Is Zach Galifianakis autistic?

People who act just plain weird when they are in public or as characters in a show get the label of autism and most likely Asperger’s. Zach Galifinakis is an actor who has played some very strange characters, but the actor himself does not seem to be on the autism register. His character in “Bachelor… Continue reading Is Zach Galifianakis autistic?

Is Zack Greinke autistic?

Does Zack Greinke have autism American baseball player Zack Greinke is an enigma wrapped around a riddle. He began his major league baseball career with the Kansas City Royals and asked to leave the team for an indeterminate amount of time at one point. It was discovered that he had social anxiety disorder and that he was… Continue reading Is Zack Greinke autistic?

Is Walter Jr autistic in real life?

“Breaking Bad” became one of those shows that is iconic long before the show runs its course. The main reason for this is that people had never seen anything like it before. Also, the show’s managers were smart to end its run while it remained immensely popular. Walter, Jr. is the son of the main… Continue reading Is Walter Jr autistic in real life?

Was Vincent van Gogh autistic?

Historic figures were not diagnosed with autism because the term and the scale had not been invented yet. That does not mean that they did not have what we would think of as autism, it is just more difficult to say whether it is true. Let’s look at the facts. Van Gogh was a brilliant… Continue reading Was Vincent van Gogh autistic?

Is Van Morrison autistic?

Creative people are often thought to be somewhere on the autism scale because they do not think conventionally. Van Morrison would definitely fit that bill. Although his biggest hit “Brown Eyed Girl” is a relatively traditional pop song, his other efforts are not. He is not autistic though. He has never shunned the spotlight for… Continue reading Is Van Morrison autistic?

Is Vincent D’onofrio autistic?

Through the years an actor or actress may play characters that people think have some of the symptoms of autism. Vincent D’onofrio has played a wide array of characters in his career, some of which may lead people to believe he plays the brilliant, shy obsessed character a little too well. Unfortunately, for all of… Continue reading Is Vincent D’onofrio autistic?

Is Uma Thurman autistic?

Uma Thurman is the tall, lanky, wish-she-was lover of George Costanza (on “Seinfeld”). She has played in many different movies playing everything from a damsel in distress to a psychotic killer. She has been good in all of her roles, but she does not seem to fall anywhere on the autism scale. It is interesting… Continue reading Is Uma Thurman autistic?