Who Diagnoses Asperger’s? How to Diagnose Asperger’s in Children?

A team of concerned parents take their child to a pediatrician, a psychiatrist and a applied behavior analyst, and possibly even a pediatric neurologist to make an Asperger’s diagnosis. Because this diagnosis doesn’t come as early on in life as other developmental disorders and their diagnoses, a solid memory on the part of the parent or parents is necessary because there are traits that clearly define Asperger’s from autism, even though they are on the same spectrum.

In most cases, a parent will notice certain social deficits or communication deficits in their child. The communication deficits are not from the inability to speak, but rather from not being able to adequately understand. Academic issues in reading and writing will also be apparent. Taking them to a psychiatrist who has experience with children and possibly even special needs and developmental disorders is the first step. If these traits go unchecked, aggression against peers due to a lack of understanding in idioms and other common expressions in speech is the next thing to surface. Again a parent would probably take their child back to a psychiatrist for a closer evaluation at why his or her child is aggressive and almost toddler-like in behavior. At this point, things will start to unravel and become clearer. Evaluations from pediatricians from early on in the child’s life come into play, and the child might be referred to an applied behavior analyst who will conduct the testing and make the diagnosis solid.

Depending on the age of the child, the next step in the procedure is to find them additional daily help to cope and adjust and understand their peers and surroundings better. Services for these special needs children are generally paid for by the government. The younger the diagnosis is made the more positive the outcome towards adulthood.

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