Is Barron Trump autistic?

Is Donald Trump Son Barron Autistic?

For several years Donald Trump has publically expressed concerns regarding autism. In regards to his son Barron, Trump and his wife have worked hard to alter his vaccine schedule. Trump is very outspoken that there is a potential correlation between vaccines and autism. Does this mean that Barron is autistic? Maybe it means his parents are trying to reduce the risk of autism.

Is Christina Aguilera’s son autistic?


  1. God made us all different and every person with autism is unique and has their own special gifts. Our society needs to be more accepting of people with autism and other disabilities, and learn to value, respect and accept all people for the wonderful people that they are. My daughter is 25 years old and has autism and she is graduating with a bachelor degreee in biomedical sciences. She just applied to go to veterinary school. She is very smart and extremely gifted with animals. Our physicis professor also has autism and he is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. He is truly gifted at breaking down difficult physics concepts. There are other people with autism in college. One man in particular has perfect pitch and he has the kindest heart. He is a joy to be around. Dr. Temple Grandin is an incredibly amazing woman with autism! I wish every person in the world would watch the movie about her life called Temple Grandin. Jacob Barnett is another amazing person with autism. Google him. People with autism see, feel and process the world around them differently than typically developing people do. Instead of making fun of people, why can’t WE shift our thinking to try to understand them and appreciate their unique gifts? Every child and adult has many unique gifts and if we can stop criticizing and bullying and instead open our hearts we will staart to see the positive gifts each person has. Every child and adult with autism is a special person. Instead of focusing on the negative of people, let’s seek to see the positive. Little by little the world is starting to apprecite people with autism. I think it was Microsoft who put out ads wanting to hire people with autism. People with autism see the world from a different perspective and because of this, many are able to solve problems that the rest of us are unable to solve. As a parent of a child with autism, I am extremely grateful my daughter was diagnosed so early (at 24 months of age) and that she was able to get the appropriate intensive therapies that helped her to reach her full potential. I will always be grateful for her wonderful doctors, therapists and professors. The college she goes to is accepting of differences, however even here there have been a couple of professors who did not understand Autism. Thankfully the school was very quick to resolve any problems that arose. We have also been blessed to have had amazing professors who inspired and admired my daughter. They appreciated her gifts and knew how to help her to blend in with the class. A teacher is a huge part of either helping a child to blend in or stand out in a negative way. When the other students did not want to be lab partners with my daughter, these amazing professors had my daughter assist them, and also help the other students with their labs. The other students soon saw how the teacher respected my daughter and they also saw how smart and knowledgeable about the labs and science my daughter is. In a trignometry class a professor felt my daughter was being disrespectful because she drew in class to calm herself to keep from having a panic attack when she felt overwhelmed because she did not understand the material. Even though my daughter did not do anything to disrupt the class, this professor saw my daughter “not paying attention”, and therefore disrespecting him because she used drawing as a coping mechanism. He told my daughter she could never make it in college and that she should drop out. I am elated to say my daughter persevered and will be graduating with a bachelor degree in biomedical sciecnces on December 9th, 2016. In another class, students were calling my daughter “freak” and other horrible names. The professor did nothing about this because she apparently did not know how to handle the situation. Kids can be so cruel but as we have seen, adults too can be equally creul. Perhaps this is why some people chose not to share a diagnosis. Typically developing kids are often subjected to bullies and any person with a disability often suffers exponentially at the hands of bullies. Kudos to any mother wanting to promote awareness of bullying and to want to take steps to rid painful behavior that so deeply hurts so many. Please, please, please, at a minimum, let us all watch the movie Temple Grandin and learn from what she can teach us. And yes, I am extremely proud of my brave, and brilliant daughter for persevering through it all. She is an inspiration to me and so many people. She has always been a blessing to me and I am excited to watch her continue to blossom and do great things. When I saw the acceptance speech I too was curious. The boy seems to be doing very well and as parents, it is their choice to do what they feel is best for their child. Obviously the boy has already had to deal with the heartbreak of being bullied. I admire the mom for being so involved with her son. It is obvious that both parents love him dearly. Blessings to all.

    1. Yeah but how often do you praise your child on her accomplishments? From what I hear you’re more vindictive and fault-finding than you are appreciative of how far she’s come.

      1. Message to “A Friend”:
        You are very mean spirited & showed no respect to the mother by criticizing her. You must know her the & must dislike her for some reason. Get a little more civilized!

        1. I think we don’t mind anyone who is being Autism or other disability cases, But I personally think about where is the newborn baby come from / who is his /her parents? That’s a big problem, it will be “so sad” if it’s about to incestuous cases concerned.Period.

      2. It’s easy to look on the sidelines and take pot shots at people. It sounds like you might have a narrow view of things and should try to see the world through their eyes. This world is full of all kinds of people and there is no room for bullies who think they are perfect!

      3. You are a joke “A Friend”. What a cold heart & souls you have. Everyone gets their turn in the driver’s seat. I guess you haven’t had your yet……..

    2. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story and congratulations on her graduation! I work with children on the spectrum and in my family. See their above intelligence and abilities every day and know more and more colleges and employers are opening their eyes to them.

    3. Your daughter must be extremely mild then if she was able to go to college. My son is very severe. There are varying degrees of Autism so don’t make it seem like all people with Autism are the same. It is a spectrum.

