting some research on the topic of Asperger’s. Because most of them hope to beat out another research group in discovering a cause and/ or a cure, not all of them are willing to share what research they are currently working on. When something of great import in research in this field does occur, it does hit the national and local news fairly quick.

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