Is Gordon Ramsay autistic?

Much of what we know about Ramsay is based on the role he plays in Hell’s Kitchen. Since the show is all about getting good ratings, who knows what Ramsay really is like off the cameras. Much of his behavior and the language that goes flying from his mouth is done on purpose to get a reaction. Autistic individuals aren’t looking for reactions.

Is George from Arthur autistic?


    1. Sarah, what exactly makes you believe Gordon Ramsey is autistic?
      I would be intrigued since not only do I have a 6 year autistic child but on looking at the traits of Gordon Ramsey, he does appear to conduct himself in that manner.

  1. Ramsey acts exactly like many aspies. Normal people often fail at logic, which can result in confusion and/or passive aggressive behavior. Therefore when someone asks for his help then balks when he tells them what to do, it is a moment of extreme frustration to an aspie whose first line of thought is “Then why are you here wasting my time when I could be helping someone who will actually take advantage of this situation?” In other circumstances, such as his cooking shows, he again becomes annoyed when simple logic is not employed. Examples might be someone choosing to work on a food item they know nothing about on a team challenge, or never tasting an item, checking to see if an item is raw, etc. Patience is not a strong suit for highly intelligent Aspies. However you see a much softer side when he deals with children because there is less expectation.
    It is an amazing thing about reality television in that so very many people seem to go onto shows quite clueless regarding the level of difficulty or even what to expect. This leads to exasperation for GR who simply expects you to be better prepared (“You never cooked a hard boiled egg before…?!”) or at least compliant when asking for assistance. Then again Aspies are rather idealistic, which is why they often appear at the top of their game. Only an aspie can truly appreciate the job he’s doing and the great deal of control he likely has.

  2. I’d say he shows some traits too, I’m not going to repeat what l. C. Taylor said since that would be redundant and I agree with them.

    But I would like to add that in his recipe videos on youtube he certainly does a lot with his hands, there’s lots of finger fluttering when he’s excited or happy with what he’s making, lots of hand motions when explaining things and he tends to bounce around quite a lot.

    Overall he shows a lot of traits but I don’t think we’ll know for certain

    1. We’ll likely never know because most celebrities don’t want that label, considering it “bad”. However I like it because it explains so much about such individuals. In Ramsey’s case, aspies like and want to be helpful, but to most people this seems at odds with his reactions. However when you consider that aspies get so frustrated at the duplicity and nonsense of “normals” anyway…the strong reactions he has then make sense. It also makes sense that he gets along more easily with kids who are more straight forward, or that at shows end he is going around hugging the people he’s been trying to help despite themselves (like on Hotel Hell). Frankly, being in the spectrum is hard as hell, but it carries with it great potential for insight and personal evolution for both the aspies and those around them. The major problem being lack of proper health care and what is available not covered by jack, leaving one to self diagnose and self treat. I still see both young and old adults who are clueless that they are in the spectrum or similar issues…the older ones sometimes homeless.

    2. I would agree. My son is Asperger’s, and not only is there the finger flutters, but there is a bit of hand flapping and jumping (You mentioned the jumping.) To me, I can see it’s completely involuntary (he’s not cognizant of it) and it happens when he’s most excited. My son still does this at nearly fourteen years of age. There’s the absolute honesty, no matter how much it hurts, I see as well. He’s clearly brilliant, as many Aspies are. That being said, if we look at his attention for detail, it’s iconic Aspie behavior. Everything must be done a certain way every time. They are most certainly looking for perfection and repetition. I agree there are many other traits, and though we may never know for sure, I’m personally convinced he is. He is most definitely a great role model for other Aspies. This shows that despite their involuntary movements, statements, and actions, they CAN lead to great things. Society certainly can make it hard on them.

  3. He is using basic Military code – Break the person down and then bring them up again – I would go into detail but look it up yourselves. He does show signs of a disorder only at the end of the shows with the tell tale signs – Looking sheepishly away while talking, kinda a tick sort of thing. What disorder? email me at with your thoughts!

  4. I think so too. I’d like to add he has the obsession cooking. So his hyperfocus area can be considered cooking.

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