Is Buckethead autistic

Because of his odd social interactions, many people view Buckethead as being autistic. However, he isn’t. He does lack social cues and such, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is autistic. With Buckethead’s strange stage persona and not really knowing the man off stage, it is questionable which behaviors are real and which are for shock value.

Is Max from Parenthood really autistic?


  1. I do think he falls on the scale. Not just with his Buckethead persona, but as the person behind it.

    In the rare interviews I’ve seen, there are a few things he does, says, some gestures and social cues that might give away him as having ASD.

    When he plays, he is so completely immersed in what he’s doing and is such an amazing technical player that it shows as the savant part of his ASD. He truly is a phenom.

    Whether he is or not, I seriously enjoy his music and his incredible talent.

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