Do Autistic Children Get Better

Do Children With Autism Spectrum (AS) Get Better?

Children diagnosed early on with an autism spectrum disorder may appear to get better as they get older. This is especially true of children who didn’t or couldn’t speak and then through several hours of speech therapy learned to speak fluently and clearly. However, a child who really has AS does not “get better”; this is a physical, mental, social and emotional developmental disability that stays with a child for life.

This is often a question presented by parents who are hearing this diagnosis for the first time. They are hoping there is an instant cure, like antibiotics for strep throat. It’s difficult to hear that your child is different and that all the hopes, dreams and expectations you had of raising wonderful children to adulthood are taking a detour. It takes time for you to adjust to all the modifications you have to make to accommodate your child who has autism spectrum disorder, and that’s completely normal.

You should be comforted by the fact, though, that although children with ASD aren’t cured or get better, you can help them adapt. With the help of really good teachers, you can show your ASD child how to get along with others, recognize others’ feelings, make friends, excel academically, be responsible for their actions, and get physical therapy if they need it. With a more positive approach, your child will grow into a well-adjusted adult, still with special needs, but less noticeable for the time and effort you put in as a parent to encourage their growth as a person.

In the next fifty years, the cause as well as some incredible treatments for ASD will no doubt come to light. Your child can’t wait that long. You can help him or her now by showing through examples and encouragement and consistent techniques on how to deal with their ASD.

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