Nutritional Therapies For Autism

Certain digestive disorders and food sensitivities or allergies have been connected to autism.  There is no known causation between autism and the digestive issues as many children who are not on the spectrum experience the same problems.  What is different is that, changes in diet that affect digestion and food allergies or sensitivities in children… Continue reading Nutritional Therapies For Autism

Stem Cell Therapy For Autism

Stem Cell Therapy: A Great Promise For The Future of Molecular Medicine For Autism Ongoing research into every avenue to treat autism or possibly cure it has brought some researchers to the threshold of stem cell therapy.  Stem cell medicine is still in its infancy, and still is highly controversial.  Moving beyond the fetal stem… Continue reading Stem Cell Therapy For Autism

Autism Movement Therapy

Autism Movement Therapy and Why It Works Autism movement therapy is one way to support your autistic child. It helps to decrease the symptoms of autism and can aid in behavior issues that are associated with autism. There are many reasons why dance and movement therapy is so successful in helping autistic patients. To first… Continue reading Autism Movement Therapy

Autism and Dance Therapy

When a child is born with autism, there is a lot to consider. One aspect parent’s consider to be very important is how to connect with their child with autism. Dance therapy has shown some promising results when it comes to autism. However, this is usually helpful only when a very experienced professional dance therapist… Continue reading Autism and Dance Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy? How does it help autistic children? Craniosacral therapy for children involves meticulous skeletal and muscular massage which aims to release emotional, communicative and physical blockages which treating professionals believe contribute to symptomatic behavior associated with spectrum disorders. Specifically, this treatment aims to regulate spinal fluid throughout the appropriate chambers of the body.… Continue reading Craniosacral Therapy

FAQ on Hippotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions about Hippotherapy for Individuals with Autism 1. What is hippotherapy? Hippotherapy is a type of treatment which incorporates the use of horses into the therapeutic environment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Hippotherapy focuses on sensory, speech and social deficits common in children on the spectrum. These are the major deficits associated… Continue reading FAQ on Hippotherapy

Dolphin Therapy for Individuals with Autism

There are many different needs and challenges associated with autism spectrum disorders. These disorders are still largely a mystery to scientists, doctors and other professionals. There are several recommended therapies, but few are backed by hard evidence. Due to the lack of knowledge and limitations with recommended treatments, many people with autism opt for alternative… Continue reading Dolphin Therapy for Individuals with Autism

Benefits of Massage Therapy For Autism

Autism spectrum disorders are often noted for symptoms associated with sensory disorders. Many individuals on the spectrum experience sensory processing disorders. For some, being touched may bring intolerable discomfort. For others, sensory information is blocked or obscured so that the individual seeks stimulation more than those who develop typically. Massage therapy can be of extreme… Continue reading Benefits of Massage Therapy For Autism

Commitments and Costs Associated with Pivotal Response Therapy

Pivotal response therapy (PRT) branched off from applied behavioral analysis therapy. PRT focuses on developmental achievements for individuals with autism. It is based on a natural reinforcement system, which encourages communication and processing. PRT is play centered and child directed. Parent involvement is a key component of PRT, as it is ideal for the parents… Continue reading Commitments and Costs Associated with Pivotal Response Therapy