Does Michelle Chamuel have autism

Is Michelle Chamuel autistic?

Michelle Chamuel is an American singer and songwriter who was the runner-up on the fourth season of NBC’s The Voice.  There have been rumors she may be on the autism spectrum, due to her refusal to glam up her look during her stint on The Voice.  She says, “. . .my preferences. . .require a little more push against the norm.  I didn’t wear high heels.  I tried to apply the least amount of make-up possible.”  While she has not confirmed whether or not she is on the autism spectrum, she has been open about her sexual identity as a lesbian.

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  1. Since when do any of the above amount to having autism? Not wearing a ton of make up, and wearing sneakers instead of high heels does NOT mean someone has a mental disorder. Neither does being a lesbian. Dressing simply, and not “glamming up” a look means nothing. I LOVE YOU MICHELLE:):):):):):):)

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