Are people with autism modern day X-Men?

What? Oh, I guess this refers to the fact that X-men are “natural mutations” on the average person. People living out on the fringe have suggested this because of the number of children now diagnosed with autism. They are suggesting that these children are the next step in the “evolutionary” process, one which makes us all extremely bright and gifted in some ways, but lacking in others.

I suppose if you want to believe something as silly as all that, you could. Autism isn’t more common because of a mutation; it’s just being diagnosed more often because it’s accepted widely that it isn’t as rare as people thought. Medical science has caught up to the present day. They have more tools at hand to diagnose disorders sooner and get kids the treatment they need. The push for prevention and the “no child left behind” movement are the biggest reasons we currently see a spike in the diagnosis of autism.

Of course, if researchers working on a cure for autism discover that it is a mutation, all those who don’t believe this “theory” will be wearing mud on their faces for awhile.

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