Is Mozart autistic

Did Mozart have Autism?

Mozart is one of the most beloved, prolific and masterful musicians and composers of all time. The facts surrounding his life—first symphony composed at five years, wild and bawdy lifestyle as an adult, favorite and menace to the king—are all well documented. But, there is little speculation that he had autism. Truly, if he could be diagnosed with the disorder, it was a mild form because he was very high functioning. Of course, the fact that he was a musical savant does seem to lead some to this conclusion. The fact is, we will never know. The diagnosis came too late.

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  1. This article is so wrong. Mozart wasn’t a savant (savants are intellectually disabled and Mozart wasn’t). And about his “wild and bawdy” lifestyle has no historical basis and was based on gossip. And please don’t use functioning labels.

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