How can I get my autistic child to consume healthy fruits and vegetables or vitamin supplements?

Kids on the spectrum share one major similarity with all other kids: a sweet tooth. Fruits are generally not difficult to get them to eat, and if mom ate a very healthy diet with them in utero, and then fed them baby food made with fruits and veggies, they are likely to consume them just fine. If not, making them sweet to the taste will get them to gobble them up.

Veggies are a little trickier, but there are some high quality fruit and vegetable blend juices on the market that takes care of that. Farmstand fruit and vegetable juice is 100% juice, and has beet, carrot, and one other kind of vegetable juice blended with strawberry and banana or other fruit juices kids love. Each serving of this brand gets kids one whole serving of fruit and one whole serving of veggies in every cup. It isn’t the best way, but if you absolutely can’t get them to eat a single vegetable, this will do it. Just be careful to read labels; not all fruit and vegetable juices are 100% natural and will not benefit the kids in any way besides giving them a ton of extra sugar.

As for vitamin supplements, companies are jumping on the “gummy” wagon. Kids that are texture-sensitive and don’t care for the chalky chewables are gobbling down the gummy vitamins left and right. Parents just have to be careful to keep them out of reach because kids will try to eat the whole bottle all at once. Fish oil, which is an excellent supplement for picky eaters and kids on the spectrum, now comes in a gel they can swallow that has no fishy taste at all. There are fruity fish oil gummies for kids too, which really helps get this much needed nutrient into their systems.

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