Extracurricular Activities and the Autistic Child

Obviously, we are talking about the high-functioning autistic child here, since most kids on the opposite end of the spectrum would not be able to participate in after-school activities with their peers. Although you want your child to experience all the world has for them to experience and want to support their interests completely, there… Continue reading Extracurricular Activities and the Autistic Child

Physical Placement and Custody of an Autistic Child

Divorce is hard on kids, but much more so for kids with ASD because they cannot process why Mommy and Daddy won’t live in the same house anymore. Since they already have a difficult time with social interaction and personal relationships, it becomes especially confusing to the ASD child when parents split. If parents are… Continue reading Physical Placement and Custody of an Autistic Child

Rapamycin for Autism

Autism and Tuberous Sclerosis , How is it linked to Rapamycin There is some fairly new drama surrounding a drug and its potential for causing autism. Like most things, it is all hype, and you may or may not have heard about rapamycin anyway. If your child has a dual diagnosis of autism and tuberous sclerosis, then… Continue reading Rapamycin for Autism

Probiotic for autistic children

Different Diets, Same Autism (Probiotics and Autism) There have been many rumors circulating that a change in diet can help a child with autism cope with his or her surroundings. There are some grains of truth to this, but it should be kept in mind that even regular people can have a change in behavior and mood… Continue reading Probiotic for autistic children


Autism Speaks Many people have worked to fund research to find the cause(s) of autism and they have done a good job helping researchers pay for expensive studies. The organization that has so far done the best work of fund raising has been Autism Speaks. This group has worked to fund autism research through sales… Continue reading Autismspeaks.org

Difference between high functioning autism and Asperger’s

In the past, Asperger’s Syndrome and autism were thought to be two entirely different things. People with autism were not able to live in society because of their mental disabilities and physical problems; while people with Asperger’s may have a difficult time relating to society and the people in it, they were still able to… Continue reading Difference between high functioning autism and Asperger’s

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