Is Stephen Quire autistic?

Does Stephen Quire have autism

In today’s world, fame is a goal. It seems that Stephen Quire has made it his goal to become famous as the number one idiot in the world. His antics can be seen on a YouTube channel that seems both ridiculous and staged at the same time. For some reason he is being filmed pulling stunts and getting angry at a laundry list of people. Does he have autism? Doubtful. Everything he does seems to be for attention which is anti-autistic. People with autism try not to draw attention to themselves the way Stephen does. So, no, he is not autistic.

Is Questlove autistic?


  1. Are you serious? This is supposed to be some official Autism website? Nice explanation. Stephen is clearly autistic or suffers from asbergers. This was the worst miss diagnoses I’ve ever read. If you don’t know for sure 100% then don’t even write about it. What a joke. I can’t believe this sick family continues to exploit this poor kid. His behaviors are too consistent and show EVERY sign of an autistic individual. Shame on this family and shame on your write up. Pathetic.

  2. No, to be completely frank here, I have been diagnosed as high functioning autistic and in a few ways, my freak outs and breakdowns consist of the same angry outbursts, self-destruction and, at times, sociopathologies that Stephen displays in the later videos. Often times, when getting pushed to a point where a breakdown or freak out happens, I tend to stop thinking of other people and show the same symptoms as him.
    No, I was not watching these videos as a kid. No, I was not influenced by his videos. I didn’t see them for the first time until I was in my 20s, however, they symptoms are there.
    High functioning autistic people may not “seek attention” like you say, however in a breakdown it is extremely hard to keep from searching for a comfort that we may not even realize or see is there.
    I speak from experience. I speak up because I live with this. It doesn’t make me incapable. It doesn’t make me unreasonable or scared to stand up. I don’t even let my own mother touch me, yet, even with this diagnosis, I am still able to keep my wife and child in a safe space. The difference between Stephen and I is that I got the help that I needed and worked through some of my social skill issues that was essential for me to go back to school, keep a job and create a family for myself.
    I show all of the same symptoms, that doesn’t make me any less autistic than him.

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