        1. My son is on the Spectrum. He has some areas where he is probably above average, but unfortunately he has never been able to explore them, because other aspects of his autism present him, such as his inability to concentrate on one grunt for very long. He unfortunately was born with a bad temper which has mellowed over the years. Counting the number of walls I have repaired and still need to repair have kept me very busy over his 22 years. I’m not asking for health and sympathy. My wife and I have managed to be a good team to support his needs. I’m just here to say, that sometimes it can be very tough raising an autistic child, and sometimes very rewarding. For us it seems we have lost many friends along the way, but that’s been the ok. We have always figured it’s more their problem and not ours

    4. Everything you say about children with autism is correct. They are very smart, inquisitive, observantage and yes, do have some outwardly different behaviors at times. I wondered about Barron also, as he observed the surroundings on election night.I had never seen him before and thought maybe he was just tired, since it was very early in the morning. I encountered a child who was about eight years old, when I was a c convenience store manager. He would come in with his mother and would be very interested in how things worked. He was always fidgety but never disruptive. Unfortunately, his mother would always speak harshly to him, telling to stop or behave, which would make him unsettled and attract more attention to him. I would let him watch behind the deli area, as food items were being prepared, which
      was a thrill for him. At the time, I didn’t really know what autism was and it’s behavior patterns. I was just v being nice to an inquisitive little boy, in my mind. God bless you, Timmy. I can still remember his name after 10 years. And God bless Barron Trump also. I respect Melinia Trump for keeping Barron in his school until the end of the school year. It is very disruptive to be uprooted, half-way in a school year. Because of my father being transferred in his work two times, when I was ten years old and starting the sixth grade, I took it in stride. Even though I was shy, inquisitive, very respectful, and sometimes disruptive, I took it in stride. Fortunately, I never had to split a school year. I had two brothers, five sisters and very honorable and loving parents. I think the Trump family is the same way. People misjudge them because of their wealth and openness. I wish them the best, for their family and for our country. God bless America!!

      1. Charlie
        You must be a great man with that name.
        I am Paul Warwick and much smarter than Donld the phoney Duck Trump.A bully and full of BS

        1. Yes some of us are creative and can teach and fake being normal, unfortunately with the current Republican thinking, we may be going back to work houses, institutions and freak shows

      2. Barron Trump seems like a normal 10 yr old boy to me from what I saw of the Inauguration. He was smiling & waving to people during the Inaugural Parade. There’s not a thing wrong with that child. This was a nasty rumor started by Rosie O’Donnell who always despised Donald Trump. She should keep her big mouth shut about the POTUS’s young son.

        1. Not knocking the boy, but if you closely observe….there are a few tell tale signs of the possibility….again, not a put down, just observations…one of which is gait and arm swinging-both in sync while walking sometimes.

        2. I’m sorry to see someone label autism as “nasty.” Rosie has an autistic child, and she recognized some of the behaviors. I have both a niece and a granddaughter who are autistic, and I believe Barron is autistic as well.

        3. “Autistic” is not a nasty rumor. It describes a condition. People who work with or have children with autism recognize the symptoms right away. Barron does not act like a typical child his age. He does display several characteristics of autism. Since he is rarely seen, we can’t be sure, but time will tell.

        4. Who cares if Barron is autistic or not? It’s not like his dad would listen to him anyways. Donald trump is trying to destroy democracy in Amercia and turn it into a crappy version of Russia with him playing the role of Putin. Its a tragedy waiting to happen.

          1. Interesting perspective FARM GIRL. When you become a DAD with a child with Autism then maybe I will listen to what nonsense you think you are right about? Lol I bet any amount of money you are 20 yrs old and think you know
            Something about life. Just wait…..real life hasn’t hit yet. You’re in for a bumpy ride……life is not a fairytale and if you think it is….well sorry for you Farm girl.

          2. Ignorance full blown by the propaganda mainstream news media. Do you know how to think for yourself. It’s the far left that’s taking us down the road to communism because people don’t bother to find out for themselves but have Trump derangement. So sad when we have access to the Truth and can actually investigate a politician’s policies for ourselves, instead some choose to be the liberal media’s parrots.

      3. You need to read more from respected news sources about Donald Trump and his non existent morals and Machiavellian behaviors. Who cares one way or another is little Barron has Autism?

        The country is at risk, and the lives of many ppl around the world hang in the balance because he holds the office he does. Let’s concentrate on how to get rid of him and the party that has put him in office.

        If you think he cares at all for you, yr family or our precious environment you evidently have not studied up on who this man is. Be careful about where you’re getting yr info from, if it’s from a source the Donald hates – it’s probably an intelligent paper or magazine or journal.

        The Democrats are bought by the lobbyists too but seem to be somewhat less corrupt than the Nazi-esque Republicans. We must get lobbyist out of Washington. Period. And destroy the
        Electoral College.

        We must block Russia and China from interfering again in our elections. And we must effectively educate our ppl so this believing things that aren’t true and not knowing how to tell the difference fiasco doesn’t occur again.

          1. It is harsh to say that they must leave the country, however, they spoke out if line. I agree that the hate must be stopped. Donald Trump is a capable president, despite the false snobbish and hateful not to mention disdainful attitude the spiteful media has given him. Media lies, whether it is Republican, Democratic, or any other label you choose to give it. The media manipulates facts into tabloids and places false, cruel, accusations onto innocent or honest people.

