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Tony Attwood & Asperger’s

A known author on the subject of Asperger’s, Dr. Attwood lives and works out of his clinic in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He sponsors a website with his name that describes in detail what Asperger’s is, how it is diagnosed, what are the common diagnostic traits and sees thousands of adult and child patients every year, diagnosing them with or excluding them from, Asperger’s. In Australia, he is the leading authority and the go-to doctor on Asperger’s.

Not too many people have heard of him in the United States, but Dr. Attwood began to delve into clinical and pediatric psychology at the very beginning of his educational pursuits. After marrying his wife, Sarah, and having three children, Dr. Attwood settled down in Brisbane, where he sees patients out of his home office two days a week. He focuses the rest of his time writing papers and books on Asperger’s, as well as regularly updating his website.

Parents who have received word that their child has Asperger’s or who have been living with a child with Asperger’s for some time can find a wealth of information on the disorder on Dr. Attwood’s site, http:// www.tonyattwood.com.au/. Those wishing to participate in Dr. Attwood’s clinical research studies may also find the information for those studies and an application with contact info on the site as well.

His book, The Complete Guide To Asperger’s, has been published in over thirty-two languages worldwide, recognizing the fact that Asperger’s, as well as all other autism disorders, has no limitations. It doesn’t differentiate between Asian, European, South or Central American, rich or poor, or any other statistics that ordinarily categorize groups of people. He has a couple other books that would also help parents, but this is his most current one and is based on several of his clinical experiences, patients, and research studies.

Dr. Attwood conducts webinars and tours on occasion for Asperger’s conferences internationally. His website also connects parents to his schedule as well as special interest groups in the world of Asperger’s. Programs and group supports for women and girls with Asperger’s, adults diagnosed later in life with Asperger’s and co-diagnoses support groups can all connect through his site. Fellow contemporaries and doctors involved in research and treatment of Asperger’s also offer their services through Dr. Attwood’s personal site.

Really, it’s a one stop shop for most everything Asperger’s. Parents and doctors and educational professionals who do not know Attwood, his books, his papers, and his work might eventually trip over his site searching the web for Asperger’s information. Once they find it, they really don’t have to look for anything else, except maybe additional sites for therapy toys for their child. (That is the one thing he doesn’t reference or provide a lot of links for.)

However, for those that want to know more about Attwood himself, you can just type his name into a search engine. There are a couple hundred links about the man and everything he’s done in the last twenty five years. He’s even appeared on ABC in the United States and several talk shows about his books and his experience. It’s surprising then, that not many people have heard that much about him.

Given that he lives in Australia and only sees patients two days a week in his home, parents can’t expect to get an appointment with him. Some of the people who had wanted his opinion as a second opinion in order to solidify the diagnosis first received on their child have been on a wait list for a couple of years!

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  1. I would like to find out if I have autism. I don’t have a psychiatrist right now, and one suggestion was Tourettes syndrome. I have a very high IQ, probably genius level. I dont like to talk very much, but I do try. People make me very nervous when trying to relate to them about subjects they don’t understand. I also receive a lot of auditory information. I have the capabilities of about 10 people. My company Araxis 3 Productions is on Youtube.

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