Is Barron Trump autistic?

Is Donald Trump Son Barron Autistic?

For several years Donald Trump has publically expressed concerns regarding autism. In regards to his son Barron, Trump and his wife have worked hard to alter his vaccine schedule. Trump is very outspoken that there is a potential correlation between vaccines and autism. Does this mean that Barron is autistic? Maybe it means his parents are trying to reduce the risk of autism.

Is Christina Aguilera’s son autistic?


  1. I just watched the interview of Donald Trump on 20/20. His son Baron is very apparently autistic. He should embrace the cause and be more vocal and admit his dear son has the problem of autism.

    1. I have watched Baron and listened to ‘personality’ descriptions of him by his mother, Melania. Baron is obviously autistic. Donald Trump is not involved as a parent enough, to understand this.

      1. Really, Dr. Lisa?? How dare you disparage Donald Trump as a “parent that does not understand” that his son is autistic. Unless you live in the Trump household, you have absolutely no right to comment about his parenting skills. “You can’t fake good kids…How about his amazing children, aren’t they something?” V.P. Pence.

        1. Mr Pence…I didn’t care for Lisa’s comment either. From what “We the People” see about Donald is that for him to admit he has an autistic son, is a sign of weakness…..a failure….Now we all know he loves his son very much. We are also not surprised that he is an anti-vaccer……always has to put blame somewhere else…I also think Baron is off limits….

          1. Do you really think that’s Pence? Would he really refer to himself as “V.P. Pence” at this point, put a period after a sign-off, speak in such an aggressive tone (“how dare you…”) which he has never done publicly, etc.?

            Trump appeals to non-thinkers who make decisions based on emotions and are easily “sold” through rhetoric, fear-mongering and lies. This wouldn’t matter except that there’s enough of you to make this scary sociopath a distant but possibly successful contender for POTUS. Re-think your position.

          2. Barron, autistic or not, should be OFF LIMITS. It will be up to the Trump’s to disclose or not anything about their children and grandchildren.

          3. Obama’s kids were not off limits. Grow some thick skin. When you put yourself in the public eye, you and your household are open to public speculation, opinion… You don’t get to choose.

        2. I can’t stand Donald Trump simply based on him and the crap that comes out of his mouth. Yet I am deeply saddened to know that his son has autism. But I cannot understand how he can mock and make fun of a disabled reporter when his baby is suffering the same, he is a disabled American. Wake up Donald Trump and spend time with your baby playing ball or something. He needs you- this country does not. We have politicians to take care of the country you need to take care of your child. Barron Trump should Trump everything and anything you want to do.

          1. Donald Trump did not specifically mock the reporters disability. He treated the reporter the same way he treated others when they got caught lying and then lying about the lie. Have you not heard that the news media is making up stories because they want Hillary to win this election? That makes you one of her steeple. You should really educate yourself before making yourself look like a fool.

          2. Anita if you would research trump did not mock the disabled he simply made hand jesters to mimic some one withdrawing their words once they were exposed for untruths I’ve done the same thing myself the reported doesn’t wave his hands around uncontrolably

          3. You don’t speak for the whole country and if he can be in a position to help other families, awesome.

          4. I agree Trump is a coward and a poor example of a Man of honor and definitely a disappointment to the American People! He wants to say his comments were just locker room banter, he wants to say he was a different person then, and even dumb ass Dr, Ben Carson even said 11 years ago Donald was a Billionaire Playboy. Um HELLO Ben, 11 years ago he was married and he was 59 years old NOT some young 20 or 30 year old that you may hear those kind of comments from!!! Wake up people, Trump is still a slimy, cheese ball, jumping on any woman who’s dumb enough to get with him (for his money no doubt)!!! Go back and look at the tape from the debate his own daughter Tiffany turned her head away when he greeted her when he leaned in to kiss her on her cheek. The family put on a good show with their fake smiles trying to show their support for their disgusting dad. Every one of them deserved an Academy Award for that performance! His kids may be good people, but guess what we are not voting on them for President.

            If his son is Autistic I sure do hope Trump is not ashamed of him because every other person who has ran for Presidency always has their ENTIRE family on stage with them after most Debates. I didn’t even know he had a 7 year old son because they never mention him when they say “Donald’s kids…..

            “Not Impressed!” and NOT voting for TRUMP! He would not represent the U.S. well based on his character, and temper.

          5. that poor boy I thought he was going to pass out that’s a shame on Donald Trump doesn’t address and let everybody know there’s something wrong with him

          6. Anita, I feel very sad that you feel so strongly about a person with whom you have never had any personal contact.

            Keep your opinions about another person’s family to yourself.

            Annabel, I TOTALLY AGREE. Barron Trump is a little boy. NOBODY has any business making their personal opinions public regrading the Trump family.

            This speaks of how arrogant our society can be and more so to the projection of the individual that speaks outwardly of this.

            Would Anita care to personally contact Mr. and Mrs. Trump and speak personally to them about how she feels about them?

            The internet made bullies and cowards out of our people.

          7. Well said. Mocking others and ignoring or denying that his son might need his support and acknowledge what is going on. No one knew about Travolta’s son until he died. They have a responsibility to bring this to the forefront instead of worrying about their ego.

          8. Wonderful, well expressed and true comment.
            Our country is at great risk, as is anyone close to Trump trying to please this erratic man. Sadly, he also suffered childhood impairments that if not treated get worse with time and age.

        3. You don’t have to live in the same household to know the kid is autustic. I thought he might be when I first saw him in the family picture. And now I strongly believe he is autistic. He either looks down or away from camera in most of the family photos posted in the media. He seems detached from his surroundings. These are strong indication of autism. I guess his parents are aware but don’t think public would notice it… His farther was to old when he was born….

          1. I don’t know if Barron is autistic. I am a teacher and I have taught several autistic kids – one of my students was a genius in my eyes and one of my students definitely will always need care. But just looking down and away from the camera is NOT necessarily a sign of autism. He might just be SHY.

          2. He def seemed autistic to me I’ve never seen his boy before, never really heard anything about him until tonight and yes there is def something wrong with him. And no I’m not being mean just saying what I saw

          3. What an absolutely asinine statement! My grandson is 19 and has Aspergers and is Bipolar. My daughter was 27 when he was born and his father was 32. The age of the parent isn’t what causes these awful serious diseases. You should take some time and do research before you make another foolish and ignorant statement KT. If you had even the first inkling of what autism is, you would know there are many facets to the disease. Just exactly HOW does a person LOOK autistic? You could tell by “looking at his family picture”???? You should be ashamed of yourself.

          4. Exactly KT, he appears autistic. Seems as if the loud noises from the crowd and the lighting bothered him.

          5. Terrible lie. Trump was NOT mocking a disabled reporter. Catholics for Trump exposed the reality of Trump using the exact same hand gesturing to mimic, Ted Cruz, a U.S. Army General, and even appeared on Larry King Live MANY years ago using the same hand gesturing to animate his displeasure with vacationing.

            Baron certainly has the seizure disorder part of vaccine-induced Autism. The President-Elect and First Lady appear to be treating Baron somewhat bio-medically, and a somewhat trained eye can detect he has occupational therapy.

          6. Are you a geneticist? There are unproven theories of an increased risk! There is nothing that shows any cause for autism to date. Ignorant

          7. OMG. “His father was too old when he was born?” How IGNORANT a statement. Shame on you.

          8. You obviously know nothing about autism…”his father was too old when he was born”. I can appreciate your observation about his eye contact. AMERICA needs a new face on autism as not merely it’s diabilities but it’s Abilities. If Melania can be a spokesperson and change the perspective of “disabilities”, not only jobs but humanity supporting each other instead of tearing each other down can be a huge force to give handicaps the respect and inclusion they deserve without discrimination.
            Struggling Autism mom of a young adult.

        4. I thought this comment was great then I see it is was my Indiana govener . So happy that you are our VP . I have been on team trump from the beginning of listening to the republican debates and a man using his own money and a lot of views are similar to mine. I was watching dr oz at the moment and decided to look up his children which led me to this site . I am from Indiana and I knew you was going to be picked VP and I am very sure people will wake up and make America great again . Totally off subject just proud of your comment and to see it was you made me admire you more.

          1. @N.I.

            Take a chill, calling Carson a dumbass? what does that make the rest of us, especially you? I think you need a consultation with Dr. Carson, he is the leading pediatric nuero surgeon in the world, maybe he could help your condition, since you act like a child and all

          1. Jeeze…look at his children. Why so much hate? There are criticisms that are justified, but he and Ivanna raised children to become successful, respectful adults, ditto with Marla, although Tiffany lives in California until college so did not get the direct parenting in the same way as her sibs. However she said she spoke to her father daily or he would send her little notes etc.

          2. You need to keep your big mouth shut. You have no idea and, you may, in fact, be a horrid parent.

        5. I agree. Maintaining privacy for any child, PARTICULARLY, if the child has an illness is not BAD parenting… It’s GOOD parenting.

          As for being up at 3 AM….His father just won the presidency for Pete’s sake. I suppose he shouldn’t wait up for Santa Claus either.

          1. Totally agree, Hollis. How can some people be so critical or think they are so knowledgeable? Unbelievable that they’d attempt to judge an entire family by how they look on stage. Kind of like saying that if the child is in a wheelchair, his father caused his disability.

        6. His first wife has come out and said she raised the children by herself until there were 21 then he became apart of there lives full time . Sadly his father had admitted he spend holidays with Barron and his mother has said she stays with him in his own wing of there apartment . Now being thrust in the lime light will be the worse think for him and his mother who clearly spends all her time with him

          1. Sad time in American history electing a person of his character but I guess the majority of the country feel it’s ok, they have no problem with his bigotry and language, may God have mercy on America

        7. There’s no need to attack a woman just for her opinion. For the record, it’s well documented by both Melania & Donald himself that ‘he doesn’t do the parenting thing’, leaving the diaper changing, feeding & all things of that nature up to the mother, Melania. This has also been expressed by Ivanka & Marla before Melania that Donald paid very little to no attention to the children until they became young adults.
          It’s no secret so try to keep up.

          1. They didn’t marry him for his “parenting skills”..hahhaha The interviews the children gave said their father was always within reach. He would take their calls in the middle of very important meetings etc, he never put them second when they needed him. So, I take their word, I don’t see any reason for them to lie. They are seemingly lovely people, so I guess they survived the terrible neglect. lol

        8. He looked like a 10 yr old boy staying up late on a special historical night with his family…and he like the rest of us was tired… don’t put labels on this child FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE when you haven’t examined him..please…. leave children out of it period

        9. Trump admitted he had no relationship with his children until they were young adults. You can thank their mother for raising them!

        10. Trump didn’t raise his other kids, so that can not be used as an example. They were raised by their mother. Trump would never admit that an offspring of his has any issues, however as the father of an autistic child, I can tell you that Barron displays all of the characteristics of autism.

