Can Autism Be Treated With Medication?

No, it can’t. What is treatable for children and adults with autism are some of the symptoms that are the most difficult. Obsessive behaviors are treated with medications for anxiety or obsessive compulsive behavior. Attention and focus issues are treated with ADHD medications. Depression or mood swings are treated with mood stabilizing medications.

In all instances, children are rarely treated with these medications unless the problem s are so severe it interferes with daily functioning. Even then, rigorous tests are run to be sure there are no other physical or cognitive underlying problems provoking the child to behave the way he or she is. Medications deeply impact a child’s development and personality, as well as how they function later in life once fully grown. Pediatricians, good ones, are very careful about prescribing these major medications.

Adults with autism, however, may take any number of the above medications to help treat their symptoms. Since they can also choose not to take them or spit them out, it’s a catch-22 as far as treatment is concerned. Medications that prove to be ineffective are carefully traded for others, so that no two medications that are counterproductive or counter indicative of their own effects will affect the individual at the same time.

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