Lumosity and Its Connection to Autism

What exactly is Lumosity?
It is a website that contains a number of different mental games. Each of these games has a different purpose and they all work together in establishing neural pathways in the brain that may have been lost or that may have never been there in the first place.

Does Lumosity work?
Any type of mental game that helps strengthen the pathways in the brain will help. Lumosity creates a specialized plan depending upon your goals to help you get the results that you are looking for. This can be a great reinforcer for autistic children in helping them to focus and learn.

How does help autism?
Autistic children need to continue to work their brain to help make the pathways between the left and right side of the brain stronger. This can be done in several ways, including video games, reinforcers, and more. Lumosity is a website that focuses on mental games to help exercise your brain. This can be extremely helpful to everyone, especially those who have autism. Autistic children are thought to be missing that connection between left and right brain activities. can strengthen or even rebuild those connections to allow your student to learn more and exhibit fewer of the behavioral issues that are a part of an autistic child’s life.

How much does Lumosity brain training cost?
There is a 14 days free trial period. Once you pass the 14 days, You may choose either annual plan or monthly plan. Annual plan start at $79.95. It’s one time payment and you gain unlimited access to all Lumosity games. Monthly plan start at $9.95 without any contract. You may cancel monthly plan any time.

The great thing is that this can be done on any computer, tablet, or wireless device. It is ultra-convenient and can offer something for your child to do in the car, in line, or as part of therapy time.

Creating those pathways and connections in the brain is the only way that the child can begin to use both sides of their brain cooperatively. If you are considering using the computer to help your child focus and reinforce positive behaviors.