        11. Autism is not a bad thing. People who have no respect as with cf which is at birth is also good . You can see many who work with public, as with downs syndrome children. I have seen a Austin young man and after 2 years of community college, he gave the high school graduation speech. All this from a young kid who grew in his skin and mind. Knock it off with president trumpster. And Obama is responsible for the severe riots but he hates our America. That is rogue but tells America loads since no post pics were taken. Obama hates blacks and frank Marshall Davis, with kkk and miners in pennsylvania is what Obama wanted. Read the communist by Paul kengor. Get educated … the American people spoke n we are not under educated. ..the rioters are full of soros. May he leave the country with his unruly family.

      2. I was a kindergarten teacher and saw the many shades of this spectrum. I had close friends who started out with learning disabilities similar to autism. The child is not autistic. He is very absorbed in his inner world and will grow out of it. Children like this can be late bloomers but deep thinkers. They process a lot. And actually that is the thought behind Autistic children, their brains hyper process and be become overwhelmed by the minutest of details. I wouldn’t go spreading church-picnic rumors. Let the parents and the child’s medical care team work these things out. They will all share when they see fit.

        1. we come from similar backgrounds, but my radar went off immediately. Im not sure if ive been exposed to more children on the spectrum, but his affect gave me pause.

        2. Mary you’re right, this absolutely is most likely the case! It’s a rare diagnosis from what I understand. Rare- but nonetheless important for ppl to have awareness of….. community support is big for a lot of the families with kids who have certain characteristics assoc.w/ Autism. From what i unserstand, parents do tend to be OPEN with others about the diagnosis; for a lot of them, it’s important for ppl in their environments to kinda have a heads-up etc. about any quirks or this and that re: interacting with ’em 🙂 they’re unique

          1. No it is not RARE at all and it is more than 1/40 children now! Thats not including unreported cases. My son is on the Autism spectrum and I can also tell you I’ve been very open with some people and others very guarded. Because people can say really hurtful things. My mother in law doesn’t believe Autism exists and thinks that it’s in my head! Although we have been through hell especially when he was littler. I don’t know whether Barron is Autistic or not but it’s a possibility. It sounds like if he’s on the spectrum hes being directed in a healthy way. Lots of interests, and space, they have ability to pay for anything that will help him… As for my son were low income and don’t even have a yard big enough and he needs more space to run its been hard. Im just happy Trump is understanding of vaccine issues! While Hillary wanted to poke us all! She wanted control of people and she would have further oppressed us. I hope if Barron has special needs eventually Trump will talk about it but right now that is really not any of people’s business and maybe they aren’t ready or don’t want the focus to be on their son. It’s up to people what they want to share and especially when he knows how vicious the media can be in the spotlight.

        3. I agree with you. And what does it matter if he does or doesn’t have autism? If he is I’m sure he’s getting the best education including social skills money can buy. My daughter, bless her heart, is a teacher for children with autism. Bless all teachers, they are a special kind of people.

        4. You got it right, Mary.
          On the spectrum and highly intelligent, my son has mastery in all things Electrical & Mechanical; brilliant, pedantic, an “out-of-the-box thinker and quite fantastic really. Many school administrators judged him early on and discounted him in every way possible because he had sensory integration issues. He had to develop his own self-esteem independent from the educators & bullies that labeled him & demeaned him. Trump’s son needs not be the fodder for millions of prying eyes, nor should he be thrust out there as the “poster child” for the Autistic community. Perhaps, one day he might choose to be, but that should be HIS decision not anyone else’s. Leave the developing child to his family until he is prepared for the throngs of the curious, the cruel and the relentless prying eyes of the press. In the meantime, some high quality B12 (methylcobalamin), B6, D3, Zinc and Folate could be significantly supportive. Our freaking food supply (thank you Monsanto!) and our thermerisol-laced vaccines & flu shots (thank you, Globalists!) will compromise many of our children’s DNA into the future unless incredibly BRAVE humans like Trump take a stand on OUR behalf and on behalf of humanity (and by doing so, bring great risk to themselves). To judge this man, is to cut off your own head and then be half-expecting to think better for it. Kind of counter-intuitive, eh? NO one else on that 17-person stage had the chutzpah to do what Trump is going to try to do. We should be in awe rather than chastise him for some lack of parenting style, followed by group – conjecture on the topic. People are totally screwy. We miss the point over and over and over again. Frankly, it gets old really fast. Open your eyes, people!! TRUMP’s PARENTING AINT THE PROBLEM. We have FAR bigger & scarier fish to fry and we need to be empowering of each other in order to be successful. Our society & our future as a sovereign nation depends upon it. The stakes are high, so may G-d help us all.

        5. I have two children and a spouse on the high-functioning end of the spectrum. Autism is not something that is grown out of, though that was once the hope/belief of some parents and educators. I do believe that, with help in understanding their unique and wonderful “operating system”, children on the spectrum can grow with/into their autism, especially if on the high-functioning end. On another note, my first thought in observing Barron at the end if the RNC was that “this child has autism”. The more I read and the more photos I see, the more convinced I am, especially given Melania’s seemingly paradoxical passion for decreasing bullying. If so, our new president has an opportunity to be a champion for love, tolerance and understanding of differences and is uniquely positioned to do so. So far, I have little to reason to BELIEVE he will, but I HOPE.

        6. Mary, you say that you know what autism is, and that Barron is not autistic. But what you then say about him is EXACTLY what defines high functioning kids on the spectrum. I conclude from that, that you would like to consider something as normal, because it is normal FOR YOU. People tend to consider as normal what they are used to. So may I ask, if you or members of your family have been like Barron as children, self-absorbed, needing an extra-time to think things through, being a late- bloomer?

          Please note at least that for most others your “normal” is normal for high-functioning autism (which itself is not that rare). The reason why this condition is pathologized is less because of the particularities itself, and more because of the (unnecessarily) high comorbidity with mental health issues, with anxiety issues playing the big intermediary role. The latter are best prevented by putting a name to it, and talking about the risks (like Tony Atwood and other autism experts do) — not by blurring the lines and pretending that those “self-absorbed kids” are like neurotypic kids, or actually better than them.

          People like you think they are protecting those children. In fact they have done and are still doing a lot of harm, to them, as well as to the society as a whole.

      3. How in the hell could you possibly know this? It is obvious that Trump is fully involved, as his older children attest to this, they don’t hire nannies and Trump is obviously a control freak.

      4. it appears that Trump son Barron is Autistic does he act like his dad.Kinda different looking like Trump and the mother True

      5. How can you make that judgment call? Maybe they’re protecting their son from public scrutiny especially if he’s autistic. Clearly people have been poking fun at their family for years.

    2. Autistism is a person with a problem. It’s a person who thinks, reacts, differently than someone else.

        1. listen here u stank ass hoe, I am not a “problem” because I myself struggle with autism and find it difficult to understand others

      1. We are logic, straight forward and say a thing like it is. We are incapable to small talk as we are not wired for BS. And as you look at us, and think ” shame poor thing has something short” I can assure you we have an opinion about you to. Barron has more sence and logic than most adults. I believe that he is spending more time with his Dad cause his father intellect is definately closer to his than what his friends intellect are. There is a big difference between autistic people and high functioning autistic people. I was watching Barron with his family on Trumps election winning speech. I believe Barron has aspergers syndrome = high functioning autism. Each noise that flaires up between the voters got his attention, the rest of the family didn’t look up at the noise. And a few seconds later, he starts stimming as the noise is obviously unpleasant to him. As a parent it is his choice to reveal his son’s syndrome, OR NOT ! I also think its BS that when people are famous, that there business is all of a sudden everybodies business. Barron, I salute you. As a 39 year old Aspie mom, with a 17 year old Aspie son, the world doesn’t have a clue. And for your Dad, I think he is an awsome person.

    3. My son has autism.. I feel Trump hass been very supportive and open minded to the disease. I hope he appoints someone excellent for surgeon general

    4. If Baron has Autism it is Baron’s right to privacy. How dare people presume to dictate that parents should publicly discuss their children’s health issues.

    5. It could be that he is protecting him. Autistic children are very special and they have certain “triggers” for lack of better term that perhaps would affect Baron. I understand your point. I also would understand keeping it private.

    6. I have been teaching children on the Spectrum for more than five years. I recognize what appears to be characteristics of Autism in Barron Trump. He appears withdrawn, no emotions and doesn’t appear to make direct eye contact with anyone. He is often observed glaring into the distance. When on stage standing next to President Elect Trump, Barron never claps when others are clapping or smiles when others are smiling.

    7. I am amazed at the number of pseudo “diagnosticians” who are telling whoever will read information about Baron Trump that he is autistic. I am an educator who has worked with autistic students and I would not “diagnose” anyone by their appearance. Shame on all of you, Democrats and Republicans!

      1. You say: “I would not “diagnose” anyone by their appearance.” How else do you want to judge then, view that it is a diagnosis based on behavioral particularities??? View that the parents have a strong interest in either denying it completely or preferring to hide it? After all Donald Trump (both senior and junior) have a strong feeling of genetic superiority, and then the confirmation of an autism diagnosis of Barron would raise concerns about whether other members of the family are on the spectrum and their respective cognitive deficits. In your opinion we would need a specialist even in the most obvious cases then??? So you don’t want to allow us to express our thoughts. How about our thinking then? Do you allow us to THINK at least???

        I don’t care what you want or don’t want me to think or to say. This is what I am thinking about people like you who are putting up a taboo on guessing who might be on the autism spectrum. I am using the freedom of speech to say what I think: There must be a very powerful ego defense mechanism at place. What you don’t want. is not that much that nobody discusses whether Barron Trump is on the autism spectrum, what you don’t want is that anybody could discuss whether YOU have yourself cognitive deficits. This is what you can’t stand and what makes you react so irrationally.

        You wouldn’t be the only one in the special needs or mental health industry to put up this taboo. If only you had an idea about the harm you and your kind is doing to us all: it is not only the lack of proper assistance, the bullying, the abuse, the cruel therapies, it is also this big anxiety of the people on the spectrum and the many distortions of reality and harmful acts this leads to, in particular with the very-high-functioning people of the spectrum!, under circumstances that are much more likely to occur in autistic families. But unfortunately you are lacking the cognitive empathy for those complexities.

        Believe me: The more people speculate about the cognitive abilities of other people, the better. Then some people would eventually start to see their responsibility.. They would stop letting the power to those that have the most intense need to be in control (people on the autism spectrum). They would no longer liked to be ruled by judges that are particularly rule-sticky (people on the autism spectrum) without being able to judge which rules need to be weighed against each other in which situations (people on the autism spectrum). They would no longer trust people who specialize in psychology because they have such a hard time in analysing people (People on the autism spectrum) or who specialize in mental health, because they have mental health issues themselves and in their families (people on the autism spectrum). This would be of a great benefit for the society as a whole.

        I really beg you and everybody who wants to put the same taboo on others NAMING things by the names that seem APPROPRIATE to them: Please stop it, reason and then stop it, and never ever start again.

