Is Mark Zuckerberg autistic?

Does Mark Zuckerberg have autism?

Mark Zuckerberg is a computer programmer who founded the popular website Facebook.  Many individuals who have worked with him report that he has several characteristics of Asperger’s Syndrome, including social awkwardness, repetitive behaviors, and lack of empathy.  Zuckerberg’s girlfriend, Priscilla Chen, even negotiated a deal with him where he was required to spend 100 minutes of alone time with her per week before she would consider moving to California to be near him.  It is also theorized that Zuckerberg’s lack of empathy led him to be dangerously cavalier with the privacy settings on Facebook, allowing advertisers to access user’s private information.  It is likely that he has an autism spectrum disorder.

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    1. Seriously, this stereotype makes no sense. Autistic people like myself spend our whole lives studying people so as to figure out how to BE without being ostracized or harmed. This winds up giving us an elevated experience of empathy and understanding. Since this reality is more often described by autistic women than men, maybe we should conclude (aided by violence statistics) that MEN lack empathy?

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