Is Eckhart Tolle autistic?

Eckhart Tolle discovered later on in life that he is an Aspie–a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. Tolle had struggled with which “voice” to listen to over the years and never realized that it was a form of autism. Since that time, he has dedicated helping others with their autism or a family member’s autism.

Is Earl Sweatshirt autistic?


  1. So his message has nothing to do with living in the NOW rather; his books are guidance for people with asbergers or an autism spectrum disorder? That’s too bad. I’ll never buy another one of his books, now that I know “the voice” was just asbergers syndrome.

    1. Why do you, so blatantly, insist upon publically displaying and flaunting your ignorance and lack of depth perception???

    2. Dear Cassandra,
      It almost sounds as if you feel betrayed or at least disappointed.
      I am sorry you feel that way. His (free!!!) teachings have helped me enourmously to overcome my inhibitions, shame, fear and guilt.

      And I do feel inner peace which makes me kinder and calmer. Who could suffer from that?
      What where your expectations? Keep.looking and you will find.
      The paradise is already within you.
      You are worthy to be loved by you. Grant yourself a good feeling every now and then. Just try a few times. Guided meditation with headphones on, lying in bed with your eyes closed. You are so worth it to feel good. Every single prrson was born pure and innocent.

      That is still underneath/beneath all the stories that happened in the past.

      Wish you all the best

    3. Wow! I’m sorry you feel that way Cassandra. When I read that Tolle has autism, I thought, oh, that’s why he’s so much in the NOW – he’ll be honest and great to follow…just to let you know there’s another way of looking at life. He’s first and foremost a fellow human being and the voice he listens to is his very own…just as yours is yours and mine is mine. We are all individuals; all fellow humans. All the best to you.

    4. Personally I have greatly benefited from Eckhart’s teachings so his having Asperger’s has no bearing on my feelings about his work.

  2. “Eckhart Tolle discovered later on in life that he is an Aspie–a person with Asperger’s Syndrome.”
    When and where did he say this?

    1. I’d want to know this too, Eckhart haven’t asperger.. But I think that his teachings can help a lot to healing the asperger syndrome.

      1. You can’t ‘heal’ Aspergers Syndrome, man. For what it’s worth, he seems like he has it to me and I have it. All the best

      2. No he’s not autistic. You can tell it that someone has the Asberger because his eyes are too close together. Elkhart Toll has the wider face showing he is the normal one

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