Is J Mascis autistic

Does j mascis have aspergers?

J Mascis is a musician best known for his band Dinosaur Jr., though he is also associated with several other bands, including Deep Wound, Gobblehoof, Velvet Monkeys, the Fog, Witch, and Sweet Apple.  He is also a skier, golfer, songwriter, skateboarder, and record producer.  He also has a solo album called Several Shades of Why. He lives with his wife, Luisa, and his son, Rory, who was born in 2007.  Though he is clearly a multi-talented and prolific musician, there is no evidence that he is on the autism spectrum.

Is J.K. Rowling autistic?


    1. ok, asking myself same question. been watching dinosaur jr since ’87 and just returned from camp fuzz. observation, mascis not big on speaking or eye contact. eventually, he looked at me ever so briefly before escaping, and it reminded me of my dad, who has asperger’s. everyone on dad’s side asd including my son and sister. never occured to me until last week. it was very awkward. almost asked his wife, who is very lovely, but didn’t want to piss them off. the rest of them blessed with social graces, though.

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