Is Axl Rose autistic

Is axl rose a good singer?

Axl Rose was the lead singer for the rock band Guns N Roses, who rose to fame in the 1980’s with smash hits such as Welcome to the Jungle  and Paradise City.  His obvious talent and unique voice made Guns N Roses one of the biggest bands of their time, but his difficult personality caused friction within the band.  He was difficult to work with, often refusing to show up at concert appearances, and eventually became estranged from the other members of the band.  He eventually became a virtual recluse in his Malibu mansion.  He has never been officially diagnosed, but it would appear that he may suffer from autism or a similar condition.

Is Honor Warren autistic?

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  1. I wondered the same thing regarding an ASD diagnosis Axel Bill Gates said he had autism or what was then called aspergers-no shame-many mathamticians and computer programmers have this more tnan te average according to some accounts anecdotal

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