Is Asperger’s Genetic?

It hasn’t, as of the date of this publication, been proven that Asperger’s is genetic. However, Asperger’s has shown to have a higher occurrence between siblings and cousins in the same family. Some undiagnosed parents have had children who were then later diagnosed alongside their parents as having Asperger’s. These occurrences have pointed to the… Continue reading Is Asperger’s Genetic?

Causes of Asperger’s Disorder

The causes are unknown. There are several theories on how a child develops Asperger’s, but none of them have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. One school of thought is that the fetus, around eight weeks of development in utero, is accidentally exposed to teratogens. Teratogens are poisonous compounds that are biological in… Continue reading Causes of Asperger’s Disorder

How To Help Asperger’s Kids

Asperger’s, with the release of the 2013 DSM V manual of psychological diagnostic criteria, will now reframe Asperger’s as high functioning autism. That being said, the same therapies that were used before will still be used to help Asperger’s /autism kids. The following is a list of typical therapies for these children with regards to… Continue reading How To Help Asperger’s Kids

Dr. Tony Attwood Asperger

Tony Attwood & Asperger’s A known author on the subject of Asperger’s, Dr. Attwood lives and works out of his clinic in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He sponsors a website with his name that describes in detail what Asperger’s is, how it is diagnosed, what are the common diagnostic traits and sees thousands of adult and… Continue reading Dr. Tony Attwood Asperger

Treatment For Aspergers

Treatment Options For Asperger’s Medicinally, there is no medication that directly treats Asperger’s as a whole. Most of the medications used are for comorbid, or coinciding, conditions and behaviors. Olanzapine and Risperidone have been prescribed to teenage children with Asperger’s as a means of controlling the obsessive and repetitive behaviors, as well as aggression, often… Continue reading Treatment For Aspergers

Asperger’s Disorder/Syndrome Diagnostics

Asperger’s disorder isn’t as easily recognized as autism, Rhett’s syndrome or pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified. In fact, most Asperger’s children can go half their adult lives without ever being diagnosed! The number of Asperger’s adults is a very rough guesstimate because no one knows for sure until something really out of the ordinary happens… Continue reading Asperger’s Disorder/Syndrome Diagnostics

What Research is Being Done on Asperger’s Syndrome

A few studies of notoriety worth checking out right now are being conducted by a couple of groups. One group is testing the hypothesis that, like autism, Asperger’s exhibits neurological differences in brain composition, both chemically and physically. They are applying functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology to scan for any differences from the average human… Continue reading What Research is Being Done on Asperger’s Syndrome