  2. That is odd considering the fact Donald Trump actually made fun of disabled people at one point during his campaigning. If Trump does become president I wonder how hard or easy it will be to hide his child’s Autism from the general public. Maybe Trump will hide the child like the royal family did when they had disabled and ill children. No one really knew that Alexi Romanov had Hemophilia. In fact a man pretended to be the child years after the royal family of Russia had been executed but was found out when it was proven he did not have the royal disease. There was also, a prince in the British royal family who needed to be hidden and lived apart from his family with servants and the guarded secret he was mentally disabled and prone to seizures. He died at about 12 or 13 from a very bad seizure.

      1. I would guess you are right since his father did make fun of a disabled man during his campaigning and that is so out of character of a parent of a real disabled son or daughter.

        1. I saw beautiful Barron LOUD and CLEAR next to his Daddy. And to all, please do the effort to reach Aspergers syndrome before you make ungrounded remarks about a condition you have no clue about. Also realise that people who’s jobs are in the public eye, actually have families and homes they go to in the night.

      2. Yhea Right! And I know a wonderful college called Trump U for you to sign up with, this September! Baron is obviously mentally challenged in some way… sad as that is… and I agree kids are off limits. But Trump is such a piece of crap, he mocked a handicapped man… unlike Trump, most of us have some class and empathy… not to do the same, about his son, who ‘ticked’ his way through the RNC Convention! He would not even clap for Trump! So give us a break… we are not all stupid… like Donald J. Trump hopes we are! Trump is nothing but a White Trash loser, in a suit made in China! And November will expose how much of a loser he is! If I were Melania I would take Baron and Trump’s money and run as far away as possible, from this toxic, racist pig! Give Baron a chance to grow up without the shame of such a
        disgusting racist father, around his neck!

        1. Lol.

          I feel bad for him too. Agree with all you said. The mom and the kid should flee.

          What do they have to lose? It’s a WIN WIN (win, win, win!) for them both.

        2. You people are unbelievable. Trump never mocked any disabled people. FYI, I am disabled by severe genetic illness which also gave me Asperger’s. I am also a woman with a *very high IQ and a graduate degree, and I am voting for Trump. The media did what they always do where Trump is involved, they lied.

          Do your homework. If you ever had any doubts that the media was grotesquely biased and lies like a dog for the left, the leaked emails from Hillary confirm it in black and white from their own mouths, so to speak. The Democrats officially coordinate these smear campaigns and personal attacks with the major media outlets.

          Do your research- most of the media is owned by the left, almost all of it. It is an echo chamber of leftist propaganda thinly disguised as “news.” Even the Republicans have been attacking Trump because he is the only one promising real change and an end to corruption in Washington and they are all terrified that their gravy train might be cut off.

          He’s not a racist, or a sexist, or an anti-Semite, or any other isms the left can throw in its total disregard for truth or logic or reasonable, civilized behavior. But hey, you only understand ad-hominem attacks, right? So guess what… You and all the rest of you spouting this garbage are the absolute dictionary definition of a BIGOT.

          Hillary and the Democrats are heartbeats away from starting World War 3 with Russia, and all you can talk about is this stupid, gossipy BS?? You are all fools and worse, and you absolutely deserve every bit of what is coming to you, for it is all of your own making. It is a tragedy that you are dragging all the rest of us with you as you contribute to the destruction of this country.

          But none of you are really thinking outside of yourselves at all, are you? You claim to care about the unfortunate, but when I became bedridden after decades of fighting this illness, not a single one of my leftist friends even so much as said they were sorry I was sick or disabled, or offered to help, or visited, or even sent a get well card or email…not even a facebook post. In fact, many of them actively dropped me as friends and the rest may as well have, because they don’t talk to me now.

          My conservative and libertarian and Christian friends have been there. Not all of them, but much more than zero! Some write, some visit, some send cards or care packages. None of them snubbed me. They have been compassionate and empathetic.

          I wasted my time and energy being a leftist in college; I have never valued hatred and division the way you leftists and Democrats do. You all feed on it like addicts and spread it any chance you get to anyone who isn’t in the “tribe” or who hasn’t got your religion. Prove me wrong. Please, I would love it. Life is too short for all this mindless evil and hatred, and yes, I mean you.

          1. I’m from NY and he IS racist. Discriminated in housing! The media is not biased. He is the one that keeps things going. Now that he is losing he can not accept that and therefore is blaming the media (because, of course, he would never lose anything unless it was someone else’s fault). Trump is unfit to hold office. If you knew anything about what is happening in the world you would know that he does not know about what is happening in the world. He thinks the Russians are battling ISIS! Learn the facts because listening to Trump you will never learn them!

          2. Hillary gave Kazacistan a hugh amount of our uranium so the Clinton Foundation would receive a large donation. She’s selling out America and no one cares. It time for her to stop.

          3. Wow. It seems you might consider addressing your vitriol to your “liberal” friends and not all liberals. I am sorry you’ve suffered illness thru your life but your illness is mutually exclusive from Trump’s behavior. I, too, am disabled and found Trump’s behavior atrocious.

          4. I would be there for you as a friend…I am a Trump supporter and have known him indirectly since the “70’s”. My thanks to you for expressing what I would say also.

          5. Yup, you listen to a progressive…turn what they say around n’ upside down and there! Poof!! The truth! Sadly, most of my friends are progressive low-info voters. They are married to the “IDEA” of being progressive, so it’s no surprise that the real compassion is EMPTY, a mere exercise in long sad sighs and without substance. More of a “guilt” thing than ANYTHING close to a substantive empathetic response for people less fortunate than themselves. Look at our Urban Centers, run by Dems for some consecutive 30 – 100 years. I was a life long Dem, my parents all teachers, professors, artists, yada-yada and this party no longer resembles the party I once knew. Something destroyed it slowly and incrementally. Let’s all think about what brought that about. Now that would be an interesting exchange of ideas!

        3. Nevertrump, how dare you call Barron mentally challenged! Your ignorance is pittyfull. You don’t know Barron. I put my money on him being a little genius ! Do the world a favour and get educated on the Asperger syndrome topic, then you’ll understand ( hopefully) what would cause him not to clap for his Dad. Here’s a few possibilities. Firstly he know his dad is “clap worthy” he doesn’t have to show it, secondly he couldve been to busy consentrating to keep calm inorder for the croud or noise not to cause anxiety. Or maybe he just got carried away with his own toughts ( the kind you won’t be able to keep up with), that he didn’t realise its time to clap. I hope that your post is a fake post, to get people talking (BS), as the nonsence you speak are proposterous.

          1. A 2011 studyTrusted Source in Molecular Psychiatry of over 5.7 million children in five countries found a link between older fathers and autism.

            The researchers showed that the chance of having a child with autism was 28 percent higher among fathers who were in their 40s, and 66 percent higher for men in their 50s, compared to fathers younger than 30.

            Scientists have suggested that aging sperm, which has a higher number of mutations that are also passed on to the child, may be a key player in the link between older fathers and increased risk of autism.

      3. “Normal” is not the term. “Neuro-typical” is the term you are searching for; kids on the autism spectrum are not “abnormal”, and using that terminology is not appropriate.

      1. Donald Trump Sr. is running for President of the United States. Not his wife, not his children and none of his relatives.
        I wish all people had a job to go to instead of sitting around thinking up things about something wrong with the Trump family. If they have headaches, acne or ANY other problem it is their business not yours or anyone else’ So PLEASE SHUT UP.

          1. Wow. If anyone on this forum is an “idiot white trash loser,” or any other flavor of idiot trashy loser, it is the person calling strangers on the internet “idiot white trash losers.”

          2. You sound like an ignorant no brain liberal that lives in your moms basement collecting a welfare check and eats cheetos all day trolling the internet. Get a life loser

      2. Many people are saying there’s several forms of autism. I was talking to a very high level nurse at the grocery store the other day who was very boring, and she was telling me there are several – and that’s the truth, there are NUMEROUS – subtypes of this disorder. And I believed her. Because you know, it’s true. I see it everyday.

        1. R. Let me tell you what I know. You get autism and high functioning autism that’s also known as Aspergers syndrome. Within the aspergers syndrome spectrum yyou get introverts and extroverts, we all have one thing in common, both in- and extroverts are socially awcuard. Also in defferent degrees because we are all individuals. All Aspies have most of the”qualifying” trades but in diffirent degrees. Stress can trigger meltdowns, which can be mistaken for tantrums by the uninformend. Some of the symptoms are sensitivity to light and sound. We are socially awcard regardless if we are introverts or extroverts. Despraxia, and deslexia could also be present. Crouds could be a mild to large trigger for anxiety. We can’t small talk. We love the truth and don’t understand lies. We are obsesive about subjets we love. When we talk, we talk a lot about ourselves and the subjets we like. Things we like can keep us busy for hours while we sit alone. We have different eating habbits and food choices as textures in general can be desturbing even if you like the taste of a food, we won’t eat it as the texture is unpleasant to us.Brainfog is also a symptom. People with Aspergers syndrome has a high IQ up to Genius in their own field. Daydreams are a symptom and is actually a very busy mind in action. These are just a few pointers. I hope you found it a little more informative. PS it is not a mental illness like one person said. Its best described as a more active and sensitive nervous system.

        2. Yes! The SUBTYPES that your reference is called ASPBERGER SYNDROME! It’s an umbrella of different cognitive abilities.

      3. That is not true at all. I am an autistic college educated single mother of an autistic child. I and my son like to be in crowds. We like going to sporting events and concerts and even when I get to go out and be with other adults such as a dance hall or for dinner. Not all autistics are on the low side of the spectrum. Learn and research before you spat about autistic people. NT’s are so much into not looking outside the box that is why we autistics where put on this earth by the lord himself.

      4. SOME individuals with autism don’t like crowds; others like to be around many people. The characteristics and challenges are as diverse as the individuals in this Country. I’m a mother of a 36 year old with autism.

    1. What an absolutely horrible comment! It takes a sick and evil person to call a young child autistic when no such claim has been made by the parents.

      1. Horrified? Miss “Julia” no one is accusing the child of being 5-headed monster.

        With all due respect – Autism is fairly rare – but by NO MEANS is it something to shriek in horror about. All of these children are as equally deserving of love and kindness as YOUR own children.

        You should educate yourself on some of the issues that charity groups are trying to increase more awareness about – Autism is a big one. It’s exhibited in a numerous variety of behaviors, in varying degrees from one patient to the next, and can be difficult (but important) for parents to diagnose. Progams & outreach efforts dedicated to Autism make broadscale education to the public a PRIORITY, not just for the sake of parents but also to spred awareness the community as a whole! Awareness —–> increased support and coping for families and individuals who live with the challenges often faced when a loved one is diagnosed w/ Autism.

        1. Wow did you need a ladder to climb on that high horse. While she may not have been as plain as needed I believe she was clear. The writer has no right to call out someone else’s child for having a mental illness based on nothing more than behaviors nearly all bored children display. You skirt around it but attempt to indicate that if the child does have some condition they have a moral imperative to advocate for it. You are wrong people deal with their personal issues as they see fit. Not how you believe they should.

