Is Richard Ayoade autistic

There are funny people in the world and Richard Ayoade is deemed one of the funniest by many people. He is a British comedian, much in the vein of the Python regulars, whose comedy has reached millions. Some have asked “Is Richard Ayoade autistic?” and the answer comes with a resounding “No!” People will often question someone who is both brilliant and eccentric, but in this particular case Ayoade has said that he is nowhere near the autism spectrum. His comedy is brilliant because he is a keen observer of the human condition and not because he has issues with a debilitating syndrome.

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  1. Autistics aren’t just a bundle of struggles or the victims of a “debilitating syndrome”. Many do thrive and some of our many positive traits is both how “observant of the human condition” we all are, and how witty some of us are. That of course doesn’t mean anyone is autistic just bcs they are witty and observant, such claim would be baseless. I’m not one to say Ayoade is autistic but he could be unaware as many others who were diagnosed around his age or much later in life. Your response doesn’t have any support from logic. Just as we can’t say he definitely is autistic, neither can we assume or claim that he is not, specially not from arbitrary reasons.

  2. This whole ‘informative’ article is completely daft and misses the mark of what it is to be Autistic. There are so many different humans living in this world with Autism. Not all are DEBILITATED. As someone on the spectrum, you would hardly know it. I am laid back and funny when I can pull it off and Richard really does remind me of me. Thus me finding this article. It’s alright if he doesn’t ‘have it’.. but it’s not always so clear.

  3. As someone with autism, you have a very ignorant idea of what it is. Richard mentions his inability for eye contact and how he has been social distancing for 20 years. Many of his behaviours he’s bringing up are similar to mine. He also said he wasn’t acting on the IT Crowd. Moss and Roy are both revealed to be autistic characters in one of the last episodes. Roy is struggling because another girlfriend has broken up with him because of his “Asperger’s”. Then Moss and Roy think back to all of their weird encounters.

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