        1. This article is about POTUS to be Trump, not his father. No one asked for you to repeat what rosie odonnel taught you about him. Comparing Trump to Hitler makes you sound like an A hole.

        2. You are so out of touch and ignorant to fax and unable to differentiate truth from lies I feel bad for you the sad part is you were brainwashed in your education system and probablyDon’t follow the word of God which explains why you can’t hear or see the truth and what’s going on around you it’s not too late

    5. From: The Educator:
      Humanity has labeled people with differences since man began to socialize and have a structured society. Many years ago, ignorance spread the fear that those with seizure disorders or epilepsy were of the devil’s spawn. They were considered witches or warlocks. Modern science and society’s acceptance has finally been successful in ‘spreading the word’ that this was a neurological disorder and some semblance of acceptance prevailed. I chose the disorder/syndrome of epilepsy as an analogy because it was feared and yet, prevalent. An autistic person may be extremely high functioning, even with that extra DNA particle attached to his or hers genetic make-up. Autism is not a disease, it is a condition – if it is treated as an oddity – the person who has this syndrome will surely feel the welt of the lashes that are dealt out at them! What is the difference between a genius and an idiot savant? If we are blind, can we still see? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” If we are deaf, we can still hear each echo of silence and thunder. Each type of disability brings with it the power within the individual to surpass and bypass the parameters of limitations that the so-called syndrome label sticks upon the individual. A few Presidents, many well-known writers, and other famous people are dyslexic – does that make them less a human or even, brilliant? I think not – for when we explore, experience, endure and EDUCATE the populace, we can, and do climb those unsurmountable apexes and obstacles that cross our paths in life. We are human. We are NOT perfect! Each human is unique. Do not ‘lump’ all into one category or level. The severely handicapped can be helped – but it is with the help of educating the masses to stop this bullying propaganda – and get out of the schoolyard! When you can truly think on your own, you can then learn to think as another might do and there is no reason why – it is ‘just because…’ Bless all our people, our hopes and dreams for them – for they need our support and understanding. EDUCATE – DON”T BERATE!!! Let us now begin to make America great from within!

      1. I am the (step) grandparent of two spectrum diagnosed children. I am also a person who, had I been born in the 80’s instead of 1953, would have been diagnosed with some type of neuro-atypical “affliction”. I am a mathematic and physics “genius” with 2 advanced degrees. I also performed poorly in my early classroom settings, thank you so much The Good and Sinister Sister’s of St. Joseph! I was always socially awkward and, more to the point, unaware. I still get lost in theory and obsess about solving the unsolvable. I was and am, obviously, high functioning. As I reached puberty and grew physically the bullying stopped. Amazingly, I didn’t even know I was bullied until I was told that I had been some years later. In retrospect I now see that I was. Sadly, what I was “diagnosed” and stigmatized as, was a sociopath…I had no clue how to appropriately express my feelings. The very few people I have had relationships with (2 wives, 4 daughters) would probably say I still have no idea how to emote or how to empathize! I do, I just haven’t the foggiest of how to show that I do. However, it is because I am the way I am that I have achieved some degree of greatness but also lost out on countless opportunities. Opportunities I was not even aware were within my grasp. Opportunities that others take for granted…the glorious victories, the glorious defeats, walks on a beach, total vulnerability, unabashed intimacy. What I have written is my very verbose way of saying that now, with two little ones I can relate to, I have an opportunity to work with the Autism and NA Spectrum community, share my story and try to help enlighten people by sharing my experience, strength and hope. It is also my hope that parents of children with any and all disabilities, like those who now occupy the most powerful platform in America, will use their far reaching, collective voices to share their experience, strength and hope in their expressed effort to not only Make America Great Again but also help America’s children first and foremost.

        1. American has always been great. You Americans are taking a big risk with the crazy people who want to be in power. You are taking for granted the freedom you have. It takes one wrong turn to destroy all the good stuff you have. Wake up America.

    6. my son is autistic. he’s not the college-degree-in-biomedical-sciences autistic; he’s the can’t-make-change-for-a-dollar autistic. please, stop enlightening everyone about the humanity and upside of autism. stop telling us to see the bright side of brain damage. it’s not a priority to emphasize the humanity of humans who are brain damaged; it’s not about awareness or tolerance. it’s not about placating people into accepting the most heinous childhood epidemic in human history. please stop saying that. start saying that no more children should be brain damaged by autism. it’s not time to “look beyond” autism. it’s time to eradicate this f*cking disease and make sure that no more children have to go through life with brain damage. my son has perfect pitch too; that and a dollar will get him a candy bar, but he won’t be able to count his change.

      1. Regina it is not “brain damage” it is a developmental disorder! Read more into causes, vaccines eh maybe but no studies have shown it. My son was non verbal til 3 1/2 and in pull ups until almost 7. Every child is different, we have to be positive for our children, and look into teaching daily living skills. Meaning using the restroom, bathing, deciding what he wants.. ignorance makes positive parents like us just shake our heads cuz we know potential in our children just gotta find their strengths and build on it.