          1. Autism is a nerological disorder. It had been considered a mental disorder but is not really. In other countries children with Autism receive umbilical stem cells to help repair their neorological system. It works I’ve seen it. I wish people would realize that Autism does not mean the child isn’t smart or even brilliant in some cases.

          2. What the person above is trying to reiterate is that assuming someone is autistic is not evil. Assuming someone is a psychopath serial killer (that’s also a mental disorder) by just looking at them is more towards the evil side. I think it was good that they spoke up about the stigma and misinformation about Autism. It can also be considered a developmental disorder (which is the term my practice tends to use for it) because the basis of the disorder is brain development.

        2. Best comment I have read , I have a son on the spectrum , high IQ , AIG classes in school , has always had high honor roll and very very intelligent , People who are uneducated about Autism act like it’s a curse , I love when I have the chance to educate the uneducated about Autism

        3. Wonderfully put. Thank you on behalf of the autistic kids in my treatment for sticking up for them and spreading awareness and knowledge! I must say though, Autism unfortunately is not that rare anymore. It could be because they changed the spectrum in the DSMVI excluding Aspergers. Either way it’s more prominent now than ever so spreading the CORRECT knowledge is essential thank you for that.

        1. You should be ashamed of your self! How dare you laugh at a child who is autistic! !! It has nothing to do with karma. It is very hard on the child. I will pray for you and hopefully you will stop being a part of the problem.

        2. Karma is a bitch? Because this ten year old boy was so evil from birth that he deserves to have a neurological disorder?? And you laugh about it? I can only take comfort in the fact that based on your comments, you are a debased and miserable human being who has amounted to nothing and will go nowhere in life. That, my friend, is karma. Autism is NOT karma and it is NOT something to laugh about.

        3. So are you telling me that my son is autistic because of something I’ve done as well?? Disgraceful!!! I cannot believe that someone would laugh at the fact that a child that has Autism and accuse a parent of causing it. So much hate it scares me.

        4. Let me guess, Sam. Er um…conduct disorder??? As a kid, you liked to pull wings off flies or collect bees in a jar??
          Just asking, how would you handle some challenge you were dealt? Like you deserved it? Every time?? That’d be Karma.
          You’ve got some solid hate there. Sounds like things you heard about Trump struck a nerve. Take the embellishment of whatever was said, and acknowledge yourself for having the ability to decipher right from wrong. Then look at how manipulative the press is, and consider HOW things are bent & altered and maybe you have something there. The press are crafty, and you don’t know it. Take a big step back and consider the CONTEXT of what you heard said. What’s that? You don’t have any CONTEXTUAL information?? What’s that? You say context wasn’t included in what the press reported??? AWe! THAT’s the whole point to WHAT THEY DO! Now you have something called CRITICAL thinking! No one can “con” you once you have that.

    2. Well, Cathy B. I know that Trump won’t order a lobotomy like Joe Kennedy (Democrat MA) did on his retarded daughter Rose that rendered her infant-like and then kept her locked away for life in a home run by Catholic Charities. Thanks for the reminder…

      1. For your information, when Joe ordered up that lobotomy for his daughter it was all the rage at the time for certain psychiatric disorders and in fact, psychiatrists were working with neurosurgeons to promote this (what turned out later to be viewed to be) crude, personality changing operation.

    3. Hard to believe he made fun of someone with a problem she he has a austic son and his son Eric has a problem and so does Trump himself .not nice to make fun of others ,especially when you have serious issues yourself .God does not like ugly….

      1. You are right,i darehim to mock others and his son is retarded!!!it’s not the child’s fault,he got it honestly!!! from both sides sadly to say😞

    4. I stopped reading after your first sentence. If you would look into it more you would see that he has done that many times while mocking idiots who don’t have disabilities.

    5. Donald Trump never “made fun of disabled people” at his rally. The incident you are referring to was the hand motions and idiotic voice he uses to show someone who is flustered. He made the exact same reference to Rubio who is not disabled. I suggest you do some research of your own rather than swallowing media manipulations and lies.

      1. He did mock the disability and it’s not the first time,hes a ugly and disgusted person that’s why his child turned out this way….I’m sorry he did this to you Barron May God Bless You😇

    6. You are so missing the point in so many ways. Think, people! What is this that we have here?? A forum on Autism?? A gossip party about one man that’s taking a stand to DRAIN The SWAMP to end corruption in one of the most corrupt places on earth (Washington DC)??? C’mon, everyone. We can do better than this. Can’t we??

  3. Cathy,

    What you said is so lame. The kid is obviously not being hidden. There is nothing to be ashamed of regarding Autism. How you think and your need to create rumors is more shameful.


    1. I was just talking about another wealthy and famous family and what they did regarding their children who happened to be disabled or very ill. I was not saying that Barron Trump was being hidden or actually was Autistic. I mentioned that because at one point during his campaigning Donald trump made fun of a disabled man. Such an act is not a thing a father with a disabled son would really do. I am not lame. You happen to be a bit lame if anyone is and my guess is you are a troll.

      1. He wasn’t making fun of a disabled perdon. Trump does that gesture…he just did it when talking about Ted Cruz. No one has every witnessed…nor heard of Trump ever mocking the disabled. He snd his son Eric….do so much for ill children, vets…so much. You ought to do research. Also, look into how it came about that Trump purchased Mar-A-Lago some thirty or so years, ago. Don’t believe liberal media. Follow Trump through his rallys from the beginning. Listen fir yourself. You will eventually see the truth….if you seek it!

      2. I get you. You had a legit comment. It gets kind of sensitive & ppl get on the defense when they think you’re slamming Daddy Warbucks. Sorry, had to throw that in there. But in all seriousness- it is clear you weren’t equating Autism with like, cooties. I don’t get how your curiosity about this disorder would be offensive (I didn’t take it that way) – i think it’s cool you’re engaging in it – especially when it’s evident that a lot of people treat the incidence of certain illnesses as….”Horrible! Terrible!”

        You’re cool. We all need to dig in and make ourselves aware of this stuff. Equipping ourselves with insight just like you’re doing!- is probably just what all these charity org’s want to have happen; support n understanding in these kids’ environment is supposed to be a big plus for families dealing w/ some of the challenges faced when there’s a diagnosis for Autism.

        Peace n Luv, sister

      3. Whether the little boy is autistic or not, is a small issue and a family matter. What makes Trump disgusting, is his willingness to mock the disabled reporter. Any man, human being, responsible adult, compassionate person, who would aspire to be the leader of the free world, should have more integrity and class, than to do what he did.

          1. So many of you say that trump did not mock that reporter. I don’t know what you were watching but he most certainly did do that. The gentleman who was ridiculed even made a comment when asked by another reporter

          2. Nah, it’s much easier to grab the Cliff Notes than read the book. Easy & breezy. Swallow the fluff provided…CNN will tell you what you’re tasting and you’ll buy it. Oh, they make it so easy. No thinking required! Perfect for the masses…remember this WIKKI Leak: keep ’em “uninformed and compliant” (this says it all for me). Kinda reminds me of The Wizard of OZ: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” Lol
            Let MSNBC chew the news up for the people, it’s all pre-digested, easy to swallow! Question, People!! Have inquiring minds! You can stave off Alzheimer’s that way!

      4. Do your research. He did not make fun of a disabled man he merely treated him exactly as he would have anybody else. Do we need to coddle the disabled and give them special treatment?? I sure hope you understand that most disabled people just want to be accepted as who they are not the disabled in the wheelchair or the one that has leg braces. It is ok to treat them as you would any other person.

        1. He did mock the reporter, yes, there was no spin that can deny that…And no one asked for coddling or special treatment….except for Donald Trump. I have a wonderful child with autism…and if Trump’s son has autism, I hope he receives acceptance, tolerance and understanding; the three things Trump has never publicly demonstrated he understands or practices. If he has a child with autism, then his treatment of that reporter is even more disgusting than previously thought…it would explain his incorrect and dangerous views that vaccines can cause autism: They don’t, never did, never will. But, what do I know, I’m just a stupid woman waiting to be grabbed in the genitals by some jerk, soon after I make sure to have his dinner ready on the table!

  4. I personally don’t think he is “Autistic” but if his parents are concern about “Autism”; It doesn’t mean there child has “Autism” they might be just being nice enough to encourage ways to prevent it or maybe stop it.

  5. He is autistic, mildly and that is why he is not on the campaign trail EVER. You know a 70 year old self absorbed person like trump would love nothing more than to drag his young son out to show you how virile he is. He is on the spectrum, inhabits his own floor of Trump towers and has tutors and the like to help him. Baron gets dragged out occasionally for photo shoots, but no, you won’t see him out hanging with dad cause dad probably thinks he is”loser”. How do I know this? Put the dots together.

    By the way, most healthy people would not handle it this way but it is much the same as what John Travolta did with his son Jet. Jet was more profoundly autistic and even John’s own brother admitted to this. I guess you want to protect your child especially if you are in the public eye, but you’d think the average person would become more empathetic in general rather acting like a bully. But Trump is Trump and anything is possible where he is concerned.

    1. I’d say he is probably normal but his mother maybe wishes to protect his privacy. When the Clinton’s went on the political campaign trail for the first time they did not flaunt 12 year old Chelsea. Once elected some people did not even realize they had a child. Anyway, Chelsea is not Autistic or disabled. The current Mrs. Trump probably wants to protect her son from some of the nastiness that goes on when a parent campaigns for president. The press will say some real nasty stuff about the would be first kids’ both during the campaign trail and even after the parent gets elected. With Chelsea the press made fun of her looks. That had to have been difficult for a young teenaged girl. Maybe Barron is a very sensitive boy and his mother wishes to avoid people saying mean things about him. If his dad becomes president his life will probably not be all that different from what Chelsea’s was and his mother will see to that.

      1. Who here examined the child?…and who here would want anyone to ASSUME anything about their child when they never once had a conersation with him let alone ran tests.this is Barrons reputation kids are mean sometimes ..maybe none of us should even be discussing this so I’m off to bed good night all

      1. My grandson is autistic and when I see Barron I see the same characteristics in his as my grandson.A person who knows what a autistic child behaves you can understand when you see another child with it. Autism has many spectrums. In some children , some have more than others.

        1. You’re an idiot. You think you can tell if a child is autistic by seeing him on TV? Get a clue grandma. The kid isn’t autistic.

          1. The idiot is you, Annie for mocking an elderly woman who knows and understands autism from personal experience.

          2. No, I don’t think she is a idiot at all. Those who spend time with autistic kids can spot ones with autism at a glance, because they have particular ways if eye movement and facial expressions.

        2. Agree. I noticed it too. When you are around children with autism you can see the traits in other children. I am sure he has had intense therapy to help him function in society.

          1. Barron sees the same doctor in NY City that my friend’s child sees for treatment for Spectrum disorder. This is what makes Trump’s treatment of the disabled reporter even more despicable.

