My husband is undiagnosed but I think he is autistic

“My husband is undiagnosed but I think he is autistic”, Rebecca Asked. Sometimes people will go undiagnosed, even if they have had autistic symptoms their entire lives. The reason for this is that autism is a syndrome on a continuum. Unlike the common cold (which you either have or you don’t) autism exists in many… Continue reading My husband is undiagnosed but I think he is autistic

Is Terry Porter autistic?

Does Terry Porter have a disability Reality shows have become all of the rage and the more moronic they are the better people seem to like them. For some reason there has recently been a large influx of Southern men and women who have gotten their own shows and “Porter Ridge” is one of them. The unofficial… Continue reading Is Terry Porter autistic?

Is Tim Tebow autistic?

Tim Tebow is one of the greatest college athletes ever to play football. His coach made a system within which his talents shined and he was the beneficiary of two national titles and a Heisman Trophy. Unfortunately that has not translated to a pro career (although he is still trying to land a pro job).… Continue reading Is Tim Tebow autistic?

Is Tim Burton autistic?

Does Tim Burton have autism Some people are just eccentric. Take the old lady, Miss Havisham, in Dickens’ novel “Great Expectations”. She waited in the same wedding dress, letting the cake get old and moldy for her untrue groom until the tattered remain of the dress one day caught fire and took her with it.… Continue reading Is Tim Burton autistic?

Is Tina from “Bob’s Burgers” autistic?

Fox has several shows on Sunday nights that have characters who could be considered “special”. Peter Griffin is up to his antics, Ralphy Wiggum is pretending to be a helicopter and monotone Tina, from “Bob’s Burgers” is conducting and interesting experiment. Tina does seem to be somewhat divorced from the zaniness of the other characters… Continue reading Is Tina from “Bob’s Burgers” autistic?

Is Temperance Brennan autistic?

Popular TV characters are often the butt of speculative talk. The actors and actresses that play them may be singled out by Paparazzi and autograph seekers, but the characters themselves are open to wondering also. Temperance Brennan is a character on the TV show “Bones” and she is both brilliant and socially awkward. A better… Continue reading Is Temperance Brennan autistic?