      2. Hi Regina! I have a son that has autism age 12. It has been hard but because of the grace of God I see the him little by little getting better because I choose to believe the WORD of God. Call me a Jesus freak whatever. God’s word works if you Believe . But, it is frustrating as a mom. It can be tiring because having a child with any kind of special needs is like having 4 kids at once. I will pray for you to have continued strength. Nothing is impossible,and this disease can be conquered. Be encouraged

      3. I feel sorry for your son. Autism is not a disease, and it’s definitely not brain damage. It’s unfortunate that you are self-centered and ill-equipped to love a child who does not meet your expectations.

        I, too, have a son who is autistic and hope autism is not eradicated. If not for autistic individuals, the world would not be as advanced, technologically and scientifically, as it is today. Perhaps the missing or extra DNA is what differentiates the low-functioning from the high-functioning autistics. Maybe autism is a part of our evolution as a species and the kinks just haven’t been worked out quite yet.

        1. Thank you for your being a great and supportive mother to your son. I am on the spectrum and did not have a supportive mother. My father was my support and as a medical doctor, he saw my potential and believed in me. I am still a shame to my mother but my father encouraged me to try my best and I have two degrees now, am a polyglot and a musician. I am great with certain maths (I adore Geometry!) and music as well as languages but I am very socially awkward. I am not a defect. I do not wish to be eradicated as that one angry mother said (she would get along with my mother). Current studies lean to Autism being part of a new evolutionary process in the brain and like all evolutionary processes, some will not turn out well, sadly. Every person has something to give and it is the good parents who find that something in their own child and nourish it.

      4. Regina, I hear you and I feel you pain. Reading your comments left me with a pit in my stomach…my son had some mental illness but I never really got a diagnosis. I ran out of time, he took his life on March 10, 2017. I slowly watched him die, he was tired and frustrated, I was tired too because I could see him slipping away…I was desperate to find him help. He is gone, part of me died too, he was 16 years old.

    7. To: mom of a daughter with autism; Wonderful to hear. Bullying is very difficult. Also, inadequate teachers can be very damaging. You been very supportive as its always difficult for the parent. No one on the outside realizes what you really go through. Obviously you talk with your daughter as you are her support system and help keep her strong. Keep plugging and let your daughter know she is inspiring.

    8. You don’t know what you are talking about. Rambling excuses. Young children are a good judge of character. If they don’t play with your kid, something is wrong with it and you too.

    9. Thank you for sharing! Your story gives hope to those of us journeying down similar paths!
      From the Mom of an 8 year old genius who happens to be Autistic!

    10. Thank you so much for sharing your story of your daughter with us. You should be proud of all her talents and praise her. You are an excellent mother in doing so. My son who is now 21 also has Autism and is doing well. He is strong in History and enjoys sharing his strengths. He was bullied as a child by other students who didn’t understand him and called him names. He would get upset and he would get into trouble instead of the other students. Teachers at time wouldn’t take the time to get to understand or know him before punishing him first. Today he is a wonderful Man with a kind heart and love of the Lord.

      Thank you,
      Lori Hubbard

    11. The amount of money being spent by the Secret Service will bankrupt New York City and cost you and me millions of dollars. I don’t know about you, but I can think of hundreds for ways to spend that money. I would love to be able to eat at a restaurant once in a while. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

    12. Wow your daughter sounds amazing. Wish she could meet my son, 25, autistic, not diagnosed until age 22. He went to college also. Drives n has full time job. Being Extremely shy is his #1 problem.

    13. It is great to hear of your family’s perspectives. Certainly most individuals with autism aren’t high-functioning. Autism: Vaccine causation is very real and we should hold the industry, lobbyists and legislators accountable.

  2. Friendly reminder that the only reason you people are believing this shit is because of this reason.
    and that devolves into…

    Seriously people. Grow up.

    1. Color has nothing to do with it. A parent of an autistic child can see it in the eyes of another. I hope President Elect Trump will do meaningful research.

    2. No. I actually would have voted for the guy if this is true. I’m on the autism spectrum. Trump would have become an asset to me.

      1. Hi! My name is Malinda Woodring and my youngest granddaughter was diagnosed with ASD on her second birthday which was last March. She is not very verbal at all. She does say the word ass. She used to say Momma and Dada bust he stopped saying that a long time ago. My hope is that you will be kind enough to help me to know what it is like to be autistic. I read a great deal about ASD, and my daughter tries to teach me what she learns. However it would be so nice to be able to ask questions of someone who actually knows first hand. Isabella is very curious and very bright! She goes to school as well as to a speech therapist. She also meets with a doctor who specializes in ASD every other week for one hour. Her school life will change soon and she will have a different school, plus the hours and days will increase. Do you know what causes autism? my niece has two kids and they both have ASD. Her son has Asperger’s as well. I thank you in advance. Malinda Woodring

        1. Hi Malinda, thank you for sharing your story and ask for help. Autism is very complex. There isnt any sure cause for autism. Its multiple factors. I suggest you join a local autism group to get more help. Also i will email you some helpful links.
          Take care and God bless you.

    3. The kid is obviously on the autism spectrum, and it is not mean or rude to say so. Open your damn eyes–you don’t need to be a psychiatrist to see it. Anyone with any experience with or around autistic or Aspergers kids can see this, plain as a big honking mole on your nose.