    2. How do you know this about him being mildly autistic. It does make sense as you see him. It would be good if Trump would embrace the cause of special needs children in an open way.

      1. Speaking of dumb-asses, N.I. & melissabb etc……. You look to be a prime example yourself. Since when do you know every fact about Donald Trump and his family so intimately that you can make all these judgements about them?!?! Did they hire you to write their family history/biographies? If so, you need to refund them their money. Looks like you bought into “The Kool-aid” mixture yourself??? This is exactly what’s wrong with our country now. Let’s just execute them before they get a trial because of some embellished-upon gossip and lies we might have read or heard about Since YOU seem to know sooo much about them/him, perhaps you need to devote equally as much time studying the other candidates as well??? But then again, that might be fair, huh?

    3. I was very curious about his demeanor and felt he is either a very spoiled grumpy child or he has Aspberger Syndrome which is considered part of the Autism Spectrum. AS is a high functioning disability.

      1. It is very obvious to those of us who have worked with autistic people that Barron is autistic. It happens. I hope the Trumps acknowledge it, for everyone’s sake.

    4. I have a son, age 5, who is on the spectrum. My son doesn’t like going to certain places because he is extremely sensitive to sounds and the shrills and screaming, crying of children and babies. Just observing Barron on a few occasions, I definitely see traits of autism. There is absolutely no shame in having a child with autism, because they are very bright. It is extremely hard to travel with a child on the spectrum, both for the family and for the child. It can cause distress for a child, so I don’t blame them for not dragging him all over. As for Donald’s parenting skills, none of us know, but obviously his other children are very proud of their dad and love him very much. It is not for anyone to say if he is or isn’t a bad father. Not one of us is the perfect parent and no one has the right to “assume” anything.

  6. I just came across this sight as I just watched a short video clip of Barron walking and as a physical therapist noticed he has a pronounced gait disorder. I had never heard mentioned he is disabled so looked online to see if there was anything mentioned about any disability and the only thing I can find is the suggestion of autism.

    1. I saw the same news clip and certainly appears that Baron does have a gait disorder. As a parent if a child with multiple disabilities you become more keenly aware of children who seem to behave and react the same way your child might. I do not know Baron a Trump but from everything I saw of him (during the final speech at the convention) it seemed very apparent to me that he has some type of disability. I do not believe that whatever Baron might or might not be needs to be brought into the campaign . What does need to be said is that if Trumps child has a disability how dare he mock someone who obviously does. That speaks volumes about the person and his character. No matter what he should be applauding people with disabilities.

  7. I never gave it a moment’s thought until I just saw Barron on stage at the convention with the rest of Trump’s family. His blank stare, lack of response to Trump’s touch and attempt to gain his attention, and seeming preoccupation with the falling balloons made me wonder. An internet search for “Is Barron Trump Autistic?” brought me to this site. If he is on the spectrum, or has some other developmental challenge, I hope he is getting any therapy or services that will help. I detest Trump, but I wish only the best for his and ALL children.

    1. I totally agree with you. My daughter has special needs and I have many friends whose kids have high to low functioning autism. When I saw Barron on stage starring at the confetti and balloons with a blank stare. I immediately thought he presented as a child with autism or high functioning Aspergers. A lot of people don’t understand unless you’re constantly around children who have autism. If you notice his younger cousin (boy) waving his hands to the music and dancing you will see the remarkable difference. There’s nothing wrong if Barron is on the spectrum. I think for those of us who have kids with disabilities like myself you’re just taken back to see his orientation on stage. Furthermore, if you read interviews with Melania about Barron, his characteristics are spot on for a child with autism. He’s very smart in math and science, loves to wear suits and has never been a sweat pants child, he likes model cars and planes, but doesn’t like them on his sheets., he likes white sheets. He has a whole floor to himself. You can argue that everyone likes certain things. However, he does not present as a typical 10yr old boy at all. If you understand child development and autism, which presents itself in children and adults in many different ways. There is no doubt Barron either is on the spectrum or has Aspergers. With all the excitement going in that arena last night Barron presented non emotional and expressionless. You’ll notice at one point he’s just standing there with a blank stare on his face amazed by the confetti and balloons and Melania has to tell him to move out of the way of his father. When he’s touched by her you can tell he does not like to be touched. The whole family barely acknowledged him. He literally was in a world of his own as if no one was around him. If the speculations are true, I wish Donald would be more open and transparent about his son as he is about everything else. He might gain more voters.

      1. I agree with your observations. If you spend time with an autistic child or adult you notice the signs. I don’t think anyone is picking on Barron or his parents when questioning whether this is the case or not. Their family seems very loving and supportive of each other. I have an autistic son but I don’t introduce him that way. If people are curious, they can ask and will get as little or much information as they want. If I was a celebrity it would be publicly known but I would still fiercely protect his privacy. I’m mama bear overprotective that way!

    2. I am the mother of a high functioning autistic young man. I searched for “Is Barron Trump autistic” after observing him on stage rocking side to side after hugging his father and the hard eyes squeezed shut grimace he gave when his father walked away. He appeared overwhelmed by the cheering and loud music and it reminded me of my son. His blank stare to the crowd and fascination with the balloons could be any nervous child but he displayed certain facial gestures when his family was talking to him that remind me of people on the spectrum. If this is the case, I hope the family sheds more light on this issue and doesn’t keep him out of the spotlight all the time. He will function better if he is challenged socially. The RNC wouldn’t have been my choice to socialize my child but I’m not a Trump.

      If he is not autistic, we can probably all agree that is a big change of scenery for any young child.

    3. I agree- hope he is getting the correct treatment- he will not grow out of it and Aspberger’s is certainly nothing to hide(by the parents). I noticed his reactions(or lack of them) during the only night he was in Cleveland. (retired teacher who has worked with many austistic children).

      1. How do you guys know it’s not low sugar maybe he’s insulin dependent and was in need of glucose
        How do guys know its not a brain tumour causing gait issues or maybe he had cough medicine cuz he had a cold…all of these things can cause staring off gait stuff etc
        Maybe he’s just tired and bored
        And if you do know he sees a certain doc that’s private dontcha think?maybe it’s me lol…jus had to put my last 2 cents in 🙂

    4. I agree. Trump was/is disgusting for making fun of the disabled reporter; would he like it if someone did the same about autistic children? More than likely he is getting therapy, Melania seems to be a very involved, attentive mother and is undoubtedly seeing to it that her son get all the necessary help. I, too, wish the children the best and especially Barron, this can be a very difficult time for the young boy.

    5. I agree completely. I went through the same things as you- noticing the blank stare, the balloon preoccupation- and found this site. I detest Trump. He has a right to keep his son’s condition private but it would be completely in line with his egotistic nature to be ashamed of it and want to keep It from the public.

    6. I get you. You had a legit comment. It gets kind of sensitive & ppl get on the defense when they think you’re slamming Daddy Warbucks. Sorry, had to throw that in there. But in all seriousness- it is clear you weren’t equating Autism with like, cooties. I don’t get how your curiosity about this disorder would be offensive (I didn’t take it that way) – i think it’s cool you’re engaging in it – especially when it’s evident that a lot of people treat the incidence of certain illnesses as….”Horrible! Terrible!”

      You’re cool. We all need to dig in and make ourselves aware of this stuff. Equipping ourselves with insight just like you’re doing!- is probably just what all these charity org’s want to have happen; support n understanding in these kids’ environment is supposed to be a big plus for families dealing w/ some of the challenges faced when there’s a diagnosis for Autism.

      Peace n Luv, sister

  8. He definitely appears autistic. He has facial tics and grimaces which is a common neurological feature in many autistic kids. He also did not act at all like a 10 year old kid. He appeared strange and affectless at the convention.

  9. Baron Trump was at the last night of the convention. I was captivated by him every time he was in the camera view. Not once did he change his expression, no smiles, nothing. At first he was sitting next to wife #2’s daughter Tiffany. She looked awkwardly at him, and seemed to try to say something to him as he faced forward in his seat. It was like he wasn’t being spoken to so she awkwardly looked away. There was little to no interaction with him, and his mother. She touched his shoulder once but there was no response. He didn’t seem to be ‘distracted’ by anything in particular. Then on stage, at the end, it was the same thing. Everyone had smiles including all of his nieces & nephews who are about the same age give or take. His father looked over at him once, and then just looked away. The boy basically stood in his own little world, and again with his mother nearby, she really didn’t interact with him. Then again, apparently she doesn’t interact with her ‘husband’ or ‘boss’ much either. Now that I think of it, there was one moment when the family was seated when Eric Trump who was sitting on the opposite side of Mrs.Trump the Third, put his fist across her so as to “fist-pump” with his young half-brother. Eric held his fist out for a bit before Baron returned the jesture. Not sure if this is a sign of Autism or of a child who leads a spoiled & perhaps lonely life. Hmm!

    1. I’m a Brit living in London and I watched the Trump convention, as did many friends(he’s a controversial figure here, and everyone here is watching the American elections to see who will lead our “special relationship” friend.

      I have 4 children, 1 of them, my 4 year old, is Autistic.As soon as I observed Barron for a few seconds I could immediately tell he was Autistic, without a shadow of a doubt.

      Here in the UK we do early intervention, so my 4yr old is at a Montessori Nursery for under 4s on the spectrum where he receives speech & language therapy, play therapy, sensory room therapy and much more.He’s in his second yr there, he began at 2 & a half, 4 days a week for 2 hours a day.Now he’s ready for main school and these therapy’s will continue as part of his Primary Education Plan(all our health care is free, so we don’t pay for anything, and my son also gets paid a monthly allowance of £325,it gets paid to me till hes 16.I also get a weekly allowance paid to me for caring for him(I gave up work).The reason I have mentions all this is over the last 2 yrs I have seen so many Autistic children from 2 yrs onwards due to the school my son attends, and because Spectrum kids are so supported here, I have also seen at Autism community get togethers, many Autistic children in their preteens, teens and early adulthood.At 10 Barron definitely presents as a spectrum child.

      He was in his own world and I could see he’s Mother looked first nervous and then embarrassed and didn’t interact with him at all mostly.I found that sad. Trump as well didnt seem too supportive.Him and hes wide also seem so distant with each other.

      Anyway my son at 2 was like Barron was.Didn’t want to be held, never responded to or showed emotion and affection, never interacted, never smiled, was fixated on things.It took a lot of love, tome,dedication,educating ourselves, change of diet, patience and professional support to get him to be the affectionate, loving, 100% consistent eye contact and interaction with his environment, speaking, reading, writing, responding to emotions of others and excited happy boy he is today.

      He should not be hidden away or kept zoombiefied on meds.Everyday out and about with his Mum would be a learning experience, even if initially its causes meltdowns.Its not fair for a child to be denied a childhood life because famous parents are worried about paps and media or tabloid gossip.

