Can Autistic People Go To College?

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The answer is, yes, absolutely. Higher functioning individuals are completely capable of understanding college level material in areas that involve cold hard facts. They do very well in mathematics, science, engineering, history, and any field that crosses over between two of these. Some high functioning young adults are even very adept at painting exactly what they see, or writing non-fiction. They generally have to follow their gifted areas and where it leads them.

Some of the most famous people in the world who succeeded in music, art, foreign languages and theatre were assumed to be autistic, but because autism wasn’t a commonly accepted or diagnosed disorder when they were alive, they were just considered “eccentric”. Because many adults with high functioning autism have already established careers and families before discovering that they were on the spectrum, it adds to the credibility that many can lead very normal lives, including college.

It’s also important to note that many who are now just discovering that they are on the autism spectrum but have graduated from college graduated with degrees in the above specified areas. This suggests that, without prior knowledge that they have a disability, they still choose career paths that are logical to the ways their brains work. They continue to be routine and methodical in their learning and have areas that frustrate them and constrain them, yet they still graduate and become most effective in their chosen careers.

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