      It’s not “being mean” to state the obvious. It’s probably the reason why Melania is keeping the kid in Trump Tower-these kids are wedded to ROUTINE, and they dislike CHANGE enormously.

      1. What “Shaun H” wrote is ridiculous. I did not vote for Mr. Trump, but I do not hate him. I vehemently disagree with his campaigning style, and some things he said. I listened to his speeches that were televised, and all the debates, because I was not totally sold on any candidate. I was trying to make my mind up, and I did. But Mr. Trump’s “whiteness” was never an issue. As for the little boy, I thought the same thing about Barron possibly being autistic when I read someplace that he will only sleep on fresh, clean, white sheets, and a few other habits that struck me as “interesting” for a 10 year old boy. And if he is autistic, that is nothing to be ashamed of in any way. My hope would be that if indeed Barron is on the autism spectrum, autism would get even more attention and research. My own daughter, who is now an adult, was diagnosed as “borderline autistic” as a toddler.

      2. Imagine if Melania tried to help other parents or was involved in educating the public, or if she made this her mission as 1st lady….. Instead, she wants to tackle cyber bullying (have she met her husband?) The trumps are exceptionally self absorbed. Even trump’s own charity is funded by other people’s money and has used those funds for personal use. Trump also believes that he is great at everything due to good breeding- even comparing the breeding of race horses to people and their superiority from good breeding (eugenics). So if people are hoping Melania or Donald will go public for the sake of helping others… think again.

        1. If high profile parents NOT go public about their children’s diagnoses, someone like you must feel missed out on gossiping, right?!
          You readily gave psychological diagnoses to the billionaire couple and criticized them severely. Think again… Trump hater!

          1. I was okay with what you said until you said Trump hater. Please don’t hate. Love ❤️ conquers and hate hurts you as much as him.

        2. Well stated! What a great opportunity for Melanie Trump to become a vocal advocate, with her new position, bringing openness and awareness to the large spectrum of autism.

      3. You are right in what you see in Barron’s behavior. I know because I have a son with aspergers. He is now 24 years old and he is still shy and keeps to himself and dose not like to be touched. My son is a kind hearted person and a well adjusted young man that drives and works hard every day. He is very intelagent but you would not know it because of his quite personallity and a few odd body and hand movements that make him seem odd to others. What is normal anyway? If being a good person and kind to others count then my son is more normal that some so called normal people.

        1. Sharon, a super good question, what is normal? I think we each have a different definition for that word. And sadly, young and old look down or negatively at someone else they perceive as not being normal to them. When actually they themselves are the ones not “normal.”

    4. That is about it. Spot on. They hate his father so are going after the little boy! Of course he was tired at 3am. We were ALL tired. Nasty people in this world.

      1. Really? So, people cannot talk down Trump or discuss his son’s possible autism but Trump can trash others just because they do not look like him or behave like him? Trump lovers need a reality check!

        1. Just because trump is an a***ole does not mean we have to lower ourselves as adults to picking on a little kid. I seriously doubt he influenced his dad to be an ass. He’s just a kid. If he does or does not isn’t our business to demoralize or humiliate a little boy on social media. What’s wrong with people in the world. Do you all want your medical histories dragged out and gossiped about online?!

    5. He actually is autistic. I know this because he attends my childhood alma mater, is accompanied a therapeutic ‘shadow’ and sees an occupational doctor in my building whose speciality is children with autism. No critique of the boy simply a fact.

      1. Thank you for your comment, Margot gill. Trump’s son’s issues are obvious to even casual observers with any experience in the autism spectrum. Rather than treat it like a blight, the Trumps had the opportunity to shine a light on this and advocate for Autism/Asperger’s, could have donated millions to research, and made a real difference… but instead have tried to cover it up as a defect. Like Donald’s dad and grandfather who were cruel to him, that poor boy will never feel good enough.

      2. I have an adult son with autism that has been scared since Mr. Trump openly and publicly demeaned special/different needs people. He said that if some one important that people trust does it then it makes it ok for everyone to be mean to him. If in fact Baron is Autisic I hope he will Never associate his fathers behavior with his value as a person.

      3. I really respect how you presented this, Margot Gill. No judgement -no harshness, no reflection on who his parents are or aren’t. What Barron does or doesn’t have is no reflection on who his parents are or what political party they are. And as you said; ” no critique of the boy.’ After all – he is just a boy.

    6. Autism is nothing for any parent to be embarrassed about or ashamed of- except maybe conservaturds lacking compassion and understanding.

    7. Having a child on the spectrum is nothing to be ashamed of or hidden. Much like having different color skin or religion it’s just another character that makes humans unique individuals.

    8. Nope….he shows lots of signs of having Aspergers…..high functioning autism….any parent of an autistic child could have seen it….it wasn’t just being sleepy…I’ll spare you the details of what I saw…..hope they allow him to choose if he wants to go to the swearing in…I actually feel sorry for him being put in the limelight and obviously being very uncomfortable…the autism community isn’t mean spirited like the Donald that mocked a disabled man. …among other hateful things….seriously poor Barron.