  10. This is very interesting and answers my question, only since I saw him tonight. As I was watching the RNC convention tonight, the last night, I was very curious about Barron Trump (for no particular reason) so I was quick to look every time the camera was in his direction. From the time they walked in to them all being up on stage with all the activity his expression NEVER changed. Never any interaction with his mother whatsoever, or vice versa. I found that very odd and although I had never heard anything about him having autism or being on the spectrum or anything else, it was fairly obvious there is something atypical about him. So I googled and at first found nothing. Then I looked at images. Of course there are many. No expression in any one of them. There is one shot of his mother stooping down and kissing him. While his face is facing hers it is quite obvious he is not kissing her. No facial expression whatsoever. I’m amazed there is absolutely nothing other than this thread about this. Not that we deserve to know but with a father who can not get enough publicity and a press that digs everything out – and now a presidential candidate – nothing. Very strange. A beautiful child to be sure. And it is a shame his father doesn’t seem to want to do anything at all shed any light on autism. Yet not surprising either.

    1. Why would any parent, use their child for political gain. Perhaps something will be said after Donald Trump is elected President!!

      1. @martha
        after Trump is elected president?
        then we will NEVER know – he cannot win the electoral college and garners only single digits among minorities when he needs percents in double digits
        dream on…..

  11. He’s CLEARLY autistic…which is just fine. I don’t follow the Trumps, or anyone else for thst matter. However, I have watched the RNC each of the four nights, and hope to do the same with the DNC. When Trump’s son appeared on the stage at the closing of the event (the RNC), I IMMEDIATELY noticed that there was clearly something “different” about him. Because I work with autistic children on a daily basis, the physical signs were very apparant to me… much like spotting a Downs Syndrome individual. The poor baby looked completely lost as he shuffled his way back and forth on the stage. Cute as a button, though.

  12. I came to this forum because I have suspected that Barron is autistic for a while. Seeing him on 20/20 and yesterday on the RNC stage with his family, the boy is clearly on the spectrum. He may be highly functioning but no doubt he is autistic.

    1. Same here. I did a specific Google search to see if this was an actual reality the family faces….. I try to keep myself in the loop about some of the big causes out there. I know parents and charity groups etc. for Autism put big priority on “awareness” & openness/education about it.

      Anyway. Autism is fairly rare (but is nonetheless a reality for millions of families out there) and from what I’ve come to learn, it can be pretty complex. Every case is very different, and of course every kid (autistic or not) is obviously unique!

      So. Same here. I saw this in my search, and I guess other ppl had the same question lol. I guess we are all learning and trying to get on board.

      I know it’s a big thing for families where Autism IS relevant in their home lives, to have that general cushion of “support” and just awareness more or less on a broadscale. We all care.

      we a nation. We care 🙂

      P.s. totally separate issue though- i have absolutely no regard for D.T. himself. The fondness and care stops at the kid & the mom, lol; I embrace them as human beings, but I wouldn’t go so far as to take it to the next level and say da whole dang family is special and loveworthy :0 the Daddy don’t get my respect. Booyah and Peace out.

      1. Sarina !
        No, we don’t wish to be like the Trump. He has had three wives. He uses them then discard them, one at a time. his Father left him 14 millions, he did not earn that. His investments are made by sharp lawyers. any one who watches TV has seen him insult every one. Any word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. 250000 people in England signed a petition wishing to keep him from coming there.

  13. enough criticizing the trumps you wish you could be like them.
    No one is perfect. In business that is the way one operates bankruptcy is a fact of life, go down come back that’s the way businesses operate for those that are naïve.
    Come to NY without Wall Street and Trump what would this city be???THINK
    Just see what this city looks like he surely delivers what he says, see his buildings his golf clubs the skating rink and his family, etc
    Wish others would contribute to society as much as he has done. He would be brain dead if he did not earn a living from his endeavors.
    Ask the other side how they made their millions?????

    1. Trump does not contribute to society…he contributes to himself…He has his family in his business so secrets will be closely held…he builds hotels & golf resorts that most Americans cannot afford to use…he wants to turn the world into a playground for the rich…we “lucky” worker bees will get the job to serve them!

    2. Who was criticizing the Trump’s?? Dang. Ppl were curious about whether the child had Autism!- this is a reality for a lot of families out there. People of all walks of life care about the cause.

      Kids are unique.

      People were just curious whether the Trump family shared in common with millions of American families, the incidence of – Autism diagnosis.

      And while they’re at it! To throw in the fact that Donald Trump Sr. (you know, that dude you hear raving and shouting on TV all the time?) is some form or another of a jacka$$….is like saying water is blue. Or, Hell is bad. Or, climate change is upon us.

  14. I’m a retired teacher who has taught several children on the spectrum. Sadly for Barron, he has been born to a man who cares for no one but himself. He holds his adult children as trophies to his own perfection. To continue to mimic a disabled reporter is dispicable. I don’t know if Barron is on the spectrum or not; I just feel sad that he will never feel the love and caring from his father that every child deserves.

  15. Donald Trump making fun of disabled people when his son is clearly autistic, just means he is an equal opportunist. I am not criticizing, just saying . And being autistic does not mean you don’t go to school!!

  16. It appears the child affect is odd to say it mildly something is missing. Trump has used every other avenue to gain fame surprised he has held back on bringing this to light. Good job on wife #3 to protect her child

  17. I, too was watching the family closely and noticed that Barron absolutely shows signs that he is on the spectrum. And in my opinion the reason why he (Barron) and mom Melania are frequently NOT on the campaign trail is to maintain a level of privacy for their family. And you wonder why? Because people are viscous!!! Look at some of these postings! Believe me- I am a huge proponent of families with special needs kiddos because I too have a special needs daughter. And to blast this kid (spoiled, dad is embarrassed of him, mom doesn’t care etc.) is just cruel.

  18. Barron Trump clearly shows behavioral signs of autism spectrum disorder (probably Asperger’s syndrome). That he is autistic is not his “fault”, does not make him a “bad” person and does not make him fair game for vicious personal attacks and insults. Having read most comments here I don’t think anyone made any vicious or disparaging comments about Barron Trump. Indeed, most comments about the boy displayed sincere compassion.

    It is his father, Donald Trump, we object to. In particular, the fact that his father very cruelly – and for no justifiable reason (because when is it ever justified?) – personally and publicly insulted a disabled man. His hypocrisy is astonishing! His behavior despicable!

    Although some (including Donald Trump) continue to promulgate the theory that childhood vaccinations are the cause of autism, this has repeatedly been proven to be false in countless, controlled, scientific studies. There is – however – a great body of evidence indicating that children of older fathers have a much higher frequency of being autistic.

    Thus, Donald may be responsible for the fact that his youngest son has autism. Donald’s continued “need” to reproduce well into old age is just another example of his own narcissistic personality disorder. Given Donald’s vicious comments about disabled people it IS fair game to criticize Donald for being a narcissist.

    1. Linda you’re a MORON. #1 my son is autistic but that’s neither here nor there. #2…… Here’s where you’re a moron…… Even if Trump’s son is autistic it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is, do you REALLY think a Billionaire running for the highest office in the land, would publicly and intentionally make fun of a disabled person ??? You’re just another sheep who grabs onto things that suit their narrative. This video serves as 100% proof (especially to those who’ve watched him this entire primary season & know he’s very demonstrative when talking) that he in no way mocked that guy.

      1. Do my eyes deceive me? Because I very clearly watched Trump mock a disabled journalist. Sad. And, to the best of my knowledge, the cause of Autism has not yet been determined. So, let’s all join together to promote scientific based info and not hearsay, no matter your political preference.

      2. Dude, either you are blind or in self denial … Without question, trump mocked that man on a public stage.

      3. Ummmm…. Drumpf did, in fact, mock a man with a disability. The whole world has seen the video, and has heard the words, from Dumpy’s own mouth. So….sorry, but you’re wrong.

    2. Wow! Are you serious? You seriously think that Donald Trump may have caused his son’s Autism because of his “need” to reproduce at his age? Autism is not caused like you would think Possibly Down Syndrome would because of the Parent being a certain age. Why don’t you question the number of vaccines given to a small infant? There is SOMETHING NOT RIGHT with the amount. Is is absolutely disgusting to even attempt to “blame” Mr. Trump for his son’s disability. Just how pathetic are you?

      1. I believe another individual (Marie?) already addressed the issue of Donald Trump publicly humiliating a disabled reporter. I will focus instead on paternal age and autism.

        If it makes you feel better then you, too, can call me a MORON (all caps, bold face, underlined and why not add a few exclamation points just in case I missed your point?). You are certainly entitled to your own opinion. Perhaps your opinion can be better informed by conducting a search of a great body of peer-reviewed publications of controlled scientific research studies related to autism that can be found on the National Library of Medicine online database. Here is the link

        Increased incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in children of older fathers has been well documented in the scientific literature. For the sake of simplicity I did omit a caveat in my earlier post. It is not just the age of the male that predisposes fathering an autistic child; it is also the gap in age between the father and mother. The odds that a 60-year-old man will father an autistic child are greater than the odds that a 40-year-old man will father an autistic child. However, the odds that a 40-year-old man will father an autistic child are greater if the mother is 20 years old (gap = 20 years) than if the mother is 40 years old (no age gap). Donald Trump is 70 years old. His son is about 10 years old. Mother is about 45 years old. Thus, the child was conceived when the father was about 60 and the mother about 35. This is a 25 year age gap.

        Autism is not the only inherited disorder in which the incidence increases as a function of paternal age. There are a number of other disorders including achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, and schizophrenia. Many of these paternal age effect disorders are caused by mutations arising during spermatogenesis. These can be mutations in the genomic DNA (changes in the underlying nucleotide sequence), mutations in the epigenome (changes in DNA methylation patterns in the absence of changes to the underlying nucleic acid sequence) and mutations in genomic imprinting (changes in gene expression from maternal vs. paternal acquired chromosomes).

        Human Genomic DNA sequencing studies have identified a number of mutations in several candidate genes that have been linked to autism. Many of these candidate genes encode proteins involved in DNA methylation and epigenetic modulation.

        DNA methylation plays a vital and pivotal role during the earliest stages of embryogenesis including development of the nervous system. Sequencing of the Human Epigenome (genomic DNA methylation patterns) shows clear evidence of changes in the DNA methylation patterns of autistic children relative to non-autistic children.

        Genomic imprinting is a specific subtype of epigenetic modulation in which the expression pattern of a particular gene depends on if the gene resides on the chromosome inherited from the mother or the father. Errors in genomic imprinting have been implicated in autism.

        Spermatogenesis begins around puberty and continues until death. New spermatocytes are constantly being produced as the result of ongoing DNA replication and cell division. DNA replication, DNA methylation, and Genomic Imprinting in spermatocytes are all imperfect processes. The more times DNA replicates the more mutations will occur. These mutations accumulate over time. Some of the mutations result in mutant sperm that have a selective growth advantage relative to normal sperm. Here is an all caps statement for you to ponder. OLD MEN HAVE BOTH A HIGHER NUMBER OF DNA MUTATIONS IN THEIR SPERM AS WELL AS A HIGHER CONCENTRATION OF MUTANT SPERM IN THEIR SEMEN THAT CAN AND DOES GIVE RISE TO A HIGHER FREQUENCY OF PATERNAL AGE EFFECT DISORDERS IN THEIR OFFSPRING INCLUDING AUTISM.

