Is Violet Affleck autistic

Being a child of celebrities, Violet has been in the public’s eye a lot. There is a lot of suspect that Violet may be autistic, but neither parent has indicated that she has been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Attention has been drawn to her behavior and the fact that she wears glasses.

Is Adam Young autistic?


  1. What an inane and cruel question to ask the general public. As a mental health professional, I would not dare to answer this question using an internet picture & article. What is this all about??? Leave this family ALONE!

    1. Hey Barbara,
      I understand you feel awful for seeing such questions but we get a lot queries from readers asking such questions and we just try to give them an answer. We do not intend to disrespect anyone.

      1. You are not addressing Barbara’s question at all. She doesn’t feel upset by the potential for someone to be on the autism spectrum, she feels upset by your public speculation regarding whether are, or not. Would you do this about anyone yu know personally? And the fact that your readers ask (high-minded group you attract, asking for gossip) you state you feel you should try to give them an answer? Why? It’s gossip…are you doing good by doing so? You don’t draw the line anywhere? This is appalling behavior on your part and just the sort of thing people try to fight against…gross.

  2. Furthermore, if you indulge and respond to gossipy inquiries regarding whether someone may or may not be on the autism spectrum, then you are most definitely disrespecting them, as you claim you are not doing. If someone you know and love is on the autism spectrum this kind of PUBLIC gossip is one of the worst things you can imagine…it is deeply invasive and again, disrespectful.

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