    9. People who are on the spectrum act different. I believe it runs in the family look at his father…classic for on the spectrum.I’m saying it. Donald Trump is on the spectrum…

      1. I noticed that Donald was on the spectrum 20 years ago and at that time predicted he’d have an autistic child. At that time I was looking for it in the younger ones but then along came Barron. Old sperm has nothing to do with it. Watch for ALS in Don Jr. or autism in his or Ivanka’s kids. I will be posting my theory and studies in January 2017 @ autismcauseandcure dot com.

    10. This is not fatigue and when Barron is seen in public again, he will demonstrate the same behaviors. Some of the footage took place early in the evening, only the last scenes on stage was it late! And even still, most 10 year old boys could be woken up in the middle of the night and understand what a hand shake represents!! Perhaps some parents think its better to ignore something than become involved in its solution because they can’t own up to a less than perfect child. Instead they should look at as a great opportunity to join in with others talk to the press and the rest of the world so we can conquer this together. He had come against vaccinations, but even then he could be shrouding yet more truth. Autism goes up substantially with the age of the father. He was 60 years old when Barron was conceived. Perhaps owning up to all of these “possible” contributors could prevent this happening to others!!

    11. Well said Shaun. A ten year old up at 3:00am and amy grown up has every reason to be yawning or drifting off.

    12. Shaun H. This could well be the entire truth of the furore. But most of these comments from families and autistics are truly inspiring and positive. If this has engendered open discussion and more understanding , then surely out of evil comes something good ?

  3. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I’m a Mom. If Barron is on the Spectrum, it’s none of our business. It’s his personal information and he’s too young to decide if he wants to share that information with the entire world. Any child could look like he has it when it’s 3 am. He could have been bored, shy, exhausted or all of the above.

    1. Barron is definitely on the autism spectrum. I live in New York City and know a woman whose child attends the same tony Upper West Side private school as Barron and knows him and his parents fairly well. The boy is a special needs child on the autism spectrum. This is not a secret in the circles within which the Trumps travel, and, like it or not, it will most likely be written about in the media soon.

      1. Thank you for that….hopefully it will help Barron and our autism community…maybe his Dad won’t mock disabled people anymore…

      2. OK! OK! OK! We get it already, so he is a “special needs or austic” child. So what is the excuse for the children that are not considered”challenged” but are bullies and ill-mannered to their classmates and others around them? What would you call them Priscilla or to all of you that feel the need to continue to point out this young man is, what’s the word you like to use “different?”

    2. Exactly! Leave kids alone. If Barron is autistic or not, let them take care of it. Trump was saying all through the primaries he was concerned about vaccines and wants to do something about it. Major plus! I wish people would support him a little more. I think he could actually get something done FOR, rather than against us.

      1. Hard to support a racist bigot. Trump called Hillary nasty. Funny how he mirrors his shortcomings on to others. He is not fit to be President.

      2. But the cost of the Secret Service detail will bankrupt New York City. It will cost millions of dollars by the time HE leaves office. Is that how you want your tax dollars spent?

      3. “Trump was saying all through the primaries he was concerned about vaccines and wants to do something about it. Major plus!”

        Please to explain how promoting debunked conspiracy theories with zero scientific support is a “major plus”?

    3. Sorry, but when people are in the public eye, it’s okay if we are curious about their health or anything else. Celebrity (including family) means loss of privacy.

    4. Aspergers Mom, it would be wonderful if everyone could share your compassion and kindness- at the end of the day, this is a child and regardless, his medical history should be private. I did not vote for Trump, I am a 51 year old African American woman…not that it matters but in case someone is curious.

  4. Autistic? Perhaps. As a result of vaccines? Nonsense. Instead of autistic, he is probably a spoiled brat who, knowing his family is awash in cash, he need not show any initiative or responsibility or conform to any societal norms.

    1. Leave the kid alone!
      Autistic or not, kudos to Melania for doing what she sees as best for her child and not her husband’s ego.

    2. Disagree, I have two in my family, one started showing signs 10months after a massive amount of “catch up” vaccines were given to him. Then the constant screaming started. If you had personal knowledge of Autism you would know it has nothing to do with being a “spoiled brat”. Thousands of under the poverty level families have Autistic children. Trump makes me sick. But if he will help end this epidemic afflicting our children I will be the first in line to Thank him. And yes, after 27 yrs of dealing with a son and now a grandson with Autism, I am acutely aware of the signs and sadly I have very little doubt this child is Autistic. I hope his mother is as devoted to him as she seems to be.

      1. Correction he was given a massive catch up amount of vaccines at 10 moths of age and within two weeks the screaming started.

      2. You’re conflating association with causation.

        How do you explain that numerous peer-reviewed, double-blind studies (i.e. the gold standard in scientific experimentation) have failed to find any such causation, or are you part of the tinfoil hat conspiracy brigade?

    3. John,
      Take control of your inclination to prejudge and express mean spirited comments about Barron’s character. How would you feel if you were Barron and read or heard such hurtful and untrue remarks about yourself? I have a child on the Autism Spectrum and I believe Barron appears to have high functioning Aspergers.
      Let kindness prevail in your life.

      1. I can not understand why Trump would have imitated that reporter the way he did and why millions disregarded that fact. Is money so important that Americans have no values?

  5. John,

    Your comments say more about yourself than about an innocent child of whome you know absolutely nothing. Your liberalism aka narcissim and hatefulness is showing.