        One could make the argument that older women also exhibit increased mutations in DNA sequence, DNA methylation patterns and genomic imprinting. However, there is no association between autism and maternal age except as described above where it is the younger not the older mother that exhibits an increased risk. Furthermore, gametogenesis in human females differs from that in human males. The bulk of oogenesis is complete at the time of birth of the mother-to-be. The final meiotic division does not occur until conception. The mother’s eggs are not subject to numerous, ongoing rounds of DNA replication and, thus, are far less likely to accumulate mutations in DNA sequence, DNA methylation and genomic imprinting. Older mothers do show an increased frequency of a different category of mutations – chromosomal abnormalities resulting from nondisjunction, which leads to offspring with too many or too few chromosomes such as Down’s syndrome (3 copies of chromosome 21) or Turner’s syndrome (only a single X chromosome).

        As stated earlier you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. To those who wish cite Jenny McCarthy or the discredited Andrew Wakefield who used fraudulent data, did not disclose financial conflicts of interest and finally lost his license to practice medicine as evidence that vaccinations cause autism, then that is your prerogative. But believing does not make it so. It is both foolish and selfish to elect not to vaccinate one’s child. One is not only putting one’s own child at risk, one is also putting at risk the health of others such as infants who are too young to be vaccinated, individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to underlying medical reasons, and the immunosuppressed including many cancer patients. In some states choosing not to vaccinate one’s child in the absence of any medical justification is now being used to ban – and rightly so – non vaccinated children from public schools. It is profoundly narcissistic to choose not to vaccinate one’s child because of a misguided yet fervently held belief that vaccinations cause autism.

        Which brings us back to Donald Trump – a card-carrying narcissist right out of the DSM – who already had four children yet elected to reproduce again with a much younger woman and in so doing greatly increased the probability of producing mutant offspring. Yes! Donald Trump can be blamed for the fact that he fathered an autistic child. In the words of the renowned population geneticist, James Crow, “the greatest mutational health hazard to the human genome is fertile older males”.

        1. Interesting, but I’ll bet it’s not the age gap between parents that’s a causal factor per se, since that’s really not biologically intuitive, but rather that men who elect to pair with much younger women as opposed to their age cohorts have traits associated with autism (poor emotional development)

          1. The age of the father? Indeed, there are many possible reasons to believe why people on the autism spectrum get their kids later or with an older partner.

            1. Late maturation gives people on the spectrum often a youthful appeal.

            2. Low muscle tone with some Asperger, plus poor facial expression makes some look younger or even much younger than they actually are.

            3. People on the autism spectrum or with the Broader Phenotype of Autism develop their socializing skills later and tend to be more absorbed in their careers. So some of them start their families later.

            4. They often have the more problematic relationships, in particular when younger: Some are unable to see and fulfill the emotional needs of their partners, others don’t see the red flags, others might be more prone to opt out of a not that bad, but unsatisfactory relationship.. So they tend to have more partners over their lifespan.

            5. Autism is considered a polygenetic condition and there are lots of syndromatic autisms. So it is likely that there are much more fertility problems and miscarriages with couples on the autism spectrum. (Plus in vitro fertilization which might raise the risk, too.) So they get their first or second kid when others have already come to terms with their family planning.

            6. People on the autism spectrum care less than neurotypic people about age difference, for them it is more acceptable to be either with a much younger or a much older partner. Partly because of less concern for unwritten social norms, but not only. Then often people on the spectrum feel attracted to one another.

            7.. Women on the autism spectrum or out of partly disfunctional families (and families with autistic members tend to be more problematic) are more likely to fall for a father figure or someone to guide them with social issues.

            8. Some women on the spectrum are quite pragmatic, too, and therefore go for the sugar daddy.

            I could come up with still more reasons, but that should do it.

          2. I have still forgotten some of the more important reasons for old fathers getting autistic children: some people on the autism have a low interest in sex, or at least not yet as adolescents and young adults. And then the problems with small talk, dating and everything. When they start to look for a romantic relationship most of their peers are already married, so they might stay single even longer or prefer having less serious relationships first.

          3. Still another important reason: Nerds get more attractive to women when they are older. And it is not just the ones that have made money.

        2. You ARE a Moron. If we wanted to go to a medical lecture we would go to one. So my child and every Autustic child is a “mutant offspring”? You are a disgusting heartless person.

          1. Yes, Linda is verbose. She is trying to share knowledge, I think. What she fails to realize is that mutations are one of evolution’s tools, enabling evolution to spread it’s fingers through the time-line of a species. Sometimes, the immediate results are that it hurts.

        3. I completely appreciate the factual data you have presented about paternal age and autism, and really appreciate that you know that vaccines don’t cause autism (so much evidence out there that they do not). There are, of course, other causes and connections to autism being studied besides father’s age, which may also be related to causes-and I’m excited to see that research evolve. I think the visceral reaction you got about the posting was the language you used in that he is to “blame”. Regardless of causes of autism, no one should be told they are to be blamed for a child’s disability. Even if every test in the world showed the cause, blame really is a loaded, shaming word… and let’s not forget that it has only been a few decades since moms were told by doctors that they were to blame for autism because they were cold mothers. Finally, for the record, he most certainly did mock that reporter, and by all appearances and reports, is a horrid person with more narcissism than anyone most of us have ever seen. If his son does have autism, I hope that he is well supported by mom and the rest of the family/supports.

      2. One of the only studies that showed a correlation for autism, is one that was done In Israel in conjunction with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NY It showed a positive correlation between fathers age and autism. The older the father at conception – the higher the incidence of having a child with autism

    3. Responsible for his child being autistic? I am a mother that had her last child at 36 and the child has Aspergers. The tears I have shed and the thought I may have contributed to her having this terrible syndrome has haunted me. I did everything possible to be healthy during my pregnancy. She is physically beautiful but struggles. Why would Trump take away his young sons privacy for a campaign cause? This is not the time. If he is elected I am sure she will address it. This is this woman’s only child. Shame on you. Your broken when this happens to someone you love so intensely.

  19. I just read that Barron was at the convention but what brought me to this site and wondering if there was something wrong with him was because first off he isn’t in the photo of the entire family and second someone mentioned that he was 10 and having fun playing with balloons. Now putting 2 and 2 together, obviously there is something wrong with him because a normal 10 year old isn’t really into “playing with balloons” and even if they were I couldn’t see any of Trumps kids playing with balloons at 10. There is nothing wrong with it and I hope they bring him out more because he is a good looking boy. I think it could show how even his son could end up with autism from the vaccines. I think if he did then that would give people more of a reason to vote for him because maybe he will try and protect other children from it. For me I have no doubt the DTP shot caused my nephews autism back in 1994. People want to say it didn’t but he developed seizures just after having his shots at 2 months old and he was an absolutely normal child at birth. It eventually led to his death from a grand mal seizure in 2013 at age 19 while he was sleeping. Everyone says it didn’t cause it but after he developed the seizures ironically the doctors stopped giving him the Pertussis part of the shot. They also changed something in it because babies born from 1995 on now must have a booster whereas they didn’t if they were born in 1994. Again putting 2 and 2 together they obviously changed something in 1995 that renders the shot no longer active 13 years later. That’s why all 7th graders now need booster shots. There is a huge cover up and I think maybe the reason he hasn’t said anything is that if he does maybe those that know of the dangers of the vaccines will do everything to prevent him from ever becoming president in fear of him blowing the top off the governments conspiracy. They are purposely poisoning our children with these vaccines and it also could be he was targeted due to the fact his father is Donald Trump. I will be keeping an eye on him if he wins to see what he does in the future in regards to poisonous vaccines.

  20. I am the mother of an 11 yr old boy with autism. For those of us whose lives revolve around the spectrum it’s easy to spot. My husband and I also noticed after viewing 20/20 that it was apparent Barron has autism. He has so many similarities to my son’s appearance and quirks! I believe if he were neurotypical his father would have handed him the microphone by now. What 10 yr old kid wouldn’t want to talk? Anyway, I feel that admitting to the public that his son has autism would incredibly strengthen his campaign and possibly put him over the top. Our families need that support!!!

    1. This little 9 yr old kid is probably just shy. I read that his having autism is a rumor started by a Trump enemy.

      1. I googled the information because Barron looks like he’s … “not all there”. I thought maybe he has Asperger’s. Having a child w/ autism or Asperger’s is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, Barron could be a “genius” if he has either syndrome. As another poster mentioned, if the Trump’s were to bring it up, the issue could even strengthen their campaign. Melania could be an advocate for the fight against the malaise.

        1. Living with aspergers and having an aspie son, I can tell you from a parents point of view that Trump will never use his son to get votes for himself. It will be inexcuseable and can you imagine what the opposition would say? As a parant its a big no-no.

  21. I watched the RNC convention and noticed that Barron Trump did not smile at all. He appeared very uncomfortable, presumably because of the crowd and the ruckus. I’ve worked with individuals with autism and Aspergers. This is fine-looking young man who appears autistic. His father should stop riding the Blame the Vaccinations Train and instead use his money to help fund valid research and treatments. My heart goes out to him, his wife, and all families dealing with all their challenges. Like his siblings, Barron will do just fine. He will need a lot of extra support.

    1. This is a 9 yr old little boy, not yet a young man. He appears to be a normal kid in every sense. Perhaps he is just a shy kid. I have read other articles that this kid having autism is just a rumor stated by a vicious enemy of Trump’s.

      1. When I saw him at the RNC I thought that he looked like a budding sociopath. Most pictures that I’ve seen, show the parents with hands on him as if in special comfort or assistance in subduing tremors,inadvertent movement or the like. Given all of the facts out there,most of which have been discussed here,autism seems to be highly likely.No harm in that.It’s Chumps’ hypocrisy that is harmful to your country.

      2. My husband have in 5 seconds noted. Barron and told me, that boy ( not knowing its Trumps son) have that “thing”. He said to me, what do you call it ? Aspergers? And I said yes. My son has it and he spotted him immediately.

  22. Trump is the vainest of men. It is common knowledge older fathers do have more autistic children than toun fathers. Interestingly, the young Trump was not dressed to the “nines” in a red, silk, tie & Armani suit. He was dressed quite comfortably in loose fitting clothes – just as any parent would dress their autistic child who generally prefers loose, light fitting, garmets.

  23. I am appalled by some of the comments regarding Mr.Trump and his young son. It does not matter if his son does or does not have autism; I am certain his parents and family love him no matter what! They are not trying to “hide” him but give him the necessary protection from media and other negative attention directed at his father. Such idle speculation is uncalled for. Me. Trump is a compassionate man despite some comments considered insensitive that have been directed at people attacking him.

