Do immunizations cause autism?

Can vaccines cause autism Immunizations, necessary for young children to avoid potential life threatening diseases later on in life, have been linked to all manner of issues. Kids have been deafened, blinded and some believe that autism is a cause. Though there are some direct links between blindness and deafness in some children due to immunizations,… Continue reading Do immunizations cause autism?

EMDR and Craniosacral Myofascial Release therapy for autism

A good parent will try almost anything to help their child. When a child is diagnosed with autism they will seek out any quack or charlatan who practices the most ridiculous “therapy” also. It is callous of people who have no other credential than that they are licensed by some non-scientific holistic “college” to try… Continue reading EMDR and Craniosacral Myofascial Release therapy for autism

Does television cause autism

Can TV cause autism Recently there have been cases of children watching certain TV shows and having seizures and suffering from other abnormalities. The issue here is that TV has been seen by some as increasing the symptoms that autistic children have. Thus, people are quick to jump up and say that they believe that autism… Continue reading Does television cause autism

Does pitocin cause autism?

There are always rumors that there is a link between some drug and autism. Pitocin (oxytocin) is one of the new breed of possibilities. This drug has been used by doctors to induce labor in women for many years. It is believed that when the mother is given the drug the baby has a greater… Continue reading Does pitocin cause autism?

Can autism cause death?

The answer to this question is easy. No, autism by itself cannot cause death. The disease does cause many sufferers to have mental disabilities though and this can be a cause of accidental death. In some therapy classes people with autism are taught to swim or avoid dangers that they may not understand so that… Continue reading Can autism cause death?

Does mercury cause autism?

Autism is a scary disease for parents. Consider the cycle of life, at least from a psychosocial perspective. Parents want to see their children grow up, get married and have a successful career. They probably want grandchildren too at some point. Autism can stop all of that. So people look for causes. Mercury in the… Continue reading Does mercury cause autism?

Is George Zimmerman autistic?

On a night a few years ago when George Zimmerman’s name was only known to a few family and friends, he had a relatively peaceful life. Then he killed someone. Even though it seems that he did it in self-defense, it does appear that there was sufficient evidence that he acted rashly to provide suspicion.… Continue reading Is George Zimmerman autistic?