Famous woman with autism spectrum disorder Part 1

List of famous autistic women

1. Temple Grandin-author, doctor of animal science

Temple Grandin
Image Credit: www.autism.com

2. Darryl Hannah – actress, Splash, Kill Bill

Daryl Hannah
Image Credit: www.cinemarx.ro

3. Susan Boyle – singer

susan boyle autism
Image credit: guardianlv.com

4. Dawn Prince-Hughes – author, Phd

Dawn Prince-Hughes

5. Heather Kuzmich – reality television star America’s Next Top Model

heather kuzmich autistic beauty
image credit: www.letschatautism.com

6. Judy Singer – Australian disability rights activist

judy singer autism

7. Liane Holliday-Wiley – author

liane holliday willey asperger syndrome

8. Lizzy Clark – actress, Dustbin Baby

lizzy clark autism

9. Philipa “Pip” Brown (aka “Ladyhawke”) – musician


10. Emily Dickinson – poet

Emily Dickinson

11. Jane Austen – author

jane austen
image credit: www.gradesaver.com

12. Sarah Lonsert – singer

sarah lonsert
image credit: www.whoiszhon.com

13. Michelle Dawson – activist

michelle dawson autism

14. Courtney Love – musician

courtney love plastic surgery
image credit: joeyisared.wordpress.com

15. Donna Williams – author

Donna williams autism

16. Amanda Baggs – advocate

Amanda Baggs - advocate

17. Lucy Blackman – author

Lucy Blackman - author


18. Jessica-Jane Applegate – paralympic  swimmer


19. Virginia Woolf – author

virginia woolf suicide
image credit: www.twirlit.com

20. Sue Rubin – subject of documentary Autism is a World


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