    1. I have a great deal of contempt for Donald Trump for all the mean, offensive comments he’s made against women and minorities and also because of his conduct. But I agree with you that no one should question his love for his children, including Barron. Although I have not read any comments here that do that, even those that attack Donald Trump. It is mostly people wondering about Barron, his demeanor, which to many seems a little off, and the possibility he may be autistic and what his parents may or may not be doing about it. I myself ended up here after watching another video showing Barron Trump that made me wonder again if he might be suffering from something like Asperger’s which is just another form of autism. First time I saw the boy on tv I too thought that there was something off…the way he avoids looking straight at people and seems to go off on his own, very different to the behavior of the other kids that I saw on the stage with him. I just wonder about it and I don’t think it is mean or inconsiderate or even inappropriate to do so, especially if you know or have children with the condition, as many of us do.

  24. Autism is an artifact of evolution. Heightened senses can make the world overwhelming to various degrees. Many variables go into a person being autistic, the father’s age being only one possible contributor.
    Mother Nature is experimenting with ever stronger sensing abilities in humans. We are experiencing a type of biological evolutionary jet lag. Eventually, humans will be able to more comfortably accommodate ‘uber’ senses.
    Autistic children who are not severely affected often grow into capable, accomplished adults. They have to do it their own way, but they can be quite a resource for our society.
    Barron does present as somewhat autistic, but it would not necessarily hold him back as an adult. He may have much greater things to contribute to society than his father. A photo of Barron hugging a dolphin, and the blissful look on his face, tells me that he has a much larger capacity for compassion than his father.
    Barron may end up balancing out the discord that his father has created. Donald Trump’s foilables are front and center for everyone to see and feel the sting. As such, he is a bore.
    Barron, however, may well grow into an adult who is much more interesting, and likable, to follow.

  25. I have 2 children with Autism…I have worked with children with varying levels of Autism for 25 years. This darling child definitely presents as having Autism. He has a flat affect in every photo often staring off in a different direction than the parents looking into the camera or to the interviewer.

    The only expression he showed on stage tonight (election evening ) was wincing, twisting of his mouth / lips, pulling the skin under his chin, opening his eyes wide, and various other tics. The entire time, he staring towards the crowd with no change of facial expression whether the crowd was vocal or applauding and showing their approval…he could not read anyone’s cues.
    I am not a fan of Trump due to his behavior towards women, minorities as well as his mocking of a differently abled person. I am dumbfounded this country considered the caustic behavior and language of this gruff, entitled, hungry business man who made millions abroad while America struggled to find jobs, president worthy. Not to mention he has never paid taxes. But my biggest peeve against him is how dare he feel it is ok to mock someone who struggles on a daily basis, when clearly he has a child that does not function typically. I wonder if he even admits this child’s struggles to himself! Melanie looked almost worried every time she glanced his way (as if worried he would do something wrong) she often had that if looks could kill look on her face. Finally I got to see her smile at him at one point onstage towards the end of The Donald’s speech and again the child failed to read his Mother’s cues or even smile back. Sad.

  26. I stumbled onto this blog via google. Because, after seeing Baron Trump for the second time, this time while his father’s presidential victory speech, I was relatively sure he is on the spectrum of autism.
    My grandson is autistic , non verbal. He attends one of the few all autism schools in the world. Because of that I see many autistic children ages 5-18.

    I noticed that he was being “piloted” by an adult, his mom and his father, which is common with autistic children in unfamiliar places. Further he was displaying little hand movements indicating something sensory, my grandson often does that. Baron lacks much outward signs of emotion. Again common. And he seemed on both occasions not connected socially to what was occurring around him.

    My gut is that he is autistic. If he is, I hope that Melania will make it an cause for advocacy during her time in the White House, and I am thinking when she spoke of bullying of children…..she may have been speaking from personal experience with her son.

    To the one reader who mentioned he probably has Asperger, and it is no shame, I think you may be correct, but having autism anywhere on the spectrum should not cause shame. And often it is much more painful for asperger children, because they are ostracized by their piers, but are intelligent and recognize what is happening.
    My little guy is beautiful, sweet, happy. He is loved, and has taught us many lessons of life. He will never live alone, go to college, marry, or become a father. But he will he will always be surrounded by those who love him deeply. We are fortunate, we can afford the expensive school, treatments, and help which includes a private nurse who accompany’s him to school, because he has seizures. My husband and I created a 501C3 when our grandson was diagnosed. We provide resources for disabled children in the U.S. Mexico and central america. My work honors the life of my grandson, i hope if Barron is autistic the Trumps can find a way to help the autism community, and public awareness.

  27. I wondered about Barron when he was on stage with his family.
    I could see he was obviously very tired but he did mimic some of the facial expressions I’ve seen as having maybe autism spectrum disorder or Tourette syndrome.
    Just my opinion .

  28. I suspect that Trump may be so deeply hurt about his son and suspects a vaccine injury that that’s his crusade, part of why he’s running.
    To clean up the corruption not only in government but big pharma.

  29. Is Barron Trump autistic – yes he is. Autism has no one type, it has a whole spectrum of behaviors. Some children are totally non verbal while others can be very social. Asperger’s Syndrome is high functioning autism. It is said that many “geniuses”, engineers, and inventors have Asperger’s. I work with special needs children and have seen kids displaying many different characteristics all over the spectrum. That being said, I also have a close friend that has taught Barron and she told me that he is autistic and his parents are very involved in his education.

  30. We never get to see Barron Trump but, after seeing him with his father when Donald Trump won the election, I, as a mother of a 37 year-old autistic son and having worked for years with autistic children, I recognize the “signs”. That child is definitely autistic!! So maybe, the arrogant, self-righteous Donald Trump will admit to a family “flaw” (as he might feel about it) and deal with it publicly so that those of us who live with the disorder can finally bring some attention to the disorder.

    1. This thread is proof of why Donald wants to keep his kid out of the media. The media loves to trash him and everyone else in his family. As a father, its not about hiding something, just protecting a kid from a barrage of vicious tweets and a media circus it would produce. Can you imagine the negative effect for a child that age seeing the hatred in the media about your father? Imagine if the kid becomes a media target? Honestly, how could anyone think otherwise.

  31. A few things you should know from a professional who was worked 6 years for a company providing services to children and families impacted by autism.

    1. Autism is not a disease. It’s a developmental disorder that affects “normal” development of the brain.
    2. Never compare one child to another child. Every child, autisic or not, develops at different rates. We use “milestones” to measure the development of expected skill sets by a certain age. We’ve services so many children during early childhood development that meet their skill set with early intervention and never receive a diagnosis!! This is not to say that there aren’t similar “characteristics” that people with autism possess but diagnosing a person without proper assessment and analysis by a trained professional is beyond the scope of your nature.
    3. The cause of autism is unknown, you could very well say that environmental toxins, vaccines, late in age parenthood, gluten, etc. could possibly be contributors to the growing cases of autism in our communities. Don’t rule anything out, however, ongoing research as well as through my own professional experiences and data collection, there does seem to be a correlation relating to genetic factors.
    4. Autism does not look the same for every person. There is a wide spectrum based on areas of delay (i.e. cognitive skills, adaptive skills, communication skills, physical skills, emotional levels, social skills, etc.) This is why so many individuals have observed people with autism become experts with certain topics and skills! I’ve treated 2 year olds with hyperlexia who can read at a 3 grade level but did not know how to engage and interact with peers.
    5. Autism affects 1 in 68 children, 1 in 42 boys. Boys are nearly 5 times more likely than girls to have autism.
    6. Autism cannot be medically detected or cured, there is treatment based on a child’s needs. There’s plenty of experimental treatment, although in my opinion, Applied Behavior Analysis has proved to be very effective.
    7. If you don’t believe autism exist, research it and educate yourself, with the number of cases diagnosed annually it is more than likely that you’ll interact knowingly or unknowingly with someone with autism. Read about it, witness it, you won’t be able to continue to deny it when someone you love is affected by it.
    To end the conversation, I’d like to offer a great resource for those interested in learning more:

    Please be compassionate, no matter your political affiliation, autism is real and it may or may not be a disorder the Barron Trump has but similar to all other families with loved ones impacted by autism, they deserve privacy and compassion as it is no easy feat for any family and our communities.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

    1. What you have written is very respectful and kind (and as a parent of a child with autism, I thank you). However, as a person working in the autism field, you must have to know that autism being caused by vaccines has been disproven, debunked, repeatedly. Vaccines are not and never were causal of autism. Please do not continue to share that myth. Additionally, while Autism Speaks may be the biggest and most well known site out there, the autism science foundation is, by far, the leader in autism research. Thanks for being kind and for working with families with loved ones on the spectrum!

    2. Genetics, yes…
      A 2011 studyTrusted Source in Molecular Psychiatry of over 5.7 million children in five countries found a link between older fathers and autism.

      The researchers showed that the chance of having a child with autism was 28 percent higher among fathers who were in their 40s, and 66 percent higher for men in their 50s, compared to fathers younger than 30.

      Scientists have suggested that aging sperm, which has a higher number of mutations that are also passed on to the child, may be a key player in the link between older fathers and increased risk of autism.

  32. Politics aside, I also wondered if Barron had a medical condition. I understand it was late and I’m sure he was tired. He just seemed to have a blank look on his face as if he didn’t understand what was going on. If you look at the acceptance speech video, when the camera cuts away and is zoomed out it looked like his hands were shaking, looked like a tremor. Not sure but it does seem like he has a medical condition

  33. (Attacking a 10 year old boy for not being energetic at 3AM after a stressful night)

    You people need to be hanged by a rope.

    1. You try hang to us!!! Come on👿that’s why you want to make America Great Again!!! It want happen… raciest b……..

      1. Also, what makes me a “raciest”? Is it because I’m a Trump supporter? Is it because I won’t be fed the same liberalism Marxism bull-crap that people have been shoveling down your throats since they came to power?

    2. I didn’t get that anyone was ‘attacking’ him just trying to understand if he is autistic. I briefly watched after the election (couldn’t bear to look at more than a few seconds) and Baron did seem to be very ‘blank’.. that is NOT a criticism, more a statement of fact. It may have be 3 a.m. but I don’t think that covers that there is is obviously something wrong. Given that DT has been so outspoken on his feelings about anyone ‘different’ it would seem to be a kind of ‘karma’ if indeed he has created something less than perfect.

  34. All of this is pointless. Whether or not there are any ailments is not the business of the country. What we can find out is his position on research and aid for illness and will he or Congress raise the question to the Surgeon General.

  35. Adrie, extremely well spoken. I too wondered at first if Barron was autistic, as he seemed very somber and detached during his appearances. But of course, this is a complex and varied behavioral disorder which should never be assumed without extensive medical evaluation. My daughter also works with autistic children. You can’t tell by a few appearances on TV, some at 3 AM., whether or not he is simply bored to tears with all the posturing. This young man deserves his privacy and should be off-limits to the press and public opinion.

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