  6. Juliana,

    That is just more liberal garb that Trump supporters are non-thinkers and make emotional decisions. Can’t liberals ever comment based on their own thinking instead of spewing one of many comments found in large supply of canned liberal rhetoric? Your comment is exactly the same as many liberals have made on social media these last few months.

    I used to be liberal, but more and more the hypocrisy and meaness of the oh so cool liberals thinking themselves better than everyone else became tedious and I began thinking for myself. How refreshing it is not having follow the cult.

  7. I have.asbergers.syndrome always.had a hard.time. His son couldve.been tired and nervous that doesnt meen asbergerd but if he is then it wouldnt be a big as I have it to what makes me so angry is when people.think they can bullynus laugh at us and judge us for having asbergers and being shy as they dont know how hard it is for us is a lot easier if people.would.just.approach us and give us chances as.a.girl.I went to college.annd work a full.time job but I do better hands on cause love.sensory.deep.pressure.

  8. I have.asbergers.syndrome always.had a hard.time. His son couldve.been tired and nervous that doesnt meen asbergerd but if he is then it wouldnt be a big as I have it to what makes me so angry is when people.think they can bullynus laugh at us and judge us for having asbergers and being shy as they dont know how hard it is for us is a lot easier if people.would.just.approach us and give us chances as.a.girl.I went to college.annd work a full.time job but I do better hands on cause love.sensory.deep.pressure. I have.a.very.hard.time with eye contact as well.

  9. I really do not think that this kid problem is anyone”s business. However, as i was watching the convention I did noticed that he was a bit sleepy and has some psych issues which I discussed with my daughters. Lets pray for the family and stop judging them. I am not a fan of Trump however.

  10. I dont care if barron trump is autistc or not but autism is getting good coverage right now since everyone is talking about it. Autism awareness is much needed. Btw leave the kid alone, you jerks. #StopTheBullying

  11. I don’t think people are being mean. they would like to know he is getting help and also trump making this condition awareness. also for trump not being the bully he is and not make fun of others

  12. In today’s disgusting world, we have an avalanche of “Special Needs” Children. A hundred years ago, before we had so much Damned Progress, like all these Vaccines, GMO foods, plastic shower curtains that have been identified with causing defects in children, and a thousand other toxic craps we are putting into our bodies, and couples having children later and later in life when we know that is a indicator for big trouble with babies produced by these old people, both the man and the woman can cause this, before all this flood of “progress, defective children and all these new diseases were unheard of. We need to cut the crap and get back to living healthy lives and acting normally, or we are doomed to extinction and there will be nothing left on earth but AI robots. Viva Trump, maybe he can fix this broken and sick Democrat-RINO Society.

    1. Which religion are you using, FounderChurch, to mask your ignorance, criticism and likely hypocritical judgement? This extinction for which we’re apparently headed – tell me more about evolution. Please.

    2. A hundred years ago, life style was not that healthy either. For most people at least. Families with autistic kids or relatives just had some very good reasons for hiding them, because there were quite a lot of high-functioning people performing cruel therapies and promoting hideous politics (100 years ago, the United States were more progressive in that respect than Germany). It also didn’t stop after WWII. Look at JFK’s eldest sister Rosemary and the lobotomy her eugenitist father (who had himself some autistic traits) made her undergo.. And she was not the only one. Not by far.

      You should better try to figure out why there is no talking about an autism epidemic in Europe (at least not nowadays, there had been more than enough crisis talk 100 years ago), although we are exposed to the same kind of vaccines and chemical substances. And don’t forget to think about how the phenomena might have been called before the term “autism” was invented or before it became more popular.

      Then: I didn’t know that Trump is very much into promoting a healthy lifestyle, apart maybe from letting his daughter Ivanka promote maternity leave.

