Using Reinforcers for Kids With Autism

The rates of autism are continuing to rise and the number of therapy options is also rising. This is due to the many different types of research that is in the progress or that has been completed. Reinforcers for kids with autism help to reduce many of the symptoms and behaviors of autism. Vibrating and auditory reinforcers, as well as visual stimulation, can all work hand in hand in giving an autistic child the information that they need to make connections that many other children are able to make with a simple “Good going.”

While typical children respond to social feedback such as “Great job” or “Way to go” to reinforce behavior, autistic children are not as likely to respond to social feedback in the same way. Autism stimulation toys work in much the same way for autistic children as social feedback does for typical children in helping to reinforce behavior and connections, such as being able to focus in academic settings.

One of the reinforcers for kids with autism is toys. Vibrating toys for kids serve as a reinforcer for many children. Cause and effect can create brain pathways in autistic children between the left and right side of the brain. That is why a vibrating toy that they have to maneuver or work to get to vibrate can be a great reinforcer. They learn that in order to get it to vibrate they have to do a certain action.

Doing this over and over may seem like it is doing no good to most adults that are looking on, but it is, in fact, working the same way as social feedback does to other children who learn in more normal ways. This, in conjunction with visual stimulation, can help autistic children to find the boundaries that they need to succeed.

Autistic children, adolescents, and adults need to learn how to deal with different stimuli without becoming overstimulated. That is why many therapists and professionals used visual stimulation for autism. They gradually introduce visual stimulation, such as repetitive scenery, to reinforce different behaviors that they are working on.

Visual stimulation for autism can be found in many different forms. Twinkling lights, blowing bubbles, a snowglobe, laser pointer, looking in a mirror, or a lava lamp are just a few of the things that can be considered visual stimulation. Using these at the end of a learning session can reinforce learning and focus.

There are many different toys that are marketed to autistic children and their families. It is important to note, however, that unsupervised or unrecommended stimulation or reinforcement can be more harmful than good. That is why you want to be sure that you consult a therapist or professional before you begin using something to reinforce behavior or use visual stimulation. If it is not used in the correct way, it may reinforce behaviors in a negative way.

An autistic child needs the guidance that reinforcers can give them to learn the proper behavior and more efficient learning. However, if the same reinforcer is used a lot, then the effect will, of course, wear off. That is why you want to be sure to use it in the healthy and proper way, and when you begin to see that it is not working as well, find another reinforcer to use.

Autistic children need reinforcement to aid them in learning the behaviors that you want to encourage. That is why many people turn to toys, such as vibrating toys, or visual stimulation to aid them in learning and in exhibiting positive behaviors. Check with your therapist or other medical professional to see what they recommend.

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