Flashcards for autism

What is a flash card? Children who are diagnosed with autism quite often have poor communication skills,  Tools, such as photo language cards or flashcards, can help increase an autistic child’s vocabulary, improve communication skills and promote language development.  Here are the top 20 flash cards that have effectively improved language building among children with… Continue reading Flashcards for autism

Weighted Therapy Devices For Autism

Children with autism have trouble with touch and sensation.  Their nerves do not respond in the same way as other people’s and subsequently a lot of special devices have been created to help them in this area.  Depending on the child’s need for this kind of therapy, there are a lot of choices  which leave… Continue reading Weighted Therapy Devices For Autism

Lumosity and Its Connection to Autism

What exactly is Lumosity? It is a website that contains a number of different mental games. Each of these games has a different purpose and they all work together in establishing neural pathways in the brain that may have been lost or that may have never been there in the first place. Does Lumosity work?… Continue reading Lumosity and Its Connection to Autism