  13. First, shame in you, Priscilla. IF you have heard something about Barron’s condition through a supposed person “who knows”, shame on the person who told you, and on you for telling other’s about a child and family’s PRIVATE information. Shame on all here for speculating, and using this forum to GOSSIP about a 10 year old’s condition and life. As American citizens, it seems we have always been “respectful” enough towards the children of our First families. At least until they have grown into adulthood. I absolutely realize that there is no shame if one does have autism. THAT is not the point. All of you saying that you “know” he is on the “spectrum” are acting like you are experts in the field. I highly doubt it. And if you are, you should know that an “expert”, or teacher or one in the medical field would NEVER speak of an individual “by name” when discussing their condition, unless they had permission”. That is where, I think the outrage is coming from. Even if Barron does have autism, it is up to the Trumps when/how/if they share that, not some comedian who think’s she knows and can’t stop herself from opening her big mouth. So what if she noticed things. She is a public figure. She is a mom with children…she should have kept her thoughts to herself, but she let her ego, and supposed knowledge rule her mouth, to her discredit. The internet is a place where people say things that they would’nt say to one’s face. In what situation would one speak to another, or even a friend about a personal situation involving that friend or her child. Would you just “bring stuff up, sharing your curiosity, or even insight, if your friend had not given you some sign that she wanted to talk about it? Would you wait for the right time and place?And what’s with Amac, and the nicey “I’m sorry honey…” and then correcting Kristy, who says she has Aspergers. Kristy mis-spelled the term.You first tell her there is no such thing as the word she spelled, and then correct her spelling. You, Amac, are an idiot. NOT helpful to Kristi! Not the place to try to “teach” her. The Egos on display here are painful to witness. I do happen to have had a long career working with children, teens and also “institutionalized” adults who were on the autism spectrum. I also have an autistic grandchild. I have also observed the sometimes uncomfortable and awkward actions and behaviors of fast growing 10-13 year old boys at 3 in the morning. Barron is 5’8″ or more. What we saw on stage could indicate a variety of things. If there is a “story” to tell, or a condition to reveal, it is for the Trump’s to reveal. Leave Barron alone! I certainly agree that when any public figure raises awareness about a medical condition that has affected their lives, it is a great benefit. If Barron is somewhere on the spectrum, or has some other “condition” I would hope that the Trumps would share with the country, and be a positive force for awareness and research etc. But, raising the issue, when they have not, and “speculating” at this point is just rude and unhelfpful public gossip. That’s true for even thise of you who “mean well”. You are not talking about a child who no one knows. You are not talking within a smal private “support group” who have sworn to respect the anonymity of each other’s families. You are speaking about a kid that will in the public eyes for years. Let his family deal with this on their own terms, as you would want for yourselves. Also, I am not a supporter of “all things Trump”. Plenty of things I do not like. Once I did my own research and critical thinking, and did not just believe everything I heard from other people and the media, I saw some things withinhis policies, that I think could be good for our economy and safety. I am keeping an open mind, and hoping for some good. When researching, i did see that half of the stuff said about him was distortion, and taking things out of context. i am currently an advocate for the disabled, but with an open an observant mind, i realized that Trump WAS NOT “mocking ” the disabled reporter, by imitating his disability. That rumor has been told over and over. Was trump “mocking”. Yes, in a way. But he was NOT imitating the man gestures or “mocking” his disability. I have seen Trump “mock” several people by repeating their comments in a unflattering way while flapping his arms around. Certainly a foolish and distasteful thing to do. However, he makes the same motions with each person. He used the same motions with others, that he made with the disabled reporter. Now hear this…the disabled reporter has a condition where his arm is “frozen” in one position. The man is NOT spastic in his movements. He does not flail or wave his arms (as one might if they have cerebral palsy) . His arm remains quietly in one position, against his front torso. I get tired of how the media, on both sides, take a bit of info, out of context, and then don’t research it, and repeat it over and over to enforce their own agenda, and manipulate the public into lining up with their views. Instead of facts, it’s just more gossip. Are we a whole Nation of “gossipy middle-school teenagers” who have NEVER grown up?

  14. I have a three year old who we suspect has autism. I say suspect because the specialist who can diagnose it has a six month waiting list. Autism sucks. For the child AND the family. It’s never ending, relentless, mentally and physically draining hard work. It breaks my heart every time I think about it, or see other ‘normal ‘ children his age. I love my child to bits, but I’m scared for him and what the future holds. Regardless of who you are, rich, poor, famous or not, if you love your child it’s a heart breaking thing to face. And as such Baron should be left alone with his family to deal with this in their way. And fingers crossed, that maybe, this will help raise awareness and research into this terrible condition.

  15. I have a two-year-old grandson that has displayed signs of autism. I can only hope and pray that the trumps if they know their son is disabled with this disease use it to promote advocacy and a cure.

  16. About a year ago I visited Vienna, Austria and happened to meet some young Slovenian men and they seemed very aloof and looked much like Barron. They weren’t Autistic at all. They were touring Vienna on their own like any other neurotypical person would do. Maybe what alot of people are seeing in Barron is nothing more and nothing less than a racial characteristic of Slovenian people. Maybe by American standards Slovenian people are aloof and distant and that is normal in them. Besides those two men I have never met any Slovenians’ so I cannot really generalize or stereotype them. Of course it seems strange that many Eastern Europeans also, seem to have Autism. Perhaps Autism is to them what Sickle Cell is to Africans. In that case it may be genetic.

    1. Slovenians are not a separate race. They live near the Caucasus mountains, which is the likely origin of the word ‘Caucasian.’ White people.

      Autism can’t be related to racial background. Sickle cell anemia is absolutely a race-based illness. So it’s impossible that Barron’s alleged autism is actually just him ‘acting Slovenian,’ being reserved and aloof.
      Those would be adopted mannerisms he picked up while in his mother’s presence, i.e. learned behaviors.
      I have noticed unusual behavior, tics, and autism-related characteristics in both Barron and Tiffany Trump. But as a person with no medical degree, I don’t consider myself qualified to say whether a child or adult has autism.

  17. Liz, Asperger’s was declassified as a per se disorder in 2013 due to poor construct validity. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  18. The most heartbreaking thing a mother can experience is their own child devoid of emotions or to learn the ability to love. Autism destroys that part of a child’s brain and it is a cruel thing. The vaccine makers know what they did and should be executed. Destroying the mind of a child in any form is a

  19. I believe that all humans desire to be loved and accepted. Hateful actions and cruel gossip about a strong young man who may or may not have autism not only hurts and hinders him, but it blurs our sense of kindness and makes it easier for us to believe and become the gossiping tabloid writers who take out their own resentment and insecurity on a minor, no matter his social or monetary status!

  20. This smut belongs on facebook not a website maskerading as autism information. You should be ashamed if yourself.

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