Can a person with autism become an art teacher or coach?

Absolutely. Why not? At least those on the high functioning end of the spectrum can. They will probably continue to receive support all through college in order to pass their classes, but generally they understand art and logistics, strategy and facts. Some are exceptionally good in art, and others are really good at puzzles and figuring out who should go where in a sports match.

Since most children who are diagnosed with autism right now and within the last decade receive tons of support, they do much better socially than they ever would have before. That’s key when teaching or coaching others because it requires the adult with autism to understand what’s going on in the classroom or locker room. In college, their records will indicate that they may or may not need extra tutoring because of their autism diagnosis, and most college professors try to help their students succeed, special needs or not.

Being a coach just means that he or she would have to learn a play book, signals and rules. People on the spectrum are quick learners, and after a few games, they will know how best to strategize to get the team going. Art teachers teach a lot of geometry in expressive form; people with autism are often very good in math and art can come naturally to them too.

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