Is Joe Cocker autistic

Does Joe Cocker have autism?

Joe Cocker is a British singer who is best known for his raspy voice and strange movements when he performs.  He has recorded many popular songs, including “Feelin’ All Right” and “Up Where We Belong.”  In 1975, during an appearance on the American television show Saturday Night Live, actor John Belushi appeared on stage alongside Cocker, doing a spot-on impersonation of the singer’s voice and movements.  While there has been much speculation that Joe Cocker may suffer from a neurological disorder that causes these jerky movements, there is no evidence that he is on the autism spectrum.

Does joe bonamassa have Autism or Aspergers?


  1. Joe Cocker was a unique singer, entertainer and human being. He has always been one of my favorite singers, the way he poured all his heart and soul into his music and touches my heart and soul in a way few do. I have a 15 year old daughter who was diagnosed years ago with high functioning Asperger, which is a form of autism. I see numerous signs of Asperger Syndrome in him that my daughter has. People diagnosed with this form (and other forms) of Asperger are extremely talented and extremely methodical with their talent, such as the finger tapping and body twitching that you see when Joe Cocker performs, and they are cues, for himself and for his band members.

  2. Having seen tonight’s documentary on Joe Cocker I’m pretty convinced he was Aspergers/ Asd spectrum.

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