Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Children with spectrum disorders often have social impairments, which impede communication. One therapeutic intervention that is especially beneficial is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Social impairments often impede the child from getting his emotional needs met. Communication and connectivity play a major role. Human interaction is largely… Continue reading Animal Assisted Therapy

Aversive Therapy for Autism

Aversive therapy is the most controversial treatment available for individuals with autism. This therapy involves the use of electric shock as a response to mal-adaptive behaviors. When the individual with autism is plagued with behaviors which hinder their safety and the safety of others, aversive therapy is sometimes recommended as a last resort treatment. The… Continue reading Aversive Therapy for Autism

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Individuals with Autism

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is among the leading recommended interventions for individuals with autism. CBT focuses on the internal structures of the individual, encouraging him to become aware of the link between his emotions and actions. Individuals with autism are often affected by social impairments which limit their capacity to… Continue reading Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Individuals with Autism

Intervention Timeline and Cost

Duration of intervention and associated treatment costs for individuals with autism There is no way to tell how long a child with autism will require intervention without a thorough assessment. There are many treatments available for individuals with autism, many of which are covered by insurance or government assistance. There are also private care options… Continue reading Intervention Timeline and Cost

Autism Spectrum Therapies

Various Therapies and Interventions for Individuals on the Spectrum Autism is a neurological disorder which impairs social skill development, language development and external awareness or interest. These factors are considered the diagnostic criteria for autism, and can apply to anyone on the spectrum. The spectrum disorders contain several types of affective autism disorders. These are… Continue reading Autism Spectrum Therapies

Speech and Language Acquisition for the Autistic Learner

Speech and language are acquired through social interaction and mimicking social patters with nonverbal language in typically developing children. The learner with autism faces deficits in language acquisition largely due to social impairment, including joint attention. Children with autism prefer internal stimuli, as the prefix “aut” indicates, meaning “self”. They are not pressed to interact… Continue reading Speech and Language Acquisition for the Autistic Learner

Adaptations in Autism: Social Skill Development and Stimming

Children with autism often experience social impairments. These include deficits to social awareness, cues and communication. Social skills typically develop through processes of reciprocity and social reinforcement. Children on the spectrum do not develop typically in these ways. They are internally stimulated and often unaware of or uninterested in the awareness of others. Pro-social behavior… Continue reading Adaptations in Autism: Social Skill Development and Stimming

Intervention Strategies For Autism

An Overview of Intervention Strategies for Individuals with Autism The most effective treatment for autism to date is education and intervention. There are several intervention styles available for those on the spectrum. The styles of therapy are diversified to address the different needs that are presented in many autism cases. Therapies are different for each… Continue reading Intervention Strategies For Autism

Autism Therapists

The Autism Therapist’s Career Process and Compensation Packages There are many avenues to working in the field of autism therapy. More children are diagnosed with autism every year. The education industry is changing as a result of this growing trend. The most effective treatments available for autism to date are education and therapeutic intervention. Therefore,… Continue reading Autism Therapists

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Autism

Different theories for the causes of autism have been tested, as well as some potential therapies to either improve or cure the disorder. One theory in particular poses that children with autism have had an experience early on their young lives with encephalitis or some other severe brain injury that went undetected and looked like… Continue reading Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Autism